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Negative Reviews of A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

Total Reviews: 6
Yeah this is a weird got some nice notes in it,but there are some filthy notes in it too and this makes it not a good fragrance...Pure malt is way better and the only one left i really like,original is way too sweet,pure coffee just stinks...
10th March, 2015
Cherry cough medicine, cigarettes, and maple syrup

I should have known better.

After trying the repulsively sweet A*Men, I decided to see if one of the flankers might work better. My hope was that I could capture the "kaiju" sillage and longevity of the original but in a smell that was less nauseating. No such luck.

I hate to be disrespectful in my reviews, but the entire A*Men line strikes me as nothing more than a gimmicky one-trick pony. Thierry Mugler has amped up the projection and longevity on these juices to radioactive levels. The scents are redolent of maple syrup, cigarettes, and cough medicine. Is this really what anyone wants to smell like?

There is no subtlety or sophistication in Pure Havane or its elder sibling A*Men. It is an in-your-face gourmand scent perfectly suited for narcissists or those suffering from mild Asperger's syndrome. Wearing them is essentially advertising one's low emotional intelligence and disregard for the feelings of others.

NB: If you are looking for a tasteful, strong, authentically masculine tobacco fragrance, try Havana by Aramis. It is far superior to this witch's brew.

Pros: powerful projection and longevity
Cons: smells terrible"

17th July, 2013
Terrible. This smells like a doughy honey. Thats it. Where is the tobacco? No where.
Nausea inducing. I don't know why someone would want to smell like this.

Do yourself a favor and sample this somehow before you consider buying it. DO NOT blind buy based on the glowing reviews.
06th May, 2013
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I am wearing a sample of this right now. I think it's an interesting fragrance, but that "honeyed tobacco accord" reminds me VERY much of Liz Claiborne's boozy SPARK and is almost overwhelming. In fact, the longer I wear it, the more like Spark it smells to my nose. I have grown to hate the smell of honey and/or rum in anything.
08th September, 2012
To me, this smells like a cigar made of cotton candy. Revoltingly sweet and cloying. I've tried it on my wrist twice, and couldn't stand it for more than 15 minutes before having to wash it off, but all of the A*Mens have that effect on me.
28th March, 2011
Pure Havane is nothing but a repackaged Pure Malt. There is NO tobacco notes in Pure Havane. It is a disappointment. They should have put in some tobacco or cigar notes, but they didn't. It is a boozy malty cherry syrup mess that was done much better in Pure Malt.

24th February, 2011