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Choco-norbacco cake with
Cherumoid is served.
26th November, 2017
Carolina Herrera CH Men is my first try from the house, and first off, I've not the slightest idea whether it's vintage or reformulated, or when my sample (via Decantshop) is from.

It's a mixture dominated by leather, sugar, vanilla, and amber. I get more leather in the opening and when it dries down, it's sweeter and the vanilla especially is more front-and-center.

The leather makes it masculine, the sweet notes make it comforting, and somehow it does still feel like a fragrance created for men, even though a woman could just as easily pull this off.

It's certainly more for cold weather wear, even with only moderate performance, given the rather heavy note breakdown. This isn't for the heat or beach, in my estimation, but of course anything possible.

The leather/vanilla pairing reminds me a lot of Scentstory 24 Go Dark, which leans heavily on this mix as well.

At $50 for 100ml (FragranceNet, though comparable at other secondary market sites), CH Men is moderately priced enough to a consistent winter scent for men, borderline signature scent-worthy in the realm of say, Burberry London, where the sweet meets spicy, as the sweet meets leather in CH Men.

This isn't a fragrance that I need or want but it's nonetheless quite well-balanced and agreeable.

7 out of 10
30th May, 2017
This cologne is really one of the most underrated cologne out there,before getting my nose on this I have read great reviews about it.the smell of this perfume beats my imagination and the positive reviews given to It ,this is the ultimate casual cologne,it is very unique,versatile,smells great and long lasting.if I am to rate it I will give it a solid 9.5
11th April, 2016
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I love this one, compliment getter for sure!
07th March, 2016
I really this scent. very leathery and sweet at the same time, but with a masculine feeling all the way.

This is probably my most complimented fragrance. i'm telling you, women loooooove this stuff!

The only problem i have with this one is the longevity and proyection, which can be some times really poor and really frustrating.

13th September, 2015
When I where CH men, it smells kinda fruity and fresh at first. Definitely has a sweet undertone which becomes evident after a while. CH last at least 10 hours on my skin and has an average sillage. It's a good first cologne.
22nd August, 2015

This fragrances is very memorable and i love the scent.a little bit spicy.not unique and amazing but really is cute.

Its open with a citrus note for me similar to the ck man!but middle note and base is sweet.also longevity is +6 hours on my skin.

Anyway CH men is a modern fragrances and perfect for wear at evening when rain is falling down!

11th May, 2015
Light leather and woods which has upon initial spray gave me a light gourmand vibe.Did not get the sweetness others have mentioned. Non cloying and a perfect scent for the gym. I should have purchased this a long time ago. Projection and longevity are average. 7.5/10
26th December, 2014 (last edited: 27th July, 2015)
Smells just like new leather couch. Swede leather with some sweetness...nothing like Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford but this one is good. Last a while (surprised me because I heard it was weak and people smelt it on me afar from 3 sprays for the whole 8 hours) so that is a plus but this one can easily become cloying and it has on me quite a bit. Linear as the Swede leather is pretty much the whole theme.
27th June, 2014
Hit's all the right notes.

When I first sprayed this fragrance I immediately got some of the "CH Chic", but CH Men adds a greener note along with a bit of spiceness that really makes it much smoother than CH Chic. After the opening it turns into it's own fragrance and you get the delicious sugar note that isn't too sweet. Later on the leather comes in and that's when you get the full effect of CH Men. It takes the generic and makes it into something interesting. Really surprised that CH Men doesn't get talked about more. This is a really good designer fragrance right up there if not better than the Chanel's and Dior's.

Pros: Universally appealing, compliment getter, really nice blending and tempering of the sweet notes
Cons: Not owning a bottle.

07th July, 2013
My number ONE!

My favourite perfume ever!

Pros: All
Cons: Nothing

28th May, 2013
This is more mature and formal than 212 VIP. Both them share a high level of sweetness, though this one has weaker lasting power and projection than 212. Worth it? It's a good scent and if you find it at a good price, dont think, just buy.
20th November, 2012
I went through 2 bottles of this one, my mom brought it for me when I had no idea about it, and I absolutely loved it. The opening is as great as the dry down, so smooth and classy, the sugar note is so balanced in this fragrance, I actually wear it when I'm going out on a date! It works haha
12th October, 2012
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Nice fragrance with a very interesting "sugar" note that dominates the beginning. Slightly spicy, to me, CH Men smells a lot like the sweet sap you may find when cutting open a pine tree. This gives it a fresh air that allows the sugar to breathe without becoming cloying. Leather and woods in the base round it out, making CH Men a smooth fragrance that's a great option for a night out (though not out of place during the day.) I would recommend CH Men for any season except the summer. Longevity is decent and projection is on the stronger side of average. I find this one pretty unique, in that I don't own any other perfumes with such a pronounced and well-done sugar note. Definitely worth sniffing out.

Thumbs up.
20th September, 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed this fragrance. I don't see how one could not like it. A perfect mix of all the good things a man could want, with a slightly sweet overtone. My girlfriend loved it.
28th August, 2012
I Love this fragrance. Not revolucionary, igree, but make me feel so good when i wear this scent. And this is the primary function of a fragrance.
22nd June, 2012
Spicy, woodsy, leathery... and notes of florals. Just fantastic! A combination of oriental style accords (amber & vanilla) and fougere like in structure. CH Men makes for a rather unique scent. Similar to Guuci pour Homme II with a black tea spiciness combined with violet and like John Varvatos' vanilla and leather..
04th December, 2010