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I can only agree what others have said about Pure Nautica. In color it is almost as transparent as clean water except a wee tinge of yellow, like taking a glass of water and adding a dash of a white Riesling wine to it. The smell is slightly aquatic and citrusy. It is fresh and inoffensive. It is no standout, but it isn't bad either. A good fragrance for the teenager or adult guy who is afraid of wearing any kind of scent and wants the safest and something that is light and pleasant. It is unobtrusive and conservative. More sophisticated gentlemen will dismiss this as totally bland and banal. I will not buy this ever again.
03rd July, 2014
WOW!!!!Dior should have bought the rights to this and called it fahrenheit fresh. I had alittle bit of fahrenheit left in my sample and when I bought my bottle of pure I did a side by side comparison. Let me say, They are similar but differ in many ways. I sprayed pure on the left wrist and I sprayed fahrenheit on the right. Right after first spray the top notes on both are almost identical and then after a few minutes pure takes more of a marine note where fahrenhiet has alitle more muskier note maybe the violet leaf? When you get to the basenotes they smell identical again but the only difference is that pure is alittle fresher and fahrenheit alittle dirtier.On my skin both have about the same projection and longevity. Over all pure is a really great fragrance.The only reason I love it is because when I wear it it feels and smells like I am wearing fahrenheit only fresher. If you have never tried fahrenheit and want to get a feel for how it smells give pure a try. If your low on cash and can't afford fahrenheit give pure a try. I paid 16.99 for a 3.4 Oz bottle so you can't beat the juice for that price. I highly recommend this.

03rd March, 2012
It's not the best scent, but it has it's appeal. It's fresh smelling. Very simple and in my mind, everyone should have at least one simple fragrance. I use it for days when I have no clue about what I'm going to be doing and I don't want to waste my better fragrances on a lazy day.
08th November, 2011
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I gave up on the house of Nautica a long time ago, this is another reason why.. So plain, so ordinary, so blah! This house has not made a frag that stood out since Nautica Competition the Original in the blue bottle & that was discontinued. Nautica is known for producing simple, bland, frags with little to no longevity. Fresh? Yes! 1 of a kind? HARDLY!
26th October, 2010
Be ready to be dissapointed. Smells very basic and simple. Don't know what the notes are, but this is a spicy woody. Yes, yet another spicy woody synthetic jus, and not very good either. I really don't get it anymore with some of these frag houses. Why release junk that will attract 0.1% of the targeted audience? What happened to audacity and boldness? I am reluctant to give it a neutral, but I will, because it is simple to the point of delight...Nah! Thumbs down!
14th October, 2010