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I have to say....I really like Fame a LOT!! Enjoying it very much, 8 hours after applying! I paid $7.99 USD (basically free, LOL), and find this is a easy-to-wear, office friendly fruity floral. Nothing groundbreaking (except maybe the black juice), but quite pleasant to wear. Glad to have it in my will get a lot of use!
23rd August, 2016
Very much a different fragrance on different people. I advise a full day test on your skin before deciding. As a linen or room spray, I like it but I did not get the full development that I did on my skin.

For me, it starts with the floral and incense, then unfolds into the honey and apricot several hours later. I don't get the cloying sensation with it even though it's fruity. Fresh, ripe apricot is a gamey, musky fruit to eat while still sun-warm and that impression comes through very well for me but it did not turn heavy or overly sweet. It lasts 8 hours on my skin. I think this is one where re-spraying wouldn't smell so good after the honey has developed, it might clash with itself. I often think that about certain fragrances though...

Not everyone has a good experience with this. A couple of my friends tested it with me on a day we spent together so we could compare as the hours went by. It smelled quite different on them, both at the start and later as we compared together. They liked it very much on me but unfortunately not at all on themselves. I did not care for it on them either. It faded very early on one with just fruit but no honey coming through and sadly, it turned slightly sharp and skunky on the other.

I bought mine at Dillard's when it first released but just lately I saw it at Walmart, which amused me a bit.
But only a bit.
13th November, 2013 (last edited: 09th December, 2013)
Thank god perfume has the capacity to reveal truths that current mass media cannot. If you were to believe the visual imagery, the music, the PR, you’d assume that Justin Bieber was the tween idol and Gaga was the Edgy Artist who Will Not be Restrained ©. But Bieber’s perfume, with its stagnant topnotes becomes a kool aid made with non-potable water and has at least some edge.

Gaga’s scentscape of the mall shows that she’s the true tween queen. The shock appeal of stunts like the meat dress and Drastic Fashion is transformed in this perfume into the shockingly banal. Fame is a cloying, simple fruit soup. It rides a tight line between the dual sensibilities of 1) yet another faceless vapid floriberry, and, 2) worse.

Born this way? Reductionist, but that’s where the pendulum has swung and I get it. Smell this way? Good lord, no.
30th November, 2012
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i have this perfume and i love it the smell is delightfull it is my favorite perfume ever
17th November, 2012
Fruity punch that smells cheap and generic.

Nice bottle and story behind the black fluid.

Come on Gaga, you can do better...

Because I Love You; I shall give you Thumbs up; but please, next time think of all of your audience, not just the young fruity crowd!

Thumbs up...!

20th October, 2012 (last edited: 14th January, 2013)
I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga (nothing against her, just never got into her), but I really like this perfume. I just have a sample but I'm considering purchasing a bottle. It wasn't at all what I was expecting. I asked the SA to recommend a perfume that projects "I'm the b*tch in charge" and this was what she pointed me to. It's actually very soft and sensual. The top notes are fruity, soft, and creamy. It dries down to a subdued oriental with apricot still in there and something warm and spicy underneath it. It's subtle and sheer but interesting enough to be enjoyable to wear. Low sillage and low to moderate staying power make this a great choice for the wearer who wears perfume for her own pleasure.
25th September, 2012
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United Kingdom
This is much more than your average Coty celeb fragrance. I do believe it even has some natural content. It starts all fruity (Apricot) then gets deeper and deeper and becomes alluring. This is where the insence comes in. Very clever! Just remember that even though the it states on the box that its sprays clear, any colour will spray clear! This perfume DOES leave a little colour on your skin if applied too closely. I have found the finer the misting and from a good distance seems to allow it become clear or it's much more thinly distributed. I'm on my 5th 100ml bottle!!
21st September, 2012
Sexy apricot and honey, smells Lutensian to me, above-average sillage and longevity.
14th September, 2012 (last edited: 22nd May, 2014)
Appearances are very deceiving with this frag. Very soft and light, sweet but not overly sweet. I found that on initial spray it stayed purplish on my skin a few minutes.
07th September, 2012
A dark hypnotic floral/fruit mystery that continued to unfold on my skin for hours, opening to a smoky, wood/incense accord with a strange coppery note running through it the whole time. I enjoyed it and found it complex, intriguing, most definitely unisex, especially in its black heart. Will purchase for sure. This is no Justin Bieber... Don't count this one as just another celebrity fragrance. It's the real deal!
09th August, 2012 (last edited: 14th August, 2012)