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Positive Reviews of L'Eau par Kenzo Eau Indigo pour Homme by Kenzo

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Sweet and fruity. Perfect for parties. Scent for a young man.
Smells the calm of water and the beauty of a sunset !
I love it !
27th November, 2012
Both this fragrance and its counterpart, L'eau par Kenzo eau Indigo pour Femme, which I own and love, have some distinctive similarities.

Obviously the masculine version is much crisper, with an interesting spiciness. The powdery aspect is quite prominent, however I absolutely adore this quality in a men's fragrance. You don't find many powdery colognes these days.

I read somewhere that this fragrance is a much more complex version of the female scent, however I tend to disagree. L'eau par Kenzo eau Indigo pour Homme is spiced powder, whereas L'eau par Kenzo eau Indigo pour Femme is rich, plum-scented powder.

Regardless of the two fragrance's comparison, L'eau par Kenzo eau Indigo pour Homme stands out in its own unique way. There is something so very sensual about this fragrance, mysterious almost.

The lasting power is good, however the sillage is rather meek and mild. Not that this bothers me in the slightest. I do think that if this fragrance was overpowering it would lose most of its appeal.

07th November, 2011
Summer sun abates
Falling fast into the sea
Iced tea takes my thirst
28th January, 2011
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