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Neutral Reviews of Aura by Swarovski

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The scent for represents your fun and cheerful personality who leads a life of independence and luxury.Aura is like a cocktail party a bit sultry but is foe woman who replicate the delicate beauty of rose petals, very sweet in the popular style but it also stays soft,delicate and stays close to the skin.the packaging is chic and elegant.Cozy, Joyous,Feminine,Modern,Delightful,Sparkling,Sensuous, Earthy,Desirable and Luscious

The opening of sweet litchi,rose and pink pepper,smells lovely over time it becomes musky mixes with the skin for a beautiful dry down that exude passion and grace for women leaves a lingering impression and suits all occasions.the tuberose is shy and nothing me the dry down is pretty generic.this is a day-to-night scent.nothing too heavy,nothing too sexy,it is more kisses on the tip of the nose than heavy petting.the soft sillage makes it ideal for close quarters where other scents might is great in any season's.

21st July, 2016 (last edited: 23rd July, 2016)
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United Kingdom
I get quite a decent unspecific sweetish-fruitiness in the top, but nearly pushed a side by a liberal dose of benzoin that counterbalances the fruitiness not very well. The white-flowery drydown and the white musk are also rather generic in my skin and quite dull. I get soft sillage, adequate projection and three hours of longevity. Dull, generic on me. 2/5
27th January, 2015