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Positive Reviews of Ruth Mastenbroek by Ruth Mastenbroek

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I was lucky enough to receive a sample of this via basenotes so thought it was only right i should write a reveiw.
This opens fresh like a light eau de cologne, well for those more versed in the language of perfume that is I think the chypre accord, with fresh citrus top notes over floral middle and mossy basenotes. After a few minutes the florals become a little more evident but it remains a fresh clean smell.
Ruth’s website describes the fragrance like this, “Mandarin, bergamot, blackcurrant, pineapple and pink peppercorn sparkle over rose, lily and jasmine, evolving into the richness of patchouli, oakmoss, sandalwood and musk.”
After half an hour I get the rose, pepper and fruity notes, and I am warming to this more and more. It is not a sultry fragrance; it is fresh, clean and wearable, a great daytime, warm weather perfume with a sunny disposition.

Ruth says it has been inspired by “the scents of my life’s journey – the past and present creating the future.
Memories of childhood in England and America – chocolate cookies, fresh earth, blackberries; of Holland - lilies, narcissus, hyacinth and salty sea air; of France - orchids, roses and wild herbs; of Japan - jasmine, cherry blossom, lotus and green tea. Then there are the influences of the other loves of my life, music and dance, whose rhythms and colours bring an indefinable energy to my fragrances.”

The evolution over time seems to remain fairly linear after the first twenty minutes, fresh, clean, floral and fruity. I don’t get the dirt and herbs, the chocolate cookies pass me by, though i do detect the salty sea breeze at times. But then I am sampling from a small (and very difficult to open) vial. I do tend to use only a small amount when dealing with a small sample. Maybe a larger dose applied by the spray bottle would reveal more facets.
Anyway I like this, and would certainly wear it if someone bought me a bottle. But I am not sure it is unique enough to drive me to rush out and buy it, as there are so many glorious things vying for my attention. Longevity seems poor, but again maybe if applied in a larger dose it would be better.
26th February, 2011