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My partner has recently started wearing A*Men Pure Havane, and I'm very surprised how different it is from original A*Men and its other flankers. This is very soft and powdery, and not nearly as powerful as I was expecting; tobacco notes aren't really in evidence. I always think of original A*Men as being a variation on Angel, but when my partner wears Pure Havane, the sillage is almost identical to Alien. Unfortunately, this fragrance isn't nearly as long lasting as the other variations of A*Men, and after an hour or so it has virtually disappeared on him.
05th March, 2018
Pure Havane is a wonderfully sweet patchouli fragrance in the A*Men series that bears only a slight resemblance to the original powerhouse. Honey is evident in this one throughout the wear cycle; I couldn't stop sniffing my hand even after many hours had passed since applying a test spritz on it! Also, I liken it to a toned-down version of another favorite of mine, Pure Malt.

Will get a bottle soon. :-)

06th February, 2018
19th December, 2017
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One of my favourite scents.

04th February, 2017
When I first tried this I thought it was just okay. I think I was still getting used to the A*Men base. I really like it now. Reminds me of wet tobacco leaves and booze. Gives off a warmth as well. It's quite different from most fragrances, past or present. Projection is good and longevity is very good.
16th December, 2016
Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Havane is perhaps the best-known of the flankers to the original A*Men, having followed the original by almost two decades, but its fame now seems to exceed its parent's.

It's a very sweet tobacco fragrance, a combination of honey and a cherried (albeit synthetically) tobacco accord, in concert with the standard A*Men dry down of patchouli that is consistent with most of the line (original, Leather, Malt, Wood, Tonka, Coffee) but not some of the lighter-themed offerings.

It's quite sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet in my opinion. Some my criticize it as too sweet, lacking the bite of the tobacco and/or patchouli, but I enjoy the harmony that leans toward the sweet side, and the synthetic cherry sweetness is not problematic, as it is subordinate to sweetness derived from the honey.

Pure Havane is not quite as refined as Pure Malt and thus remains ever so slightly my second favorite Mugler behind Pur Malt, but Pure Havane provides unencumbered sweetness, much like Pure Tonka, whereas Pure Malt's brilliance is in what it holds back.

Performance is quite good, among the best-performing EDTs I've ever worn, along with some of the Scentstory 24 line (especially Gold and Gold Oud), and since often available under $60 for 100ml, Pure Havane is a bargain, like many of its A*Men brethren.

Truly a scent and a deal to be adored, if you like sweet tobacco fragrances, you should try this out.

9 out of 10
05th December, 2016
sweet cherry powdery tobacco honey scent

this one opens up with a powdery sweet cherry note with honey and tobacco in the background. then the honey, vanilla and tobacco start to power up. the fragrance remains somewhat powdery and sweet throughout. the fragrance still have a bit of the a men DNA. the similarities to pure malt are there but are not significant. i prefer it over pure malt. performance is very good.

10th November, 2016
One of the unique and best scents ive ever smelled.its in the class of niche tobacco base scent.
08th November, 2016
Sweet honey, chocolate & tobacco...

Wow! Just wow!

This is without a doubt my absolute favourite of the A*Men/Angel Men line. I just love it! I get honeyed tobacco, along with the vanilla, and chocolate-patchouli combo of the original A*Men. A wonderful fragrance.

I haven't been this happy about a fragrance for a long time. I really like this one and am recommending it. I didn't actually like the original A*Men/Angel Men all that much. I found the opening too harsh and bitter. This one is smooth and creamy with tobacco and honey and sweet spices and vanilla. It is absolutely gorgeous! I think this is a winner for anyone who likes A*Men but wished it was a bit different and smoother. It has a velvety sweet texture and I really love it that way. Even if you didn't like the original A*Men or like gourmandish or even sweet honey tobacco fragrances like Tom Ford - Tobacco Vanille. I think this is a great contender against that fragrance at a great price. Beautiful stuff from Thierry Mugler!
30th October, 2016
I don't usually buy full bottles until I've spent a great deal of time with something, meaning it takes a lot for me to commit beyond a decanted sample. But when I tested this- and let it sit a few hours on my skin- I went back and got myself one. It was that good.
Initially, for a split second, I was horrified at what I interpreted as the smell of cheap baby wipes. Past that first moment, PH becomes a dreamy, creamy, cherries-and-almonds pipe tobacco trip. Liatrix? Pepper? Coumarin? Molasses? You bet. And as time passes, this remains three dimensional, and smells exactly like an antique furniture store with soft hardwood floors and a freshly unzipped pouch of sweet, grandfatherly pipe tobacco. Can't wait to wear this for fall!
17th August, 2016
Lovely, sensuous and intoxicating scent!

If you hate the original, sorry, you have to wait quite a few hours for those well known A*Men notes to quiet down and allow the beautiful honeyed tobacco leaves to come in and put a big smile on your face.

For me it was over six hours before the honey/tobacco fully kicks in. It's there, well into the next day on your clothing and if you happen to fall asleep without bathing then you'll probably wake up to a great concoction of notes on your skin.

This is sort of a practice in a delay of gratification waiting for the later life of this fragrance.
17th March, 2016
To my nose, opens with about 20 seconds of a cough syrup/drop cherry smell that quickly mellows to a pleasant cherry smell as the tobacco slides in right underneath...the tobacco I picture as I smell this are large slightly moist leaves ready to be rolled into cigars...or a room where leaves are hanging curing/drying...after just a little while it is joined by a vanilla/caramel accord, but not too sweet to my nose...I agree with others that I like this better than Tobacco Vanille...starts out strong, but then dies down on me, but stays with decent longevity...just finished a decant of this...not full bottle worthy to me, but I would not rule out getting another decant somewhere down the line because I do like how this smells...
decant worthy Gourmand Tobacco
19th October, 2015
Anybody can create a good perfume, that is easy; but to be a tobacco one with the right ingredients and at the right time with the right concept and for the right purpose, and in the right way, that is not within everybody's power and is not easy.

This reviewer may have conflicts of interest

29th May, 2015
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For those who are addicted to the game of seduction!It's the slogan “Life without passion is unforgivable.”This scent is too sweet but in a perfect way.I am in love with it and i get tons of compliment when i wear it. Bold, Vanilla,Sensual,Addictive,Heady and Evocative.

This great scent has a passionate and harsh opening of tobacco and honey over a charming and warmer heart of vanilla and cacao and a hint of patchouli and a dry down of sheer romance as it gives you feel cozy and Surrendering yourself to its temptation is akin to reaching erotic zenith.

This EDT isn´t too heavy and cloying in the hot weather but great and warmer for a night out on the town or a romantic night with your honey.It leaves a heady memory of you in your wake.this is a ladies magnet beware.Highly recommended to those,who wants to smell great but definitely test it first.


Longevity?About 7 hours on my skin.

18th April, 2015

Pure Havane is another flanker of A*men PH, and I find it, like Pure Malt, better than the original. Pure Havane adds tobacco and honey to the original A*men PH, and, more importantly, has mercifully been stripped of its progenitor’s birch tar. The result is a delicious boozy-tobacco-y patchouli / cocao / amber treat.

Pure Havane retains the chocolate-patchouli platform of the original. It retains the lusciously rich and controlled sweetness of the labdanum / amber background. It civilizes the ungodly projection of the original but retains much of the longevity. And it adds the aforementioned richness and depth of tobacco and honey. The result is a basically linear fragrance that I find, in total, much more palatable than A*men Pour Homme.

In my review of the original, I said that I enjoy the drydown. With this one I enjoy the entire run. This is how flankers should be done.
10th March, 2015
Ok so I will be as HONEST as it gets. Look at this lovely brown box, now close your eyes and think of its re fantasizing mainly of tobacco leaves and some vanilla and cacao mixed in the scent...Now open your eyes again...let me spray it to you and then close your eyes once more...what do you smell? CHERRY SYRUP! yes, indeed this masterpiece of a fragrance has a total failure of a name..Mugler together with Huclier have made probably a big mistake on that part. I am not saying that they have thrown cherry oils in that juice, however the mixture of the top and middle notes create a cherry-like scent. It should have been called pure cherry or pure syrup. For the first 3 hours this smell is going to stay on your skin. After those three hours a tiny bit of vanilla mixed with cacao can be sensed by my nose. This scent is very fresh and you can wear it during all seasons. I am not saying that the cherry syrup smell is not adorable, however if you think it's gonna smell like Cohiba, i'm telling you 'dont go for it'. Remember to spray around 4 times around neck and once on the chest because the sillage of this perfume is not strong.
02nd March, 2015
A*Men Pure Havane is a sensational olfactory experience from start to end. This fragrance opens up on the skin with a burst of sweet cherry tobacco and the A* Men DNA is clearly detected. The fragrance stays almost that way throughout its life. I can detect notes of tobacco, honey, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate (cacao?) and a faint tar accord. Make no mistake, those who find the tar note too strong in A* Men will have no problem here. A very well-blended fragrance with excellent projection and longevity on skin. Almost all fragrances from the house of Thierry Mugler are winners, but this one is a total knockout. I agree with TMoran, this is as good as it gets in the designer game....perhaps even in niche. The rubber flask bottle is a love/hate thing - I personally love it. I purchased Pure Havane after sampling it along with A*Men and Pure Malt, and I would put it slightly ahead of its cousins.
The smouldering intensity of Pure Havane is unmistakable, and should be experienced at least once in life. A masterpiece.
28th January, 2015
Light up a Swisher Sweets Cherry Tip Cigarillo and stand inside the cloud of freshly burned smoke munching on some dark chocolate....welcome to Pure Havane, enjoy
21st September, 2014
Smells similar to Harrod's Agarwood for 1/5 the cost.
29th August, 2014
Hard to add anything constructive here. A man's tobacco, nothing sweet here. Excellent value due to potency. Layer with Eau des baud or TDH or Lomani Platinum for a twist. This one is perfect. 5 out of 5
09th August, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

I keep trying the A*Men "Pure" flankers, hoping to find one in which the featured guest note balances out the (to me) oppressive sweetness of the original composition. Pure Malt gets the job done for a while, but loses its whisky embellishment and climbs back on to the dessert tray too quickly for my comfort. Pure Havane’s cherry pipe tobacco takes longer to emerge from beneath the viscous strata of A*Men’s woods and chocolate, but once it does, it proves more enduring than the liquor note in Pure Malt. As it happens, tobacco is not only an effective “corrective measure,” but also an exceptionally well-suited accent to the underlying structure of A*Men. The result is the first A*Men iteration I can imagine wearing with any degree of pleasure.
31st July, 2014
Pure Havane to me is a good fragrance, but not a great one. As much as I want to believe that there is tobacco in there, I prefer it smokier, duskier, like a humidor, a gentleman's scent. I don't smell that all with Havane, it might as well be called Pure Cherry. It does have the A*Men DNA, making it smell like a chocolate bonbon with a cherry filling (or with the way it develops, the other way around). Still a thumbs up, but a hesitant one.
24th July, 2014
Tmoran Show all reviews
United States
To me Thierry Mugler fragrances are about as high quality as you are going to get in a designer product. I get the impression that they put just as much effort into their frags as they do their designs. It shows in the quality of the whole package. Pure Havane is so well done and so natural. People say there is no tobacco in havane but I disagree. When you first spray havane it has a similar feel to A*men. But with a cherry note. Then as it dries down the tobacco and vanilla come up from the background to create a very very pleasing and quality scent.

I think this compared to angel men is actually pure perfection and that is what I would have named it. It has a perfect blend of notes and it is plenty potent without killing those around you. And IMHO it is actually pretty beastly as far as longevity and sillage are concerned. While this is not the same as tobacco vanille I believe it or not prefer this to Tom Ford. I think TM pure havane is less linear and skimps nothing in the terms of quality. I think if you have been looking for a good tobacco scent that actually has a good amount of it in there this is hard to beat. And again is one of the few brands in the designer market that will provide niche quality.
30th May, 2014
Cherry, caramel, vanilla and bit of tobacco. Winter fragrance to the bone.
Most importantly, finally in my possession as the demand is high and supply quite poor.
Incredible how fast it came from "in stock" to "only 10 left" and in 2 days "out of stock".

The scent, like B*Men and A*men has this strong "winter drang" so it makes you wish it's at least -5°C outside so that you can wear it in it's full gear. Now B*Men and the original, A*Men are thick and invasive, whilst Pure Havane is mild, airy however not weak. This doesn't mean it lacks potency. As it develops on my skin, more I see a bit of a connection with Givenchy Pi but only when I shove the nose on my wrist. The fragrance glows its own character on the outside and that is its argument against givenchy pi notion or potentially that of other candidates.

It is difficult to say if I really like Pure Havane for its scent or is it more that it is such a hype, talked about a lot, glorified in a way just like Pure Malt and not that easily available. I tend to think that both reasons partake in my enjoyment of owning it and wearing it, being in that club of people who like and practice this hobby.
Now I need to get my hands on Pure Malt and my ego will be completely satisfied.

Pure Havane is an excellent designer work full of life and character that bring enjoyment to the wearer. It is one of those products that inspire emotions and makes a wearer content, happy, and that matters a lot.
28th March, 2014
Thierry Mugler Pops Your Cherry

I have been testing this fragrance for about 4 weeks now, so I think that I have a pretty solid handle on it. I would like to start off by saying that this overall "scent" is very solid. It is not harsh at all and the best word to describe it is "smooth."

That being said, this tops with Vanilla and Tobacco Leaf and dries down with Cherry and Honey. Biggest complaints focus on the heavy cherry and longevity. I think the cherry is pronounced, but not to the cough syrup level.

The biggest reason to consider this fragrance is if you do not want attention. You heard that right, you do NOT want compliments or attention. This is practically an "on your skin scent" after 45 minutes of application. If you are in close contact with people, that is an entirely different story. They need to be practically on your skin to smell this. That can be a good thing too, and I know that I want that experience at times as well.

Translation: You are buying this to enjoy the fragrance only for yourself and possibly a significant other. That is it. It needs heat in order to work. In the summer months I am going to assume longevity and projection problems would disappear.

Finally, I think with there was a reformulation upon the rerelease. It smells heavier on the cherry and weaker on the tobacco than when I last had a chance with this. I do not see this as an office scent. It is too fruity and unprofessional and there is a lot out there that is cheaper that does the trick much better. This would be a great casual scent however.

For a personal experience, it is very good. If you are trying to garner compliments, I would go with another frag. In comparison to the rest of the Tierry Mugler line, there is better out there in my opinion. It's still good, just not as good as other options.

Pros: Pleasant scent, Versatile
Cons: Poor projection and longevity for a Mugler line frag"

02nd October, 2013
My favorite from Thierry Mugler so far

This fragrance is fantastic and I must buy for a person that likes the original A*Men. I really like how the tobacco note brings the A*Men formula together. I think it is composed much better than Pure Malt. This fragrance also garners attention for me personally compared to wearing Pure Malt. I also am impressed with A*Men series bottles and box design. It's not too sophisticated but it also isn't tacky either.

The problem with A*Men is the horrible sprayers. I hate how much dribble is produced from each spray. I don't think I've ever received a consistent stream from the bottle. This leads to possible over-applications which could make this fragrance cloying. It's pretty sweet so be careful when using the sprayer. The only other beef I have is how expensive it is for a designer but I think it was still worth the price. I haven't tried Animale Animale but I doubt it could live up to the A*Men series.


Pros: 1. Tobacco note makes this one stand out 2. Garners attention 3. Great bottle design and box presentation
Cons: 1. I can't stand A*Men sprayers 2. Can get cloying quite easily 3. On the expensive side for a designer"

27th September, 2013
Tony T Show all reviews
United States

NOT THE projection beast as others in the line but not a slacker. a rich but toned down tobacco note remains from the beginning to and.some vanilla added also to ensure sillage.would be a 5 star frag but it does not project as well as others


19th July, 2013
Excellent Flanker!

Really enjoy this one from beginning to tobacco

Ending with the usual AMen base. Sexy, different and great

For any occasion.

Pros: unique tobacco smell
Cons: sillage could be a bit more like the original

09th June, 2013
I love the smell of this. I do smell tobacco and it is a rich fragrance...BUT the stuff sits way to close to the skin and longevity is only fair on me. As much as A*Men jumps off my skin and runs screaming around the room, Pure Havane hides under my collar. It is still there an hour later...but hiding.
05th May, 2013 (last edited: 23rd March, 2017)
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United States
Pure Havane wowed me the first time I sampled it during its discontinued status. The opening of honey-tobacco (leaves) is syrupy, and is very addictive. PH differs from the original A*Men in a way that it is lighter/brigther thus making it more wearable, and if you smell deeper, there's a slight mint accord which lingers through mid-phase, along with the subtle tobacco. The drydown is a creamy vanilla/chocolate. Pleasant and delicious.

The original is still the best, but of all the flankers that I've tried, Pure Havane is at the very top. Very good longevity and projection, and a consistent compliment-getter. So when Thierry Mugler re-released it on their website back in early 2012, I just had to order it promptly.
04th April, 2013