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Neutral Reviews of Leather Oud by Christian Dior

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Strong smell of civet. It is a good fragrance to wear once in a while, but I couldn't wear it every day so the huge bottle is too much. Longevity is out of this world and one or two sprays is more than enough for a whole day. It is far better than Tuscan Leather and Noble Leather. I don't agree that the leather part is dirtier than Tuscan Leather though. Currently, it is only available in 125ml at the smallest, you can get it decanted in smaller amounts. 125ml cost £125 in 2012 and now it is £200!
01st April, 2017 (last edited: 05th August, 2017)
Beautiful in all the ways people say but for me there is also a cigarette smoke/ashtray smell that just doesn't quite lift it to a FB.
01st November, 2015
The butch and wayward member of Dior’s exclusive Collection Privée, Leather Oud is a full-force demonstration of its two eponymous notes mixed up with a skanky selection from the dirty drawers of perfumery: lots of civet, birch tar, and beeswax. To smooth out this veritable pile of dirtiness, the central notes are grounded in a very complex mix of spices (mainly cardamom), some flowers, and just about every oriental mainstay you can think of: amber, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli, you name it. It is a lot to take in, and clearly this fragrance could easily have been just an obnoxious disaster. Luckily, however, Leather Oud has enough Dior finesse and luxurious finish to avoid going into total overdrive, and especially the opening works wonderfully, playfully and elegantly suggesting the oncoming full richness of this animalic brew. Nevertheless, once the intriguing opening has passed, Leather Oud presents little further development; the main motif just hammers on and on for hours on end with a tedious take-it-or-leave-it attitude. Although I am generally drawn to animalic and skanky scents and appreciate the intention, Leather Oud does not really click with me. Its lack of development and new facets to discover eventually bores and annoys me, and I find it no match for better fragrances like Muscs Koublaï Khän, Absolue pour le Soir, or Musc Ravageur to make you smell really good in that bad way.
04th August, 2015
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I was really excited about this fragrance.
It's not available in my country. so one of my friends did me a favor and send me a sample of this juice.
By attending to the name and also all these positive reviews, I was expecting something very dark, smoky and woody which is completely up my alley!
But what a big surprise! what the hell?!
In the opening I get a strong woodsy notes (more cedar than oud)followed by some leather and a musky scent in the background.
The leather note is not smoky or dark! it's light, hiding behind the woodsy notes!
There are floral notes in the background too. maybe rose or saffron but definitely it's there.
In the mid the woodsy and floral notes settled down and that musky scent become stronger.
In the base I get slightly sweet and really strong musky scent with animalistic feeling.
It's masculine for sure but it's not a heavy or dark scent in my opinion! not at all.
The strong woodsy opening fade away really quick to a animalistic musky scent and you will have this scent all the way through!
Both projection and longevity is good but it's not a monster!
Quality juice and smell good but not worth the money in my opinion! It was on my buy list but not anymore!
01st June, 2014
I have a Love/Hate relationship with this scent.

Upon my first inital spray, it reeked of piss and when I had thought those notes had subsided, I'd inch my nose towards the pulse area and the barnyard scent would come back and kick my nostrils. I went back again two days later and its as if the piss smell didn't exist. It was smokey, I picked up the nice oud notes, and I thought I understood the scent. On my third and last attempt to test this scent at home before venturing outside my home, that fecal note came back. When it wants to be tamed, this fragrance is amazing, but make no mistake, it's a monster with a mind of its own. I want to like this so badly. But I don't think Leather Oud and I can get along.
25th January, 2014
blueyezz Show all reviews
United Kingdom

Maybe its just me but I can't help feeling that this is like draft that somehow managed to slip past the price-justification Monitor. Should be all the things I like, smoke, wood, leather, oud, but somehow it just goes flat as a pancake on me. Where's the development, complexity or in the absence of this, obviously good quality ingredients? This smells like I've rubbed a bar of Imperial Leather soap on my wrist. While I've never been a fan of monster sillage (I'm looking at you, Kouros) projection is non-existant to the point of pointless.

Others clearly love it, so maybe it it just me.

Pros: Nice bottle
Cons: Just not up to scratch

03rd June, 2013
This is not a scent for the faint hearted. I can see why some people like it as the quality is there but for me the civet note is a bit too much. It's definitely a scent for cool or cold weather but I'm struggling to think of an occasion when it could be worn as its quite confronting and has beast mode longevity. One spray and you are in a leather oud scent cloud whether you like it or not for a good 12 - 14 hours, I've smelt it on my clothes weeks after wearing.
25th April, 2013
Extremely bold, sexy or, plainly sexual. It smells good and is well blended, but it is so sexual that it is quite uncomfortable to wear
12th January, 2013
You get exactly what is says on the bottle...Leather and Oud. The ingredients smell very natural. This one reminds me a lot of Tuscan Leather. This one has a rough stench to it. Unfortunately, this one is not for me.

I give it a neutral because of the quality of the fragrance.
29th November, 2012 (last edited: 18th February, 2014)
A monster in a bottle!!! Weird.

I really can smell the quality of the raw materials... Awesome... I respect that!!!
Unfortunately... it´s not for me!!!

I bought a huge bottle (blind buy) that came with a miniature sample... I Gave the big one away... I´ll keep the tiny one in my wardrobe, who knows... Maybe when I get older... or not.
27th May, 2012
This definitely smells masculine, but it's almost too woody; to me, it smells like a campfire that just started, with the wood burning off its oils.

I actually layered this with Amouage Memoir Men--1 spray each--and it smelled slightly better, but I can't do this scent on its own. I acknowledge that it doesn't go with my skin type. The scent itself is very warm/woody.
12th March, 2012