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The smuggler just laughed.
"Vanillium is like gold.
The weight's a surprise."
28th October, 2017
A pleasant, cozy vanilla of the sort produced by the christmas tree deodoriser in my cousin's car back in the late 90s. Yes, its been a long time since this sort of vanilla found its way into all sorts of cheap candles and other common fragrance products, but we haven't forgotten Mr.Creed. Thats why vanilla is a graveyard for so many niche brands. Guerlain is an exception, seek out Spiritueuse Double Vanille if you are shopping in this territory, lots of dollars to be saved and lots of happy olfactory experiences to be had.
13th June, 2017
Thumbs up for the flavour.

This opens like the highest quality Vanilla Italian Gelato scented with superior Lemon.

Drys down gently, to a beautiful non fatty, cream musk and powder.

Later on whispers of unlit pipe tobacco.

Ok, however I like the dreamy faux of Mono di Orio Vanille too much to have more than a sample of this.

13th March, 2016 (last edited: 24th June, 2017)
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I had high hopes for this because of the vanilla and Tonka notes. However, there was too much citrus (lemon)for my taste. Also, something about it made me sneeze. I found it to be kind of harsh rather than soft as others have said.
27th July, 2015
Aptly named, Creed's Sublime Vanille is a subtle vanilla scent that is dominated by the eponymous note but has contributions from tonka, musk, and lemon.

I rarely think of vanilla fragrances as having warm-weather applicability, but this is certainly an exception, striking me immediately as being able to be worn year-round. It leans casual but is sophisticated enough to be worn out at night, as well, though I imagine many men would find it too feminine.

I liken it to Dame Perfumery's Black Flower Mexican Vanilla, though that is characterized by more of a mix with floral notes that Sublime Vanille does not incorporate.

Being on the more exclusive / expensive end of Creed, Sublime Vanille will only offend in its price, so if price were object, this would be a must-buy, but otherwise, I'd simply insist that fans of vanilla try this one out, as it should not disappoint.

8 out of 10
25th June, 2015
This is my favorite fragrance of all time. It smells like pure Vanilla, with a small hint of Lemon. It does NOT smell like Lemon cream pie. (Less like Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche, More like a bottle of Vanilla extract) It literally smells like pure Vanilla. Then, it takes on a lemony citrus smell (A light one) and dries down into a scent that smells like a sugar cookie to me. If you ask me, this is Vanilla done perfectly. Common gripes with this fragrance, are that it is overly simplistic, And it is. If you want a sexy, boozy, intense, and complex Vanilla fragrance, this isn't for you. This is for someone who likes Vanilla for Vanilla's sake, and wants a tad of lemon in it. It is a combination of Vanilla Bourbon (Not very boozy smelling though) Tahitian Vanilla, Tonka bean, Calabrian Lemon, Bergamot and Musk. The Citrus in here is always behind the Vanilla though. It does not necessarily combine with the Vanilla, just compliments it from the background. Vanilla is my first favorite note, so I adore this perfume! I wish I still had my bottle. retails for $710 for the flacon, and about $250 for the 1.oz sprayer. I would have opted for the bigger one, if I had the money when I went to Neiman Marcus. Definitely try this.
07th April, 2015
In my opinion, Sublime Vanille is one of the underrated fragrances from the Royal Exclusives line from Creed. The scent itself consists of a very simple note breakdown of vanilla and citrus/lemons. Linear and very little complexity, almost smelling nearly the same from start to finish. The opening consists of vanilla with hints of citrus and lemons which remain throughout the life of the scent. In time all of these notes will fade to an extent while a hint of musk creeps into the front. Depending on application, I got anywhere between 4-6 hours of longevity. Silage is below average with the exception of the first hour which was moderate. I think this scent is versatile enough to be worn casually and many occasions. It's a pleasing scent but it may be difficult to smell due to poor silage. A very simple take on a vanilla based fragrance which I think was done exceptionally well.
01st March, 2015
I love this scent light and lovely. Hint of citrus, the tonka bean keeps the vanilla from turning to sweet and smelling like a cookie. Minimalist scent not for someone who likes complex scents.
24th February, 2015
Simple, minimalist, Zen. Just vanilla rounded out with a light splash of citrus. Like others have said, it's gentle and smooth. But it's kinda boring.

It's good overall but way too expensive to just be a high quality vanilla oil.

03rd February, 2015
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United States
(I tried this on my wrist from a tester at Bergdorfs in nyc)

Just an average scent to me, nothing interesting about it. I dont think it works that well for men or women. So many wonderful fragrances out there, this is not one of them....especially for the asking price.
29th May, 2014
pleasant, but disappointing throughout

Sublime Vanille follows a very simple formula. There is vanilla, and there is some lemon citrus and bergamot. That's it. Creed wanted to make a vanilla fragrance, but one that was safe, not too rich and cloying. And they did that successfully. It's extremely versatile. Men can wear this well, though it is unisex leaning slightly to the feminine side. The strong point of this fragrance is that it is a vanilla fragrance that is perfectly fit for the summer as it is fall.

As for what this smells like, it smells similar, and I mean very similar, to Midnight In Paris. Of course, it's a much better version of Midnight In Paris. It's fresher, smoother, uses higher quality ingredients, and has all the sweetness without the powder. But this scent is linear and it doesn't develop in any meaningful way. It's the exact same thing, from start, to finish. Which is good for those who want consistency, though the opening is not so great that I'd want to preserve it throughout.

Flaws aside, this is by no means a bad or negative fragrance at all. It is good, bordering the better side of average. It's simple and simplistic, not very creative and not very original either. When you compare it to other Creed's, it just doesn't stand up in quality or creative direction. And this is not just a regular Creed, this on their "exclusive" line. For, $225 (1 oz) and $640 (8.4 oz), I simply cannot recommend this. If you want to buy a vanilla fragrance at a niche price, just go with Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille.

That said, while this isn't worth buying, if you do happen to acquire it somehow, it still is worth wearing. I will still wear the rest of this decant, but I won't buy any more.

If you're a big fan of Midnight In Paris, you might be happy to know there is a fragrance that smells almost exactly like it, but better in every aspect (if you can stomach the price). Personally, if I wanted a lemon-vanilla fragrance, I'd go for Hanae Mori instead. And I wish the only reason for that was because Hanae Mori is 95% cheaper.

16th July, 2013
There are elements here that I really like, and one that I don't. Essentially, Sublime Vanille is built on the standard Creed chypre backbone, so it has a nice depth from the interplay of the bergamot and galbanum and moss, with Creed's signature sandalwood and ambrox for added richness (imagine Bois du Portugal in the background of a vanilla perfume). There's a strong lemony/orange citrus on top, and of course, a lot of vanilla. It's all quite nice - I enjoy the way the vanilla interacts with the wood and ambrox and the mossy chypre elements. Unfortunately, they spiked the vanilla with isobutavan, the hyper-sweet fake vanilla chemical that gives perfumes that cotton candy/cupcake frosting smell, and it's fairly prominent in the mix, which leaves Sublime Vanille as a study in opposites: The woody chypre elements give a smart, refined richness while the isubutavan dumbs everything down.
17th January, 2013
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United Kingdom
A very gentle high-quality vanilla is the backbone of this scent, with a restrained citrus note more in the drydown that gradually fades over time. Elegant but little projection and silage; good for work for that reason and never really sweet or cloying. Adequate sillage. Respectable longevity on me of about three hours very close to the skin. 3.25
16th November, 2012 (last edited: 05th November, 2017)
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I'm finally getting the Royal Exclusives line. I sampled Sublime Vanille when it was released and thought it was nice but not bottle worthy. I re-sampled after nearly 2 years and I'm blown away. I had the exact same experience with S&W. These are simple fragrances and have "familiar" vibe to them. SV opens with a beautiful lemon note. Creed lists Lemon as a basenote but it's definely the predominate top note. Its very fresh and an interesting begining to a Vanilla based fragrance. That quickly settles into a boozy vanilla note. The fragrance continues the vanilla theme through the dry down . The base does end up adding a slight musk note. Is it Sublime? Most definitely. Is it the most unique or groundbreaking fragrance? That it's not. But it is a traditional vanilla fragrance with a Creed interpretation that's done "just right." These are fragrances that take more then one wearing to appreciate. But when it's hits you, you will be blown away...
06th November, 2012
I think this one falls on the feminine side, but it's a really nice fragrance. I love to smell it on my wife. She better feel lucky that she has a nice 50ml decant of this juice, because it's quality stuff.

Projects very well, and lasts very long on her skin.

Citrus and vanilla that eventually fades into just vanilla. Nice.
12th June, 2012
This opens with a lemon citrus and a soft vanille. In time the lemon fades and the high quality vanille accord takes over. Also the vanille over time seems to mix in with other notes and smells better.

This vanille fragrance is totally unisex and balanced just right without getting sickly sweet. It's a simple vanille accord that is soft and smells really good without othernotes getting in the way of the vanille or becoming cloying. I like it.
28th April, 2012
This is a very nice vanilla over a subtle citrus. Beautiful. Masterfully done. The only, and biggest problem is longevity sucks and I'm never looking to get 10+ hrs like most ppl. I can't honestly give this a thumbs up and I'm an avid creed collector. But, for the ladies if u get an atomizer and keep it in your purse it's a must buy. Its awesome on me but even better on a woman
23rd March, 2012
The first note was the citrus elements of rich lemon with a hint of bergamot. This warmed to a sweet vanilla musk with the accent on musk. The tonka bean gives it an understated tobacco earthiness that make it truly unisex. It is humidor meets candy store. Very nice when layered with Spice and Wood for a man.
14th May, 2011 (last edited: 23rd May, 2011)
I have to disagree with the other reviewers. I find this scent very pleasing, having sampled many vanilla scents this is the one i keep coming back to. This one opens with a rush of citrus but soon the vanilla appears, for the next hour there is a pleasing balance between the vanilla and the citrus that is followed by a few more hours of a very calming not to heavy tonka. Normal i wouldn't wear a vanilla cologne unless it is a very manly one like Tom Fords, but this one has a pleasant balance between the feminine and the masculine.
All in all i believe this is an amazing scent, i find myself drifting towards my wardrobe just to pop the top off the bottle and sniff it. I do think that it could be a little cheaper but oh well.
30th April, 2011
This is a clean-skin-perfume, it remains very closed to the skin. It opens with very washed flowery-vanilla with a little citrus touch that disappears in a short time leaving a pleasant but boring soft white vanilla.
Not for me, very very little satisfaction to spend €500.
Only for vanilla fans and clean-antiperfumes lovers but with a price of €50 - max 60. Not more.
11th April, 2011
I think much of the disappointment that comes from Sublime Vanille is that people are expecting a heavy, rich, sweet vanilla, which is what 90% of vanilla fragrances are in perfumery. I don't know what the aesthetic behind the Royal Exclusive line is, but after testing both Sublime Vanille and Spice & Wood, I'm gaining the sense that Creed's trying to do more easy-to-wear fragrances based on themes that are commonly quite heavy or strong in perfumery. It fits well with the brand, and I see them being a commercial hit, but for most perfume enthusiasts, I gather they would probably think they wear thin and frail.

Sublime Vanille is a diluted vanilla fragrance, with lemon and a soft clean musky undertone. It smells like a lemon sorbet. It's wonderfully blended and composed of exquisite ingredients. It reminds me of a classic Guerlain in terms of presentation and structure. As much as it's a good fragrance, the overall scent lacks something interesting to the nose. I think the entire Royal Exclusive line is best suited for people who have reserved personalities or are looking for alternative scents in those public, close-countered situations. For example, I like wearing vanilla to the office, but I don't want to offend anyone. Sublime Vanille might be a nice choice. Stored in a gigantic bottle, it's a soft, light scent that's meant to be sprayed quite liberally.
23rd March, 2011
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United States
Spice and Wood interested me, but Sublime Vanille left me cold. Call it a case of over-blending. This Royal Exclusive opens with a white flowery vanilla, a little bitter, and takes its sweet time transitioning into its logical conclusion of tonka, dry citrus, and musk. The entire affair is pristine in execution and clearly derived from the finest ingredients, yet lacks even the slightest hint of dynamism. Its white floral opening is neutered of indoles and smoothed into a grandiloquent abstraction of the vanilla and citrus that follows. For all its intended airiness, Sublime Vanille possesses considerable weight - the fragrance smells and feels heavy, making it rather joyless. It's the perfect funereal vanilla perfume. If you're a fan of vanilla you'll likely revel in this non-gourmand rendition of vanilla and citrus, and see charm in the overall construct of its closely-welded notes. The rest of you will probably wonder, as I do, why anyone would spend $550 on this.
18th March, 2011