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United Kingdom
I get quite a decent unspecific sweetish-fruitiness in the top, but nearly pushed a side by a liberal dose of benzoin that counterbalances the fruitiness not very well. The white-flowery drydown and the white musk are also rather generic in my skin and quite dull. I get soft sillage, adequate projection and three hours of longevity. Dull, generic on me. 2/5
27th January, 2015
I was in the Swarovski store last week and the salesperson insisted that I try this fragrance. It immediately reminded me of Liz Claiborne from the 80s with perhaps some extra bergamot or something along those lines. It is bright, and starts out very citrusy, like pink grapefruit, and then gets very flowery, but a little more complex that the Liz Claiborne. Overall it is one I intend to buy, it goes with my collection of bright bold strong fragrances, and yet this one is updated and modern, and for me it is must have!
15th April, 2012