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Negative Reviews of Original Cologne by Creed

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This does not smell anything like its name. I get a strong blast of cloudy, perfumy pear. I don't like it one bit, unfortunately.
25th July, 2012
Rice powder? Pfffftttttt (scoff, scoff).......Whatever!
All things considered (especially the $600 pricetag), this is abysmally insipid.
The best compliment one could give this stuff, is that it smells a bit like a weak and inferior rip-off of D&G Pour Homme (which is not exactly a firecracker in my book, either).
While I (honestly) am not picking Creed apart, or slamming their efforts just for the sake of doing so- I have to say that this has not ONE single redeeming quality.
If you fancy the idea of a "classic" EDC-type thing, Royal Water and Selection Verte have this genre covered already.
I was actually eagerly anticipating the U.S. release of this stuff several months ago. I was even half-minded to blindly purchase a bottle via the official Creed site. Thankfully I was able to locate some sample vials prior to making a $600 mistake.
By far the most half-assed outing from Creed to date.
Try before you buy.
05th September, 2011
After initial application the rice powder and lemon hit you hard for 10 minutes or so. The faint whiff of fruitiness(could not distinguish the pear) in the middle is overpowered by the musk and powder very quickly as the soapy drydown commences. Major disappointment...test before you purchase.
25th August, 2011
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