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Neutral Reviews of A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

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United States
pure havane foundation is what i love,with that cocoa and tobacco undertones....there is something that is not mentioned in the notes that is off putting to me..others has mentioned a cherry like note, and thats what it smells like.
14th December, 2016
A difficult review for me.. I really can't stand the original A*Men and I was gifted a bottle of Pure Wood, which I found equally revolting and gave away, but after a more serious sampling of Pure Coffee, which I found surprisingly good once the opening settles, I came back to Pure Havane and find it has similar quality in the dry down. While I still don't care for the sweet base, it does seem to work better in Pure Coffee and Pure Malt than what it does for me in Pure Wood. Pure Havane on the other hand, I am not so sure of. While I like the cigar store tobacco notes, the candy bar base just doesn't seem to fit with the tobacco like it seems to in Coffee and Malt.

Well, to each their own. I'll upgrade my initial rating to a neutral.
04th September, 2015 (last edited: 04th October, 2015)
White i adore the velvety dark-silky Pure Leather's symphony, i'm not so much excited about the Pure Havana's semi-gourmand, starry-sugary white balsam. The fragrance is a sort of chocolatey-vanillic tobacco scent with the typical mentholated A*Men's vibe. Much more in the B*Men's vein than in the A*Men mood in my opinion. The patchouli is far less bombastic and brash and the juice itself is creamier and more edible than its older brother. Really sweet and one-dimensional. In the dry down the tobacco power tends to soften while the vanillic-minty vibe keeps on to be stout. In my opinion Pure Havana is appealing, almost agreeable and yummy but basically lacking boldness and too much linear.
23rd September, 2012 (last edited: 13th March, 2013)
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It was a blind buy because I was in a hurry and I put faith on basenoter's positive reviews. I was very disappointed when I first sprayed this juice. I don't like the top note because the Honeyed tobacco accord doesn't smell good to my nose. Fortunately the tobacco smell is very subtle and the dry down is just fine. The sillage is very mild and hence needs at least 5/6 spray for better projection.

Smell: 7.5/10 (don't like the initial tobacco smell but it doesn't last long)
Sillage: 6/10 (it doesn't project that much, after 2/3 hours it stay very close to the skin)
Longevity: 7.5/10 (It remains more than 10-12 hours but very close to the skin)

Overall 7/10
12th September, 2012 (last edited: 21st September, 2012)
Right off the bat all I got was a huge explosion of cherry that really turned me off.
Thankfully it goes away in less than half an hour and it becomes a pleasant sweet vanilla scent, with maybe a little cocoa powder at the end if you have good imagination.
I’m disappointed because I didn’t find any tobacco notes at all.
Overall it’s a nice scent, easier to wear than the original A*men, but with slightly less projection.
However I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for a tobacco fragrance, and I’m a bit mad at Mugler for making tobacco the main marketing point in a fragrance that barely has any.
05th July, 2012
Pure Havane is a well rounded, unique fragrance.

It begins with an interesting mixture of honey, cherry, an invigorating green note, and chocolate powder. Pure Havane slowly dries down into a sweet, powdery mix of chocolate powder, prune, and vanilla.


18th June, 2012 (last edited: 12th December, 2012)
Better than A*Man for sure. Still has that sweet loooonnnggg dry down like it. Gets cloying on me. Good tobacco but I wish it were greener....
14th March, 2012
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United States
You've smelled this before. I'll give you a hint. It is very similar to the original with a bit of tobacco and a slightly different balance.

If you're on a budget you could achieve a nearly identical fragrance by mixing BOD Sexxy X2 and Remy Latour Cigar. It would be slightly less spicy in the opener but nearly identical thereafter.

The vanilla and chocolate overpower everything after the opener.

Tobacco can be blended with the two notes, look at the variety of pipe tobacco, but if this smelled like Captain Black smells in its pouch this would be a heavenly scent, just too much vanilla and choloclate and not enough tobacco.

I don't really dislike it, I just think it could have been more. I think I'll wear a layered version of the Cigar and BOD tomorrow and see if anyone thinks its Pure Havane. I'm just a bit curious.
16th December, 2011
Another A*Men flanker .This is basically the same scent as the original , with a slight touch of tobacco , and a variation in the quantity of vanilla and chocolate .
This reminds me of Burberry London plus vanilla and chocolate (and more longevity/projection , of course) .
11th November, 2011
I absolutely love this smell, but unfortunately have to give it a neutral rating due to its lack of projection. This becomes a skin scent for me within 3 hours.
20th October, 2011
It starts off smelling like a sweeten, unlit vanilla cigar. A very nice and warm tobacco flavor, but for some reason, the drydown smells like playdough (probably due to the transition from tobacco to vanilla).

The playdough smell wouldn't be a problem normally, but like all the others in the Amen collection, Pure Havane has great projectivity and sillage, so the question is? Do you want to smell like play dough for 12 hours +?

Other than that, this is very masculine, and will do well in the winter time or in the evening time. You may get away with it during other seasons, because the dry down isn't sweet at all (becomes predominantly vanilla), which is a good thing (starts out sweet, but the sweetness mellows out), but keep in mind Pure Havane projects for a very long time, and it isn't exactly a complex fragrance to begin with.

If you are looking for a complex fragrance, this isn't for you. If you want a classy tobacco flavor, than look no further.

Interesting to say the least, but not the most versatile or complex fragrance out there.
11th October, 2011
This one is just ok for me. I was hoping for something close to pure malt and while it has similarities the tobacco note doesn't quite do it for me (actually it just smells vaguely green but doesn't smell like tobacco).
22nd September, 2011
This fragrance can be called A*Men Pure Honey. It has a lot of honey mixed with original A*Men base and a little bit of tobacco leave in the background. It smells very good, but it´s nothing special.
28th July, 2011 (last edited: 12th August, 2011)
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The top of this one is reminiscent of Bogart Pour Homme without the power and tobacco that BPH has. I get a soft powdery cherry accord at the top and when this hit's the drydown after a couple of hours I'm left with french vanilla. The drydown smells exactly like a glad french vanilla candle to me which isn't a bad thing. I get very minimal tobacco out of this one. It's a pleasant enough fragrance but more suited for a young woman as far as I'm concerned. If your a lover of french vanilla you may just love this one. I get average projection and excellent longevity out of this one. I goes forever on my skin.
04th May, 2011
Pure Havane is a dud.

Go light on the trigger because I found it to be very strong and cloying for the first 30 min. I got a headache because it was so strong until it settled down. Yes, this does have a similar opening to Pure Malt but a bit darker/stronger. Unfortunately, I did not get any tobacco at all. That was the deal breaker for me. Although the dry down is really nice, the lack of tobacco was a mad disappointment. I thought the dry down was delicious and reminded me of dulce de leche! That creamy milky caramel smell..yum!
Longevity is average 4-6 hours and projection (other than the first loud maybe hour tops opening) is close to the skin for me. I had to touch my nose to my arm to smell the yummy dry down.

In summation, strong darker Pure Malt opening, close to skin yummy dry down, no tobacco, average longevity & projection... I give this a generous 6.5/10

PS. No relation to TV at all. To have any similarity is an insult to TV.
06th March, 2011