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Positive Reviews of White Flowers by Creed

This is beautiful and very natural-smelling. The opening is a crisp slice of green apple dropped into lemon water, followed quickly by a heart of white jasmine petals. The jasmine here is pure and non-indolic, a daytime version of jasmine rather than the night-flowering, sultry stuff. For a while, the central accord feels fresh and almost waxy in texture. It is so realistic that you can almost visualize the creamy white jasmine blossoms surrounded by their green, waxy leaves. The waxy feel fades off, revealing a more bog-standard jasmine accord (more lush than before), but it's still all very nice. The dry down is a white, inoffensive musk. It's a lovely perfume. Nothing exceptional, mind you, and certainly not original. But for a fresh, natural-smelling, feminine jasmine for the daytime hours, I guess this can't be beat.

I have only smelled a few Creed perfumes - this, Virgin Island Water, and Jardins d'Amalfi - but all of them have had this signature running through them that I feel I could recognize if I were to smell one blind. I would categorize this signature as very fresh, watery, and natural-smelling, but also rather simple, linear, and weak in terms of projection and longevity. But I can definitely see the appeal of Creed to a large segment of the population (general population, as well as the fragrance community) - they smell classy, they are quite delicate and beautiful, and above all, they are safe rather than challenging.
13th August, 2014
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United Kingdom
Gorgeous opening with a lot of apple blossom with a smidgeon of lemon cream. The drydown enters with violet and a convincing geranium note, with a lovely jasmine added later - a rich summery bouquet of delicate elegance. In the base I get white musk - the end phase being more linear than the earlier stages. Beautifully blended of ingredients of the highest quality, with decent silage and projection. I get a longevity of nearly five hours, which is SFC = superb for Creed.
09th February, 2014

White flowers smells just what it sounds like,handful of white flower picked in the morning dew.It is stunningly beautiful perfume ,projection is just fine and it lasts for about 3-4hours

Pros: Top notes,middle notes,bright and utterly beautiful
Cons: Base is little bland"

15th July, 2013
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I love this fragrance from the top notes to the dry down. It is very feminine and beautiful. My only concern is that it fades quickly.
13th August, 2011