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Green Violet

This is my first wearing of this scent and I have a feeling that I will be wearing it often, as it is unlike anything I have ever worn.

This is a green violet on my skin, with a hint of non-sweet vanilla. It evolves into a lovely powdery scent with the violet coming and going as the musk comes forward. I do not smell very much of the patchouli at all.

Although there are not a lot of notes, to me this is a complicated scent with a vintage, old fashioned feel. All in all, it is a lovely powdery, feminine reserved scent with just the right combination of notes to turn it into a glorious show stopper.

07th September, 2013
"I'm fading... fading... fading..." Pd'O seems to start diminishing from the first spray out of the bottle. Just moments after application it feels like I'm standing next to someone who sprayed on a nice perfume a few hours ago.

Balance seems to be a problem. At times the Violet Leaf is very loud and the Suede Musk is very quiet (that odd quiet of a loud noise heard on a bad speaker). The Violet Leaf seems like it's trying to scream and the Suede Musk is being stuffed down its throat.

The odd volumes and the lack of development give Pd'O a strangely synthetic feeling. Although the notes themselves are largely pleasant, there is a great deal of "white noise" around them.
18th May, 2011