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    A simple, yet sensual fragrance based and dominated by vanilla.
    The vanilla note is semi sweet and creamy and there is a bitter woody note beside it.
    When I say woods, do not expect a heavy and sharp woody smell. it's like shadow of the woods casting upon it to give this creamy vanilla a dark and bitter aroma.
    There is a soft floral note from orchid beside these two to give the scent more unisex feeling.
    This fragrance remind me of "Givencyi Pi" in many ways. ignore the semi fresh start of the Givenchy Pi, dry down and base are really close to this fragrance, plus pinch of floral notes in this one.
    Givenchy Pi is creamy benzoin/vanilla with bitter almonds and this is vanilla and woods that both have almost the same feeling!
    Projection is above average and longevity is around 5-6 hours on my skin.

    21st April, 2014

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    England England

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    The opening is of dark, peppery woods, joined after a few minutes by a smoky vanilla. Over the first hour or so, the mid phase seems a little flat & unexciting, until a soft orchid note comes into play, giving more dimension to the scent. lt dries down to a soft, smoky, woody floral, fading after around four hours.
    l think l would like this a lot more if it had more heft, but the projection is frustratingly low, even after applying 6-7 sprays. l will need to try it again in hot weather to see if that helps.

    13th June, 2012

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