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Neutral Reviews of Les Nombres d'Or : Ambre by Mona di Orio

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Mona di Orio Ambre is a nice amber based fragrance but unfortunately the quality does not match the standards of the brand based on what I've tested before also from the brand!

The opening of this fragrance is a warm and sweet amber note plus very noticeable floral aura and very mellow smoky vibe completely in the background.
The floral part is easily detectable and it has a soft powdery feeling. they've listed only Ylang-Ylang but I believe there is also some rose beside it. (not too much)
The sweetness is warm and cozy and it has honey like feel into it.

After about 10 minutes that faint smoky aura disappears and scent gets more floral and more powdery that mutes the sweetness a little bit.
In this level you may think that no, it's way too floral and feminine, so as a guy I'm not gonna wear that! but just give it a couple of minutes and scent will change very much! after around 5 minutes or so you're gonna get a sharp spicy aura that very quick goes in front and pushes other notes behind.
The mid of the fragrance is a sharp, dry and bitter spicy, maybe a little woodsy aroma that unfortunately smells synthetic along with mellow sweet amber and soft powdery floral aura in the background.
It does smell nice and more masculine than feminine but that synthetic spicy/woody feeling kind of ruins the scent. (at least for me!)

You will have this scent for a long time, maybe for 8 hours or so until the base shows up.
In the base that sharp and dry spicy aroma settles down quite it bit and now I can smell vanilla.
The base of the fragrance is a dark vanilla with kind of chocolaty feel along with soft spices and very mellow powdery floral aura in the background.
Projection is good and above average and longevity is around 9-10 hours on the skin.
03rd March, 2016
This Mona fragrance was unimpressive. It starts with a strong powder smell that is reminiscent of the old "Loves Baby Soft" preteens used to wear. I inhaled deeply and could detect ceder, but I wish I didn't need to try so hard. Amber began to appear at dry-down, but too little too late for me. I don't dislike it, BUT it isn't a Unisex. I gave it to my wife. The Late Mona di Orio has better fragrances out there.
04th August, 2012