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Negative Reviews of Juniper Sling by Penhaligon's

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United States
Another Oliver Cresp work that leaves me disappointed. Jungle pour homme by Kenzo is another creation as is Armand Bosi Homme. All share the same thin, pale, construction that leaves you straining to detect anything and wanting more. This is the worst of the three - barely there - homeopathic perfumery. Either Oliver has a bloodhound's sense of smell, or he is too reticent and apologetic. What little I can pick up is generally okay, especially early on when there is some gin-fizziness. A pale touch of anise is also nice, but a boring woody amber base smells generic, not unlike pure iso E (think Escentric Molecules 01). A yawn.
17th January, 2016
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United Kingdom
A limp little woody thing. The juniper is there, but hardly. Very soft projection but good longevity as a skin scent. Although disappointing, it's not worth crying over: Pell Wall's Gin and Lime is a much more convincing and robust recreation of a gin-based cocktail.
02nd January, 2015
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United Kingdom
Having known Penhaligons for over 20 years it is such a pity it now feels it needs to go down the commercial route.

Juniper Sling is such a good idea but the execution is a complete let down. The opening top note invites interest but the very swift dry down reveals a very mainstream, floral heart which, again lasts for such a short time, also far too sweet for masculine use. The base notes are far too tenacious lasting hours and proving difficult to lose.
10th May, 2012
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Nice idea, terrible execution. A fresh juniper note titillates for a minute or so, whence follows a high-speed drydown to virtual nothingness, bland skin scent at best. I'd rather have a few nice cocktails at a swanky bar for the price of this body mist falsely advertised as a fragrance.
14th February, 2012
HDS1963 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening of Juniper Sling is outstanding, a flurry of heady Juniper and audacious spices. Then emerges a really fantastic leather note, which if truth be told, should last much longer as indeed should the gin flavoured juniper note. The combination of these two is really magical for the brief time they co-exist.

I'm giving this a thumbs down though.

The 100ml retails for over £100.00 for a fragrance which has mayfly-like longevity.

Unless Penhaligon's want to start developing a reputation for over-priced but short-lived fragrances like a certain other niche house much lauded in these parts, then this should be reformulated to EDP. The basenotes are so muted, so close to the skin for such a short period of time it's almost embarrassing.

From start to finish - ie the point at which I can no longer smell it at all - is around two hours. Others have had the same experience.

Great packaging and a beautiful bottle won't make up for the fact that Penhaligon's have got it wrong on this one.

It's not worth the price tag, which is a shame because at the outset this promises great things which the final denouement doesn't deliver.

16th October, 2011