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Neutral Reviews of CH Men by Carolina Herrera

Total Reviews: 5
Based on scent alone I would give it a big thumbs up and a 9/10. Unfortunately the performance lets it down. It is bad. 90 minutes of decent projection, 90 minutes of skin scent and then gone!!!! It's cheap but when you buy a fragrance you should expect at least 4 hours of decent projection.
28th September, 2017
A warm spicy frag. On my skin it seems to have a spicy note (maybe cinnamon). That warm spice lasts for about 1 hour. After it gets closer to the skin (1 foot). Where the original projection is at arms length (maybe a little more).

The dry down is still has a smooth leathery scent with a hint of spice.

This is a good fall, colder weather frag. For casual, semi-formal occasions.

Overall: 6/10

Projection: 7/10
First spray projection: arms length
After 1 hour projection: 1 foot

Sillage: 6/10
14th August, 2016
A plushy sugar-suede fragrance, as much decently put together as completely dull. I surely get why young fellas like this – it is sweet, safe, inoffensively and uncreatively pleasant, long lasting and with a bold linear projection. Nothing really leathery here, just a sort of mild and smooth vinyl-PU suede kind of leather note topped with something sugary-plummy, a hint of citrus and an unremarkable artificial woody base accord (on the smooth-sweet side). Cheap, but decent. The ideal “club scent” in the same league of YSL La Nuit de l’Homme and that type of “bro” fragrances showing no points of interest for fragrance enthusiasts, just a well-engineered aromatic tool specifically aimed at contrasting body odours and picking up undemanding one night stand partners. Uselessly nice bottle with a real leather label – the only good leather smell you’ll get out of this.

30th May, 2015
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When I sprayed it to my wrist and then sniffed it, ....... hmmmmm it's so familiar to my nose.
Let me think .......... oh yes. Smell like YSL La Nuit De L'Homme but not as great as La Nuit!
Just like La nuit, start with mixture of vanilla and citrus. But vanilla here is not dark and pleasant like La Nuit! It's weaker.
The smell of this fragrance is really good and reminds me of La Nuit in many ways which is one of my favorite fragrances but If you like this kind of smell go for YSL La Nuit De L'Homme.
Believe me guys. YSL is much better.
03rd December, 2011

To me personally, CH is interesting because it does so many things that I disagree with, and yet, somehow, it turns out all right. First it is highly synthetic, which to me usually means that it smells cheap; but its synthetic ambiance actually smells quite nice. Second, it has violet, suede, and saffron – three notes that I strongly dislike: Even though these three notes form the dominant accord that I smell, I am not turned off by that accord – I find it rather pleasant, and I wonder how Carolina did that. Third, it’s quite linear, which can be either good or bad, depending on the quality of the linear accord: Here I neither enjoy nor dislike the linearity.

I can’t really analyze the notes and structure of CH because I mostly smell only the three notes already mentioned, and the smell doesn’t change much from beginning to end. Besides saffron, violet, and suede, I get vanilla… I get no jasmine, grass, or sandalwood.

I should be giving this one a thumbs down, but it’s a better fragrance than that.
09th January, 2011