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Neutral Reviews of Sublime Vanille by Creed

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pleasant, but disappointing throughout

Sublime Vanille follows a very simple formula. There is vanilla, and there is some lemon citrus and bergamot. That's it. Creed wanted to make a vanilla fragrance, but one that was safe, not too rich and cloying. And they did that successfully. It's extremely versatile. Men can wear this well, though it is unisex leaning slightly to the feminine side. The strong point of this fragrance is that it is a vanilla fragrance that is perfectly fit for the summer as it is fall.

As for what this smells like, it smells similar, and I mean very similar, to Midnight In Paris. Of course, it's a much better version of Midnight In Paris. It's fresher, smoother, uses higher quality ingredients, and has all the sweetness without the powder. But this scent is linear and it doesn't develop in any meaningful way. It's the exact same thing, from start, to finish. Which is good for those who want consistency, though the opening is not so great that I'd want to preserve it throughout.

Flaws aside, this is by no means a bad or negative fragrance at all. It is good, bordering the better side of average. It's simple and simplistic, not very creative and not very original either. When you compare it to other Creed's, it just doesn't stand up in quality or creative direction. And this is not just a regular Creed, this on their "exclusive" line. For, $225 (1 oz) and $640 (8.4 oz), I simply cannot recommend this. If you want to buy a vanilla fragrance at a niche price, just go with Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille.

That said, while this isn't worth buying, if you do happen to acquire it somehow, it still is worth wearing. I will still wear the rest of this decant, but I won't buy any more.

If you're a big fan of Midnight In Paris, you might be happy to know there is a fragrance that smells almost exactly like it, but better in every aspect (if you can stomach the price). Personally, if I wanted a lemon-vanilla fragrance, I'd go for Hanae Mori instead. And I wish the only reason for that was because Hanae Mori is 95% cheaper.

16th July, 2013
There are elements here that I really like, and one that I don't. Essentially, Sublime Vanille is built on the standard Creed chypre backbone, so it has a nice depth from the interplay of the bergamot and galbanum and moss, with Creed's signature sandalwood and ambrox for added richness (imagine Bois du Portugal in the background of a vanilla perfume). There's a strong lemony/orange citrus on top, and of course, a lot of vanilla. It's all quite nice - I enjoy the way the vanilla interacts with the wood and ambrox and the mossy chypre elements. Unfortunately, they spiked the vanilla with isobutavan, the hyper-sweet fake vanilla chemical that gives perfumes that cotton candy/cupcake frosting smell, and it's fairly prominent in the mix, which leaves Sublime Vanille as a study in opposites: The woody chypre elements give a smart, refined richness while the isubutavan dumbs everything down.
17th January, 2013
This is a very nice vanilla over a subtle citrus. Beautiful. Masterfully done. The only, and biggest problem is longevity sucks and I'm never looking to get 10+ hrs like most ppl. I can't honestly give this a thumbs up and I'm an avid creed collector. But, for the ladies if u get an atomizer and keep it in your purse it's a must buy. Its awesome on me but even better on a woman
23rd March, 2012
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I think much of the disappointment that comes from Sublime Vanille is that people are expecting a heavy, rich, sweet vanilla, which is what 90% of vanilla fragrances are in perfumery. I don't know what the aesthetic behind the Royal Exclusive line is, but after testing both Sublime Vanille and Spice & Wood, I'm gaining the sense that Creed's trying to do more easy-to-wear fragrances based on themes that are commonly quite heavy or strong in perfumery. It fits well with the brand, and I see them being a commercial hit, but for most perfume enthusiasts, I gather they would probably think they wear thin and frail.

Sublime Vanille is a diluted vanilla fragrance, with lemon and a soft clean musky undertone. It smells like a lemon sorbet. It's wonderfully blended and composed of exquisite ingredients. It reminds me of a classic Guerlain in terms of presentation and structure. As much as it's a good fragrance, the overall scent lacks something interesting to the nose. I think the entire Royal Exclusive line is best suited for people who have reserved personalities or are looking for alternative scents in those public, close-countered situations. For example, I like wearing vanilla to the office, but I don't want to offend anyone. Sublime Vanille might be a nice choice. Stored in a gigantic bottle, it's a soft, light scent that's meant to be sprayed quite liberally.
23rd March, 2011