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Just about a thumbs up. A sweet woody apple fragrance. Along the lines of Ferrari Black - It's OK
20th June, 2016
Boozy, warm and sweet that's not overtly so. I get more of a candied or caramelly apple, but not so much of the black pepper (there's a hint of sharpness but just a smidge). A great choice for chill overcast days but works well also in the heat, just tame down on the sprays. Reminds me of Dirty English, which I also love. Classy bottle. Rather hard to come by I believe so I'm glad I added it to my 'drobe.
25th May, 2015
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United States
Among a rather insipid subset of masculine fragrances, Dunhill Custom seems by far the best. This clique features a pear or apple top with a synthetic cedar or sandalwood base. Think Obsession Night, Canali Style and Guess by Marciano (the latter two, especially, are uninspired). DC manages to be a bit boozier than the others and the pleasantries last beyond the introductions. I have no longevity issues whatsoever with this offering. Nice bottle, too.

(Some enterprising soul needs to develop a Viagra pill for fragrances, to be used by those who experience longevity issues with their fragrances.)
14th December, 2012
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United Kingdom
When I first tried this, I wasn't impressed - it just disappeared so quickly! But I've given it another go - on a warmer, sunnier day - and I'm so glad I did.

The opening is a nice, sweet apple - without being sickly sweet or overbearing. The pepper heart notes are also quite subtle, and blend well with the apple. The scent progresses into the woody heart notes which retain the gentle overall sweetness of Dunhill Custom.

In conclusion, this is a well blended, quality scent with good longevity. It has - for me - only very moderate sillage or projection. This makes it an excellent "office" scent - as has been mentioned before.

Well worth a try - and already being discounted!
19th February, 2012
Just picked this one up blind - and put a few sprays on. The wife just gave me the thumbs WAAAAY up. Pretty sexy scent, and it's lasted more than 7 hours. I get the apple from a distance, but the big one here is the woody bite. Masculine and fresh - and seems like it would work well in the office, and just about everywhere else. I'm a sales rep, so strong overbearing cologne is out - this one should work well.
24th December, 2011
I was expecting something similar to Creed Spice and Wood but this one is very different. The apple and black pepper notes do not stand out. There is no sickly sweet apple fruitiness like in the DKNY fragrances. Instead I get something similar to a subdued apple cider mixed with incense. In a way I feel this fragrance could be better with a more distinct apple and black pepper note. There is nothing really spicy about this fragrance. Overall I feel this is one of the better designer fragrances I have tried this year but the quality could have been better.

Overall rating 6.5/10
15th September, 2011
elegant fragrance. nothing that would grab your attention immediately, the color of the juice is kinda misleading, it's not that strong. it's sweet, subtle, and woody in the gentlest way. excellent for office wear. good longevity.
01st August, 2011