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For me , this starts off with a half and half blast of bergamot and pepper with just a hint of oudiness and a slightly turpy faint incense...I'm really getting the bergamot nice and clear, way better than I can detect it in other fragrances...nice on juicy and heavy on the lemony effect...sadly , not projecting very well on my the opening slowly fades back , different smells of wood weave their way in...nice and woody in that semi synth CDG way...i get a nice cedar-sandalwoody blend ...not quite hitting it out of the park for me...but not too shabby either...for me, a more realistic lumberyard-wood shop smell with nice flavorings would be more along the lines of Vagobondo, Costume National , or She Came to Stay...pepper flavor hangs for a while...doesn't last very long on my skin...OK , but just sampling is enough for me...time to move on...
08th May, 2018
Not just an overly woody concoction, Wonderwood comes off as a fragrance that mixes a strong but balanced cedar + guiac + sandalwood as well as a whole host of other scent-enhancing stars, such as pepper, incense (VERY evident in this one), cashmere, and vetiver.

Synthetic as Wonderwood is and feels, it is by no means poorly constructed. It is smooth, deep, and evokes the sensation of an incense shop rife with musks, oud, and exotic spices that make me feel confident and happy.

Understated but still gets noticed when worn, Wonderwood is certainly worth a try for lovers of smooth woody and spicy scents.
05th March, 2018
best wood base scent .all kind of wood exist in this fragrance cedar.sandalwood .guaiacwood.cashmeranwood.agarwood and cypress.
woody dry smoky and alittle sweet.
01st February, 2018
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Peppery, woody and musky. Starts off with a pepper blast that settles down quickly but hangs around for hours. The wood notes are the most pleasant and pleasing to smell and give a refined feel to the scent. Then as you get deeper into the drydown, a sweaty muskiness starts to blend into the pepper and woods. The feeling I got was that the musk eventually turned into the note that lingered the longest and probably was the most noticeable by others.

Very good projection and longevity. Lasts all work day and will get noticed with just a few sprays.
06th October, 2017
Stardate 20161103:

A reference sandalwood. Not the 40 year old oil but the tree.

A must for SW lovers.
03rd November, 2016
With a name like Wonderwood I was expecting a pungent, macho blast straight from the woodyard but the opening of this fragrance came across to me as all peppery, androgynous frankincense. The peppery incense took a good five minutes to calm down and reveal any wood at all. First to arrive was cedar, and the combination of incense, pepper and cedar gives the frag a dry (but not dusty) warmth. For the next couple of hours the peppery incense and cedar dance together, with one or the other becoming the more prominent accord but rarely do I get the sense of both melded together. The black pepper remains in the background throughout, adding a cozy, almost dirty/clean spiciness. I really enjoy this effect. After about four or five hours the base is revealed as a sweet, resinous sandalwood, with perhaps a little oud. I am sure there are many more notes that my nose isn't subtle enough to distinguish, but to me cedar and sandalwood are the woods this fragrance is built around. Personally I don't get any vetiver at all which I know could be a disappointment for some; I am quietly pleased for myself, as I often find it embitters an otherwise pleasent drydown. Wonderwood lingers pleasantly on clothing and is especially enjoyable on a cozy sweater or leather jacket.

There isn't a particularly loud fragrance, projection is polite but still noticeable. With all the incense and wood I can definitely see the family resemblance between this and Comme des Garçons 2, although it is a more introverted sibling. It could certainly be read as the more masculine of the two, but I wear this very comfortably as a woman and it is quickly becoming my signature.
14th October, 2016 (last edited: 20th October, 2016)
Wonderwood is an odd one for me. In theory it should have been a no brainer because - a CdG scent comprising wood, wood and more wood? Sounds like it should be right up my alley.

I first sampled it on paper several times, and it just never agreed with me. I think it was the first scent I had ever smelled with a prominent synthetic oud accord and there was something about the way the nutmeg, woods, and oud combined that turned my stomach in the way they clashes. I think the nutmeg just had too many associations with custard tarts and the like.

So, a few years later I was lucky enough to be sent a sample and actually took the leap to sampling it on my skin, and the balance of notes worked much better for me. The nutmeg no longer seemed as prominent and I had several years if smelling various oud accords, and even some cheap oud oils, to acclimatise myself.

Wonderwood opens with a burst of pepper, some subtle bergamot, a little incense, and some nutmeg. It dries down into a very rounded and smooth woody heart with the pepper still handing around. The smooth texture seems to come from the synthetic sandalwood notes, as well as the smoothing effect I notice synthetic oud oil often has on many scents, and it reminds me a little of Montale's Dark Aoud.

Although often described as a sandalwood scent, it's the pepper and the oud that really stick out to my nose, while the sandalwood blends with other woods (a touch of cedar, some vetiver, and the bitterness of guiac wood) to give it body.

A nice, smooth, comforting scent that I am still getting my head around.

20th September, 2016
Holiday scents #7 - Comme de Garcons "Wonderwood"

The note pyramid reads like an ode to wood: timber all the way down: wood without end through all stages, timber seasoned with pepper. The opening, though, is all vetiver. To my nose, this is not the vetiver of Encre Noire, i.e., wet, natural, and as gothic as a Victorian's nightmare; nor yet of Guerlain's vetiver, which is all grassy manicured lawns. This is vetiver in its pencil-shavings instantiation, dry and lacking in dimension, or any support from the other woods listed.

So you have to give CdGW some time before its best features emerge. Eventually they do: the remaining woods make an appearance and round out the whole picture, giving the lasting impression of real living wood rather than chips or offcuts. By the end, a touch of hardly detectable sweetness and fullness appears. The vetiver stays throughout, but in the drydown is accommpanied by the other notes as a supporting cast, all working to add depth and a dignified vibrancy to the main component. It's a little like the "Vetiver Concerto".

In short, I like CdGW a lot for its development and successful take on just-wood, highly recommend a try, and put both thumbs up here. I suspect it would work better in more temperate climes than the 30C+ heat I am currently in, and you might want to apply it at least two hours before doing anything important, but these are the only caveats.
09th August, 2016 (last edited: 30th August, 2016)
This smells good and it is extremely easy to wear. When I say it I mean it. It's one of those fragrances that are just friendly and simple. Nothing weird about it. At a first try, nothing shocking, it's not one of those perfumes that you need to get used to with time. You just love it. Nice and easy.

It has a downside. No projection. It disappears almost after 30 minutes. I used an entire bottle and I think that I only got a compliment once, when I was talking to someone and I had this person really close.

Conclusion: this is not a perfume to mark an impression, this is a perfume you use for just the personal and individual pleasure of spraying it on yourself. So nice. I can absolutely recommend it.
01st February, 2016
Cannot smell it myself after 10 mins but my wife likes it.
31st December, 2015
Wonderwood opens with bergamot and a blast of spicy blended woods, bolstered by a soft, creamy cashmeran and sandalwood middle and base. The vetiver is quite pronounced and reminds me of the way vetiver is used in Sycomore, though I dare say I like this more synthetic fragrance better because it somehow seems fuller and cozier to my nose—more filled-out. The cushiony base reins in the cedarwood, cypress, and vetiver, which would otherwise be too sharp for my taste.

Longevity and sillage are better than average, and this scent reminds me a lot of fall. This is a good projector, too. If you like lots of wood with a smooth base, and don't mind the less-than-natural take on the ingredients listed, this one is for you.
24th November, 2015 (last edited: 06th January, 2016)
This is a wonderful fragrance.
The opening of this fragrance is a smoky and woody smell mixed with vetiver note.
It's a very natural and beautiful combo.
This opening remind me of "Lalique Encre Noir" in many ways.
While "Ecre Noir" is a very quality fragrance, this one is even better! the quality is very good.
In the dry down the smoky aroma settled down and now you can smell a very light and natural woody scent with slightly sweetness and smokiness in the background. some spicy notes trying to show their faces but they are completely in the background.
The woodsy note is mostly sandalwood.
The cedar and oud notes are much weaker and you can barely smell them.
Longevity is OK but projection isn't that great!
A great natural and quality fragrance.
There is nothing so unique and special about it but because of great quality and also woods which are my favorite note in fragrances, it's a thumbs up for me.
27th February, 2014
I have seen the rave reviews about this one and was fortunate enough to try it recently. This is a fragrance that should not be judged by its opening but left to dry down completely and be tried out from head to toe.
The opening is quite strange. I can't pinpoint every note there, but I definitely get the pepper and some 'saw dust' note that reminds me of another well known scent. I didn't like the opening very much as something was a bit harsh for me. But I definitely did a double take once this started to dry down!! Wooded harmony with soft, gentle sandalwood and no doubt vetiver and perhaps oakmoss. A true indication of what a 'fragrance pyramid' is, I sincerely recommend this.
Definitely a masculine scent, but good enough for the office or a night out.
09th January, 2014
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Wonderwood shares some strong similarities with Ikon by Zirh, Fever by Celine, Gucci Pour Homme, and Dirty English, all of which I own already so it seems redundant to have but it's just superbly blended and these scents just plain work on my arid skin. The comparisons to Encre Noire are true as well, but it doesn't sting my nose in the initial stage the way Noire does. The price tag is a bit much compared to the aforementioned, but if cedar, smoke, and spice is your thing, either Wonderwood or Gucci will certainly scratch your itch.
25th December, 2013
Is cedar the Wonderwood?

Excellent pepper note dominates the opening accord… and already there’s a smoky, incensey, wood background to the opening pepper and somewhat recessive bergamot. Dominant among the wood is cedar, but there are hints of oudh and sandalwood in the recesses. I would have preferred a stronger oudh and sandalwood and not so much cedar, but I guess cedar is cheaper. The pyramid lists caraway and vetiver, but they escape me… apparently they are overwhelmed by the potent cedarwood, as am I. After the opening, Wonderwood continues as a deep, rich, resinous no-holds-barred wood scent, accented with spices and incense, that has good projection and longevity. Nice, but much safer than CdG usually plays their cards.

As a sucker for this kind of wood scent, I approve of its strongly resinous notes, and I do enjoy "cedar" but it seems to be a primary and inevitable element in oh-so-many wood fragrances that have come out in recent years… Enough, already with the cedar – it simply doesn’t have to be the dominant wood in every wood fragrance costing less than $200. So what am I saying? I guess I’m saying that, of course I enjoy Wonderwood; but there are several of designer and niche scents that are based on about the same concept and are as good as or better.

Pros: Deep, resinous, wood scent, dominated by cedar (of course).
Cons: Wish the guaiac and sandalwood would be better represented."

24th September, 2013
Nice woody fragrance

I like this one. It does remind me a bit of Tam Dao meets Encre Noire (not my description, borrowed from a post). It starts off quickly with a citrus note that fades quickly into a wood that seems like sandalwood plus; clearly more than one wood note here. A nice scent, nothing awe inspiring, but very solid.

24th September, 2013
Wonderful Woody Fragrance.

Intense woods with a fresh oud as the backdrop with pepper and cypress coming into play to support the woods. Along the way you have a host of other notes making a string of cameo appearance's.

This is a very good woody masculine scent that would make a worthy purchase. I like it.

05th August, 2013
vawallpa Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This scent really does live up to it's name. An extremely woodsy peppery scent burst from the onset that dies down to a nice vetiver with even more woods. I can see why some people would dislike this scent as it really is woods that dominate the fragrance. Sillage and longevity are pretty good but not amazing considering it's an edp. Definitely more masculine than feminine.
22nd April, 2013
This is one of my favorites! The perfect wood fragrance anyone can wear, man or woman! The perfect amount of Oud!
07th January, 2013
Nice thing!!!
It´s all about LIGHT WOOD and PEPPER!!! I don´t get anything else...Oud, Incense??? I don´t think so!

Not bad but CDG is capable to do something much better!!!
25th June, 2012
drseid Show all reviews
United States
I love Wonderwood. At first, I immediately noticed a strong resemblance to the excellent Encre Noire with its smokey vetiver and cedarwood accords. I thought "Very nice, but superfluous." Then Wonderwood's drydown came along and that is where it sets itself apart from Encre Noire and others... It is just sublime, smelling of an almost lemon-like note (bergamot?) mixed with sandalwood and a hint of pepper and oud. It is hard to describe what it smells like beyond the notes, but it is just incredible and makes Wonderwood much more versatile than Encre Noire, IMO. Definitely FBW at its 4 stars out of 5 rating, but if you already own Encre Noire you may have to decide if both need to be in your collection. In my opinion, the answer is "yes."
02nd February, 2012 (last edited: 21st September, 2015)
Damn. Love this incensy woody fragrance! If you really love your dry, woody fragrances with an incense vibe you should like this. Don't really get that much Oud if I'm honest but it's there alright. Big fan of woody fragrances so I can't knock this.
18th December, 2011
Wonderwood by Comme des Garcons - Welcome to the wide world of woods! The interesting opening is a dank, forest tree scent, supplied by the melange of warm sandalwood, hints of zesty bergamot and anise-like, caraway seeds, earthy vetiver and creamy guaic wood. This impressive concoction is reminescent of a felled tree in a rain forest, with the attendant damp and green environs. Transitioning to the waiting middle, spicy pepper, ghosts of apple, plum and floral fruitiness from the cristalin, musky powder from the cashmeran, and savory incense enhance the woody brew. The awesome drydown with its rich cedar and enchanting agarwood tug at this lively heart, and is augmented by a charming patchouli, faintly bathing the cedar and oud in an air of mustiness, and a refreshing, dry cypress, with its hint of spiciness, exalting the pleasing, woody base. This high quality and exceptional composition has good projection, after some 4 hours becoming a skin scent, and excellent longevity.
02nd December, 2011
boosh Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Beginning to end is lovely, rich and dark mix of woods with a hint of oud and incense. Similar to what I remember Montale's Dark Aoud to be like. Quite mysterious in presence with regard to sillage and the almost "foody" gourmand character which is both delicious and alluring.

To me it could be a cross between Dark Aoud and Christian Lacroix's Tumulte. Dark Aoud being my favourite of the three with it's less subtle oud usage.

05th August, 2011
My current nominee for most suitable replacement for my first love, Gucci Rush for Men. In addition to the woods, (woods, and more woods,) it has that candied iris & violet element that is the linch-pin of Rush for me. Wonderwood does have some juniper and pepper notes that I don't detect in Rush, but these don't last long on my skin and when they're gone, I'm left with something wonderful and virtually identical to Rush.
10th April, 2011
This is a nice interpretation of the Oud, mannered, never dominating but surely present. The first time I wore it, it immediately reminded me of a stronger version of Odeur 53 for it's almost undetectable mixture of ingredients. The opening is very similar to O53 on my skin with an expolsion of "clean" woods surrounded by a gentle oud. The whole fragrance is quite linear with a kind of sweaty-fresh or if you prefer dirty-clean effect. It's like having a shower after a sauna session. You got refreshed but you keep on sweating.
It's somehow rough and masculine, but a the same time well refined and never loud. In my opinion Wonderwood isn't one of those groundbreaking releases from CDG a-là CDG2, Odeur 71 or Avignon, but it's very welcomed in today's sport-fresh-standardized mass market for its sober modernity and uniqueness. Incredible longevity. Nice job.

One more thing: If you smell it blindfolded, you immediately say it's from Comme Des Garcons, and that's quite enough.
21st March, 2011 (last edited: 04th April, 2011)
It starts of as woody incense but turns into a sweet mysore sandalwood oil , it lasts 7-8 hours on my skin , its a well made wood fragrance, if you like the incense series by CDG or woodsy fragrances , you will enjoy this!
27th February, 2011 (last edited: 07th June, 2011)
I am a big fan of woody scents, and this matched my expectations. Great initial pepper bite, with a touch of oud just tickling your nose. The cedar remains throughout and compliments the vetiver base very well. If you like wood, then I highly recommend this. Very masculine IMO.
14th February, 2011
Cformosa said it all :-) I really enjoy this fragrance,silage & longevity are pretty good. Try this...
08th February, 2011
What a wonderful fragrance. Evolves from an initial blast of pepper and settles with subtle bergamot at the drydown.
30th December, 2010