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Neutral Reviews of Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons

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This one is so comfortable it’s the tracksuit bottom of woody fragrances; therein its main virtue (so supple, easy and everyday) and its main drawback (too easy and everyday).
Wonderwood is a peppery cedar with a high clear frankincense that wears light and fresh despite the evident spicing. Many CdG perfumes take an approach with natural notes that is akin to airbrushing – the note is recognizable but it is lifted and smoothed and buffed to the point that somehow takes it out of nature.
I have a soft spot for woody perfumes, but this one left me wanting due to its uberpolished execution; which perhaps also explains the reviews that go, ‘I don’t normally like woody perfumes, but this one did it for me’. The whole is brought together with finesse, it just fails to excite me. A shame as the name is so evocative and enticing.
Oud is mentioned in the notes list but is so apologetic it seems hardly worth mentioning.
15th January, 2015
Was not fussed with this pretty generic wood scent. Decent longevity and sillage but playing it safe. Very deep and rich scent but not as beguiling and complex as CdG 2 MAN.
02nd June, 2014
Peppery cedar and sandalwood. I like the "greenness" of the wood, it isn't dry sawdust but a green just cut smell. The pepper brings it together, a step above say Penhaligon's Opus 1870 which is very linear cedar. The problem for me comes in the dry-down, the vetiver becomes prominent, and overwhelming. If you like vetiver, this may not be a problem, but I don't like the smell of strong vetiver, so it is offensive.
16th February, 2013
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For me Wonderwood is a disappointment since i was expecting something great from CDG. Smells like an average woody/cedar scent. Nothing actually unique. Anyway, i cant say it's bad. No, it's good, but average, with a very simple structure despite the notes. Sillage, projection and lasting power are medium-high.
05th December, 2012 (last edited: 26th February, 2013)
Someone else in their review mentions Encre Noir - agreed, it's there, though if that's the aspect that you like in this, then also try Sycomore (Chanel) and turn up the decadance control to 11 for a moment.
Wonderwood sits somewhere between Encre Noir's dryness and Sycomore's richness. It (probably) isn't half as good as either of them (both EN and Sycomore are exceptional vetivers).
Wonderwood is certainly a pleasant enough fragrance.
26th August, 2012
If you like woods then you will like Wonderwood. There is not much else to it. It has nice basenotes and I do find myself enjoying it, but it is just nice. There is no WOW to this scent. It is wood for those who like wood. It is a Niche within the Niche. I give this a neutral just because it is very limited, but if you like woods I give it a hearty thumbs up.
08th July, 2012
Very underwhelming...there's much better stuff out there and I found this to be a real let down.Could be my skin doesn't like some CDG scents as it vanished after 5 mins. Sample first, of course! Having said that I maybe should revisit it and give it another chance.
15th June, 2012
Meh, I'm underwhelmed. I expect great things (or at least amazingly quirky) things from CdG. This is a fairly safe, somewhat bland and mild woody scent.
It starts with a peppery note, and that's pretty well done. Some woody tones emerge, but they are a blond sort of wood; light rather than deep, young wood rather than old stock. At times there is a grassy note (vetiver), at times a bright metallic note (some synthetics), and at times a kind of toasted-nut note.
I didn't get any oud or incense... if they are there they are quite muted.
On my skin, this is really a non-performer, and certainly nothing special or distinctive. It isn't unpleasant, just neutral.
Now, if you want to see CdG do something amazing in the wood line, try Hinoki! Wow.
20th April, 2012
If you like a woodsy fragrance to smell of the actual woods, deep, damp, smoky, fertile, mossy...than this is not for you. Wonderwood is a nice peppery mix of cedar and tropical hardwoods. It is like a lumberyard with planks of sawn fine woods for furniture or instrument making, No earthiness here. It is also rather sweet. This would all be well and good except that there is what I take to be musk in this. Way too much musk. For me, it feminizes and to some degree cheapens the scent, and thus, the neutral rating.
20th August, 2011
The initial citric blast is immediately prickly/fizzy due to nutmeg and because of a detectable note of black pepper that retains its presence throughout the trip. This kind of opening, probably the best part of the work, is a promise of olfactory art that along the journey will be slightly disappointed. A sort of woody dusty cloud starts to envelop the wearer at once and it is represented basically by incense and pepper that are the dominant elements in the first phase of the development. Several citrus patterns provide a touch of barber shop feel and freshness and the co-work of citrus, reproposed in the base, holds on this feel till the end. In a while anyway you notice that the pungent incensey initial dust keeps on and rises up a clear woody, slightly watery, sort of undeniable woody mild starkness that reminds me a bit the Dsquared2's fragrances. At this point the development of the scent is over in my opinion, just a touch of final smoothness rising along time. The fragrance remains linear in its shadowy woodsy temperament and i'm not able to distinguish the work of aud in the final phase that is mainly mastered by cedarwood, citrus, a touch of black pepper and above all vetiver under my nose. Its combination of woods, citrus, pepper, incense, nutmeg and cedar reminds me a lot 7 de Loewe that is anyway slightly floral and more easily approachable. The influence from aoud is barely present in the mix. The fragrance (in its opening and middle woody phase and before becoming smoother) reminds just a bit the new Dark Aud Montale but with more dusty and citrusy freshness and without the aromatic and " petroleous" dreadful effect provided by a rich dosage of synthetic aoud. Here the oudh is toned down and the woodsy mild feel is more notable and natural. More than good longevity.
18th June, 2011 (last edited: 25th July, 2014)
Pleasant woody scent with a nice start although after 30 minutes all the notes start going down hill in a very generic commercial way; not really impressed.

Poor longevity on my skin.

Neutral thumbs...!
19th April, 2011
This is unlikely to win many prizes for creativity, but it’s certainly engaging enough. It lacks a little richness for my taste, and anything of interest seems to be conducted at some distance. It starts off quite dark, even a little luxurious, and gradually diminishes into a decent comfort scent. Commes de Garcons produce some very pretty fragrances, but not always with the requisite depth and character. Wonderwood seems a case in point.
17th April, 2011
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United Kingdom
The creative juices seemed to have dried up at CDG and Wonderwood is a pretty disappointing offering in my opinion. It's not a bad scent by any means, but after about 20 minutes it smells exactly the same as Fou D'Absinthe by L'Artisan.
30th December, 2010
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