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I am not privy to very many "Privé" scents, and am excluded from most "exclusifs" mainly due to prices, which can be comparable to cherished discontinued scents even when new, but through the good fortune and kind hearts that have smiled upon me, I have access to this very vivid piece of perfume art. With that having been said, I'm going to be bluntly honest: this is far from a holy grail that everyone needs in their life, nor is it even appropriate for many occasions, and like most really antique vintages, is so far out of fashion that only hobbyists and lovers of either oud or leather would even dare wear it. Perhaps this "no compromise" nature is why it is part of the Privé Collection, as it's expense coupled with it's limited appeal make it a personal artistic expression from perfumer François Demachy that you can buy, rather than a product expecting a given level of success to exist. Regardless, it's a virile, sweet, potent, and challenging piece of perfumery that may become your personal savior from modern doldrums if your nose never left the 60's chypres, 70's aromatic fougères, or 80's powerhouses.

For starters, this is very masculine despite being a classical unisex perfume, and although daring women can more than execute this well, I have a feeling this is calling fans of sex-dripping masculine-leaning scents from the late Edmond Roudnitska like Moustache Rochas (1949), Eau d'Hermés (1951) or even early YSL masculines like Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme (1971) and Kouros (1981). I exclude most 80's powerhouses from comparison due to moss not being a part of this, save maybe Lapidus Pour Homme (1987) because a similar civet/civetone underwear funk is here despite that note not being listed by Dior. The very simple note breakdown here is almost all wood, with Indonesian oud and a leather note reminiscent of Aramis (1965) minus the aldehydes stealing the show. This baby is in no need of aldehydes, rest assured, as that fat oud/leather top sing a duet during the entire act on their own, with the other woods such as guaiac, sandal, and cedar being the backup band. If François Demachy had truly wanted this more unisex, a small pinch of jasmine may have solved the issue.

This is dirty, oh so very very dirty, but also sweet, with almost a dried honey-like resinous tone that keeps the finish from being like other ouds and burning your nostrils with an acrid fireplace smell. I also notice this oud doesn't get quite so dark as others I've tried, and the agarwood here isn't just tacked onto a burly palette to disguise it's quantity (or quality for that matter), like many more commercial oud-themed flankers. Christian Dior Leather Oud is really exactly that, and it doesn't dress up that raw animal magnetism one bit, giving a fight or flight reaction to those around the wearer. If you're the type who affectionately calls your favorite fragrance "stink juice", this might be your new best friend. As for me, some days I want to smell like Bounce dryer sheets, and I wear an aquatic for those days, but then sometimes I want to smell like the Amsterdam Red Light District in summer, and this takes me there for what is still less than a plane ticket from the US. Use wherever and whenever, this one knows not about being well-behaved anywhere.
21st February, 2018 (last edited: 22nd February, 2018)
One of my all time favourites. It lasts for hours, and the civet note makes me feel grounded and powerful, like a sensual Arabian panther!
11th March, 2017 (last edited: 05th December, 2017)
Being number 16 in a series of 16 reviews on critically acclaimed and noteworthy scents.

Applied at first with great caution, and thereafter with growing confidence. This is largely because, having tried it, I quickly came to understand LO as a type of leather scent with "oud" as a supporting character. This is perhaps an observation on the naming of scents, as the convention in English is to have the noun following the adjectives; thus here, one would understand this to be a "leathery oud", rather than what I think it is, which is an oudy leather. (I do get the feeling that the use of ingredients or notes in names is often simply meant to signify that they are present, and less often to signify a type or genre.)

So in this case, I would say something like Or Black would be a better comparison than a Western oud-driven scent. This is just as well for me, as the oud, which I nearly always find to be too cloying and invasive for my tastes, is blended extremely well here and contributes to the dry earthiness of the other accords. I would concur that the later stages of LO tend to the animalistic, but acceptably so and never unpleasant to my nose. It tends to bring out the woody rather than cloying aspects of oud.

Although I cannot say that I would immediately be in the market for LO, it is a genuinely exciting creative achievement in the way that it can be so agreeable and yet so uncompromising. All in all, I would recommend to leather lovers; also, that they should apply with restraint at first, but that it might reward heavier application if you get on with it. Family reactions: taken-aback rather than repulsed. Another win for the blending of the Dior privee lines. Now to try the Floris namesake - perhaps an A/B test would be appropriate?
15th January, 2017
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Just received a 7ml mini after having earlier tried a 3ml sample 2 years ago. There definitely has been a reformulation to my nose. The earlier sample was classy but ultimately went too far into barnyard territory. It is thankfully still recognisable as the same gorgeous scent without the strong animalics, probably for the best. It can now come out to a formal setting, transitioning through different facets of oud, from sweet to leathery to charred and woody and back to soft sweetness. I would actually wear this in the morning to work, Cuir Cannage in the evening at home, that's a beautiful day right there.
09th December, 2016
This is a big, deep, dark, spicy beast, and I rather like it! It’s a good bit spicier than what I’m used to wearing, but I’ve really enjoyed the way it has evolved. Straight up I got a big hit of the patchouli, and as the morning progressed, I got just the tiniest touch of sweetness – not sure where that came from, as there’s nothing particularly sweet in this. Maybe it’s the way it reacts with my skin chemistry, but it works. The leather is right there, but it’s a smoky leather – kind of like what you’d expect a big leather Chesterfield would smell like, after it’s spent its life in a classy gentleman’s club, absorbing years and years and years of aftershave and cigar smoke. Underneath that is a very slight rank note, which I’m guessing is the civet, with a dusty wood overtone. It’s one of those scents that smells really good on your clothes – I only put on the tiniest of sprays this morning, and my dress smells fantastic. This is probably not one I would reach for a lot of the time, but I do like the way it smells, and I’ve definitely enjoyed sampling it – (and thanks again purecaramel for the sample!). Lasting power is great - 11 hours and still there, though much closer to the skin now. I’m curious to see how it would work layered with something lighter and less spicy – Eu D’Hermes perhaps? Yes? No?
08th September, 2016
Dior Leather Oud is fantastic. The leather part is a dirtier leather than you'd find in TF Tuscan Leather or ADP Leather. It's definitely not the hyper-clean powdery version found in Dior's Cuir Cannage either.

At first, I thought this was an old-man fragrance. Now I thoroughly enjoy it from start to finish, which is a very long time I should add.

I'd say the only downside is being forced to buy a monstrous bottle. I'm sure a 1oz bottle would be quite affordable, but unfortunately they don't make one.

8/10 due to cost/bottle size
11th August, 2016 (last edited: 10th January, 2018)
Christian Dior's Leather Oud of the Collection Privee is certainly dead-on in its name, as it really is mainly a mix of leather and oud, and so very animalic, dirty, and masculine, as you might expect.

The oud is very wet, damp, and woodsy, not dry and desert-like, and that's an evocation perhaps not directly related to the oud itself but the scent overall. The leather is a dirty leather, not smooth at all like the Coach Leatherware collection but rather the smack to the face that one gets in, say, Tuscan Leather. As far as other notes, the birch factors in for me, kind of a darker charred woody/boozy accord that adds some color and alternate to the extremely animalic eponymous notes.

As far as evolution, I don't find the opening so overwhelming (or even offensive), and I don't find that the dry down softens it all that much.

The elephant in the room is the note of civet, which I imagine is synthetic given that the fragrance is contemporary enough, and this civet

I can easily see how Leather Oud is polarizing (as corroborated by the voting here), as one is either a fan of animalistic scents or not. Similarly, it's a very strong performer, as one might expect that there's no doing this halfway---that in order to realize this fragrance fully, it has to be a bit of a bomb, and that much is achieved here for sure. A bit too animalic for my taste but it's really a tremendous achievement as far as an animalic scent.

7 out of 10
02nd August, 2016
Initially I could not believe this fragrance, I mean it seemed at the top of the raunchy "night soil" heap. Then I wore it for several days and fell in lust. It is almost a modern day original Kouros (though not as good overall).

I think this creation is a throw back to the times when perfumers supplied a little funk with the fantasy, A small portion of poison and a large dose of the antidote, both from the same bottle. It reminds me of Kouros and how I initially thought it was rubbish although now I totally love it.

Like Kouros this is bottled up "Kavorka"!

Funk it up a little, live.

07th July, 2016
Seemingly simple blend of well-worn horse tack type leather (ala Aoud Cuir d'Arabie), oud and honey.

Its pungent sweetness can prove irksome with more than but a couple sprays, which is quite sufficient for my taste.

- unsurpassed, into-the-next-day-type longevity, making it ideal for road trips when showers cannot be taken for granted.
05th July, 2016 (last edited: 12th September, 2016)
I remember reading Luca Turin saying that Dior Privée fragrances are very well blended, if not that adventurous. and on that (but not much else), i agree with him. like the fragrance or not, they are perhaps THE most well-blended fragrances on the market. impossibly smooth and well mannered. this is their trademark.

that said, it's easy to blend tuberose and ylang-ylang (New Look 1947). it's much harder to blend leather and oud into something harmonious yet also true to those two ingredients. Demachy's trick here of taking two of the most cantankerous notes and marrying them into something beautiful is quite an accomplishment. Leather Oud should be at the top of the list for lovers of both leather, and oud.

It's a soft leather - not as sweet as Tom Ford's White Suede, but in the same ballpark. I happen to adore White Suede, so this is a great place to start. This is the luxuriously soft recliner in which a slightly barn-yard Malaysian oud (i think... but it's definitely not Laotian again, thank god) gets to sit and relax.

Small hints of clove and what smells like dried apricot make Leather Oud feel very full and opulent. This pairs (layers) very well with Dior's Oud Elixir Precieux. It didn't take more than a couple of sample wearings before i put an order in for one of their magnificent 8.4oz bottles with their high-output sprayers.

overall an excellent fragrance. 9/10
12th May, 2016 (last edited: 15th May, 2016)
Oud is one of my favorite notes in perfumery - and this fragrance did not disappoint.

Maybe it's just my skin chemistry, but I don't get anything fecal from this fragrance like some claim. Instead, I get a warm, cozy oud opening with an amazing woody oriental drydown - the latter being enhanced, not dominated, by the civet and featuring many other notes. Longevity is very good, while projection is middling (but I don't want people to smell my fragrance of the day from 100 feet away). And it gets a lot of compliments.

At the price of $210 USD for 4.2 oz or $330 USD for 8.4 oz, this is also one of the best bargains in the niche market on a price-per-ounce basis. Thumbs up!
26th March, 2015
This is so sensuous. I tried Musc de Koublai Khan, and it is amazing. But now I think that Leather Oud is even more sensual. In the initial phases, Leather Oud is more sophisticated than MKK, but in the dry down, it becomes animalic and sexy. I think the difference is that MKK is more masculine, whereas, Leather Oud is more sophisticated. Both are sexy. Leather Oud reminds me of a cabin that stood by a creek up in the mountains where I used to work in the summers tending beehives and various other chores when I was a kid. The smell of the woods, the fire, the animals, the flowers, the fresh air- it's beautiful.
23rd March, 2015 (last edited: 30th March, 2015)
One of Dior's great manly masterpieces, the unapologetically skanky and irrepressibly masculine Jules, is now increasingly difficult to locate and increasingly expensive to acquire. No worry - Leather Oud shares many of the same characteristics, in particular the civet and resins at the bottom, and a urinous honey note that had me wracking my mind until I realised that this stuff is Jules, with an Oud dosage rivalled only by a small number of Pierre Montale creations.

Animalic, musky and borderline urinous coupled with a vat of Oud may make this a not-for-everyone juice, but a fan of fragrances on the Jules/Yatagan/Lauder for Men axis will surely find it irresistable.
05th January, 2015 (last edited: 15th February, 2015)
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This has gone straight to my must-have list. Wonderful stuff - sensual, silky, dirty, warm. If you're reading this, Mazzolari Lui, well, I still love you but this right here is how you do animalics while still retaining a modicum of balance and class. Everything here is so well-blended and smooth, that even though it is quite dirty, it manages to retain a round, sensual feel from top to bottom. Nothing sticks out too far - not the civet, not the leather, not the oud. The labdanum and musk combine to create this plush, pillowy base that feels like a cozy, toffee-ed amber.

I feel amazing when I wear my sample of this. It melds with my skin, smells sexy, and lasts past several showers to form this musky, skanky base on which to layer other perfumes. But when I am not wearing it, I find myself craving it. Keep in mind that I am a woman - I see that not many women wear this, based on the overwhelming number of reviews on here written by men. But to me, it is as cozily, warmly dirty and comforting as my other great skanky loves, Muscs Khoublai Khan, Mazzolari Lui, and L'Ombre Fauve.

It opens up on an almost fruity note of raw leather and incense, with a feel not a million miles away from the animalic leather opening of Rien by Etat Libre d'Orange. It is joined almost immediately by smokey woods, of which oud is one precious component but not actually the stand-out. The oud here is not the sharp, medicinal stuff you get in Black Aoud (although I like that as well), rather it is the smooth, smokey smell of the wood itself. It nestles snuggly in the bosom of the other woods - sandalwood, quite a lot of cedar - and is folded in there so neatly that it doesn't dominate proceedings. The oud is honeyed, lending a magnificent sweetness to the composition.

The civet and leather together could well have been a disaster. In fact, when I read the notes for this, I thought bleuch, a raw, macho tannery leather and the high-pitched, pissy whine of civet, good Lord, that will probably be something to endure. But the civet is very well-behaved in this composition, and the leather generally takes a back seat to the smoldering, smoky precious woods. It is dirty, yes, no two ways about it. But it is not an unpleasant type of dirtiness, just - what is it that Tania Sanchez wrote about Muscs Khoublai Khan - the sleepy warmth of two beneath a quilt. I was delighted with the round, silky quality of the musk as it dried down, shedding as it did any civety sharpness, and melding harmoniously with the leathery, ambery labdanum. The whole fragrance struck me as very deep, rounded, and nuanced, with a good dollop of filthiness snuggling in an elegant structure. Two very big thumbs up, and for me, it is a definite purchase in the future.

Oh and just to make sure I wasn't skiving out the husband too much, I asked him to smell me and he said, "Christ, I'm drunk," which I am interpreting as it at least doesn't smell too manly or disgusting to his nose (I do a lot of "interpreting" what my husband means when he is drunk). This reaction was at least a hundred times better than when he was asked to smell Tribute attar and Muscs Khoublai Khan up close, so I am taking that as a sort of go-ahead with regards to a purchase.
18th August, 2014
jumpfrog Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A really great one, I love it. I found that it started off very honey like, in fact it was a little sickly for a while. It is a little sharp at first too, perhaps this is the civet making its entrance. The dry down is very nice and, despite what other reviewers have said, I found it rather restrained. I did get a bit of barnyard in there later on in the day, but nothing fecal. Leather and oud are very well balanced, this is so well crafted. Longevity on my skin - at least 8 hours. I am definitely going to buy this when I finish my M7!
05th August, 2014
Leather Oud opens with a dark and dry accord of woody oud – quite different from usual ouds, at least the Western ones (Montale etc.), really "woody" and smoky in fact, not rubbery and not synthetic – enhanced by more aromatic and softer woods (I feel sandalwood above all), an austere leather accord - a bit plastic but good, dark, "roasted" - well sweetened by beeswax and dry honey, tonka, a slight sugary note on the base, a tasty aroma of coffee and a subtle floral breeze all over. Smoky, gloomy, dry, subtly sweet yet subtly musky at the same time, really elegant and sophisticatedly modern, with a decent leather accord – sharp and restrained, but well executed, and with a compelling tanning richness showing class and substance. Effectively, despite being a designer, it smells more like a good example of a niche leather-woody scent. Frankly I don't smell much civet in here, and overall much animalic stuff at all; rather than civet, just a (sheer) synthetic reconstruction of this note, which creates a light feel of "animalicness" that however does not even compare to real animalic notes that can be largely found is several vintage chypres and fougères – to which, by the way, Leather Oud seems taking part of its inspiration from (while sniffing this one I though of Ferré, Krizia, Balenciaga...). Nothing amazing, but good - insanely priced good.

02nd August, 2014
Starts out smoky, then becomes very complex with stinky civet, oud and honey. Each component pops to the surface throughout the day as it softens slowly into a big leather pillow. I find it an extraordinarily comfortable, elegant,masculine fragrance.
31st March, 2014 (last edited: 06th January, 2017)
solid sillage and duration, a must for every animalic / leather freak, the oud wood note is incredible!

06th March, 2014
This is an amazing scent. I spray on in the morning and its still going strong by dinner.
23rd February, 2014
The "big swinging d*ck" of Dior's Collection Couturier


The "big, swinging d*ck" of Dior's Collection Coutourier.

Leather Oud is not what you would expect from Dior, or from a niche oud fragrance. The oud note here lacks the synthetic, medicinal quality of a Montale. It is smokier, as if the wood itself is burning. This is by design.

The leather opens with a slightly fecal note, but it is far from offensive, at least to my nose. There is also a floral element in the background, labdanum I believe.

The overall effect is marvelous--the individual notes combine effortless to suggest a rich, earthy, dirty, sensual luxury. It is the fragrance of a man who has accomplished so much and is so secure in himself that he needn't worry about what others think. Others will adapt themselves to *him.*

A note about civet: this is without a doubt my least favorite note in perfumery. I detest it. In fact, the civet in Kouros is almost enough to make me gag.

My admiration for Leather Oud is all the more surprising, then, because it apparently contains a rather large dose of civet. Personally, I do not detect it at all, and this is a good thing

Pros: luxurious, earthy, unique
Cons: clearly not for everyone; an alpha male scent"

26th August, 2013
A hugely impressive dirt bomb from a line that could benefit from some dirtying up.

This is provocative in the best possible ways as the civet does indeed hit you strong, but it's well situated against the leather, cardamom, and the oud. Given those notes alone, you know this going to be a stinky scent—and definitely not one for the faint of heart.
Personally, I find that the civet attenuates quickly, and what remains is a rich, almost dusty animalic dirtiness that's carried beautifully by the supplementary leather. The whole composition is very dry, and the oud is your typical docile synthetic—which, in this case, works well in the scent in that it offers consistency. There's cardamom here that declares a slight suggestion of BO as well, which, again, works complimentarily. Given the difficulty of these ingredients, the scent is brilliantly rendered in that initiates a push-pull dynamic between beautiful and fetid.
The overall effect creates an engaging aesthetic headspace which, for my nose, recalls old hotel rooms, smoke-infused '70s furniture, and clothes that have been packed away in a dusty basement for years. Clearly, these are not spaces everyone would be drawn to—nor is Leather Oud going to win any fans who favor clean aquatics, or even the over-blown opulence of the rest of couture line. But the scent settles well on the skin, and the wood notes slide onto the scene carrying subtle hints of honey that don't detract from the overall dryness. Once the elements all settle, the result is jaw-dropping drydown of woody, rich musk.
Personally, I find Dior's couture blends to be very underwhelming, but this is the clear standout in relation to invention and ingenuity. If you like Muscs Koublai Khan, Absolue pour le Soir, or some of the more fecund scents out there, you'll appreciate how effectively this plays with ordinarily volatile notes, and does so masterfully. However, if you lean more toward "nice" scents that smell clean, fresh, or sweet, I'd keep your distance from this one. It's an extraordinarily well done, impressively assembled fragrance that will challenge the wearer beautifully.

Pros: Engenders an incredible aesthetic headspace that's as sinister as it is appealing.
Cons: Challenging, but in the best possible way.

23rd June, 2013
Not for everybody

I love love this. It is strong, deep dark and just preciously natural. I love the fact that all my fav notes are present (civet, leather, etc) and in doses I prefer: heavy. This is certainly not for everyone, especially if your nose has not developed.

Reminds me of the first time I smelled Kouros, I thought, what in the world? this stinks!!! Then I grew to love it. I get the same effect here: initial blast is like oh my God, then I could not stop sniffing. I would not wear this on a crowded bus or when you will be in close proximity to people who do not get fragrances in general. They might think you smell awful. That said, I would apply this to bare skin in moderation. Then let your body's natural chemistry do its thing.

Pros: True to its name
Cons: to me, none.

21st June, 2013

This fragrance opens with a bang that a lot of people aren't going to like. I myself don't care highly for the opening. It's harsh, it's animalic, and it's got some STANK but me-oh-my does it mellow out. It starts off as basically straight up a mix of civet, leather and oud with the civet dominating. I usually hate civet but in this case I give it a pass as tolerable. The leather is a dirty leather and the oud plays third fiddle to the two aforementioned notes

The drydown, which comes a mear 2-5 minutes after application, has some of the stank lingering from the opening, but for the most part the civet fades into the background. It's still there but it's nowhere near as noticeable. The leather and oud dominate now and some of the sweet notes, particularly the honey come out. The civet is almost not noticeable at this point unless you stick your nose right up against the skin. Now it really is a mix of leather and oud with some sweet spices and some animalic stank in the background. It's hyper-masculine, a type of scent I'd imagine many women won't love. For me this is something I own for my own personal enjoyment and nobody else's. I've only worn it at home so far, but that may change when the climate cools off.

In any case, I'd recommend going easy on the trigger here. One spray under the clothes is all I'd ever consider if I was going out in public, it's quite pungent and the longevity is absurd. Overall it's an amazing scent that's a bit hard to find the time to wear. But if you love it like I do, wear it for yourself.

30th May, 2013
This one is a winner for me. I ordered a sample from the Perfumed Court and now I'm going back for more! The civat is quite pronounced on my skin and I'm fascinated by it. It's definitely not for the faint of heart. Excellent longevity as I can still pick it up the next day.
11th March, 2013
Cedarwood & Honey, Tobacco & Sandalwood, Musk & Civet, Leather & Oud... In that order... I bought this for the Oud, because I love Oud, and I am also rather fond of Leather, but I'm still very much satisfied... I repeat, although "Leather" and "Oud" are basically an afterthought, I am still satisfied... It starts out a bit sweet and generic for my taste, but it's VERY attractive... As the times progress, the fragrance continually develops, almost exponentially... The beeswax dissipates, the tobacco decreases, but the Civet & Musk constantly pop... Throughout, on my skin, the Cedar-wood and Sandalwood are ubiquitous... The whole process is gratefully complex and variegated and really satisfying.
30th January, 2013 (last edited: 22nd February, 2013)
Christian Dior Leather Oud
Is this a Leather scent or is it an Oud scent? It is definitely a bold masculine alpha male type fragrance that is very leathery. It opens with a hot spice peppery blend that leads into a cumin centered incense of considerable presence. The hot, bold and sweet spices immediately lead into a big leather chunk that pretty much overpowers any oud that might be here so I think it is mostly a leather fragrance - it is named well. Oud coupled with anything warm and spicey usually ends up smelling like leather and this fragrance is a very bold leather. It is slightly sweet which is a good thing because the boldness of the leather oud might explode without a little sweetness to calm things down a bit. Compared to many of the other bold leather /oud scents out there, this one is very well put together and very enjoyable to wear. rating 4.25 / 5.
05th December, 2012
This is a very well designed scent. I say that because I don't usually care for leather scents, and oud is an acquired taste which I still grapple with. But I like this, and here's why.
This starts with comforting, warm spices. The leather is attractive, and the oud is distinctive but not eccentric. The overall effect is very masculine, confident, and suave. The woods are very well done, realistically woody but not just a lumbershop, something more complex.
Everything is in perfect, complimentary proportion.
The early drydown is smoky, powdery and a bit sweet.
The later drydown gets more substantial and sweeter. Thus, I'd say go easy on it until you find the amount which suits you throughout the day.
Leather/oud fans need to check this out -- and even those on the fence should give it a try.
27th November, 2012
Another challenging aoudh-dominant fragrance for us. A beasty boy. Dior Leather Oud is an incredibly sombre, complex and animalic "aoud/leather/patchouli dominant accord" with a sort of comforting velvety/waxy (more than vaguely "musky-lipstick" in effects) agreeable background (kind of plummy/gassy in the effect because of the interaction between amber, spices, leather-suede and may be some secret fruity note), a touch of "animalic" and several resinous/aromatic notable traits. I agree with Alfarom, nothing about a medicinal/sulphureous or bitter/sweet brown sugar effect is exuded out by the oudwood in here, which is rather intensely leathery (a velvety/smoky leather), refined, clean, smooth and woody with aromatic traits and a final soothing bed of animalic and waxy notes (not without a touch of amber and honey). The darkness is extreme till the end (kaleidoscopic but never lamellar) on the side of a seasoned/smoky leather-effect while the woodiness gradually fades along time as soon as an ambery/honeyed cloud starts encompassing the wearer with its supreme roundedness. The interaction between aoud, leather, honey, labdanum and beeswax produces a sort of cushiony, waxy-smooth and polite vibe which finally retains a certain dose of masculine resinous woodsy (birch/labdanum) background and an inviting waxy/honeyed dissonance as aftertaste. Powerful and charismatic with a woodsy/animalic virile (vetiver-centered) spark in the depth.
12th October, 2012 (last edited: 07th September, 2017)
Starts with a smokey leather. very complex. Unfortunately, this doesn't last long, the rest of the life of the fragrance is soapy leather, which does smell good also, I just wish the smokiness hung around longer. Good longevity and projection. a Manly scent.
10th September, 2012
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United States
This one is extremely interesting and intriguing. I do love it. I did however give it a 4 out of 5 stars, simply for the fact that I do feel the civet needs to be toned down. Other than that, the longevity is excellent and it's a beautiful fragrance.
16th July, 2012