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Neutral Reviews of Les Nombres d'Or : Vanille by Mona di Orio

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I was very impatient to smell this one. May be I was expecting too much. That's a very masculine take on vanilla, may be too masculine for me. I appreciate the work, I know it's well done. But I hate the opening. It nearly made me sick. Then, the smoky notes really irritated me. I loved the "cardamom-type" spice I got then, but I wanted to remove the smoke. The dry down was more tolerable, and the vanilla gorgeous, but less original.
13th April, 2017
This was love at first sniff which soon turned to dislike the more and more I wore it. The dry-down is fantastic. The vanilla is rich, and strikes the perfect balance between bitter and dry and sweet and warm. I love the way my shirt would smell a couple days after wearing this, a vague spiciness over the most delicious, quality vanilla. However, getting to the dry-down became a chore. The combination of rum and clove doesn't work very well for me. Add petitgrain and orange blossom into that and I was destined to sell this bottle off in attempt to recoup part of the significant amount I spent on it. But I'm not mad, as this is a good fragrance. I just find the clove, rum, and orange blossom too heavy and distracting a combination, and after a while, it wears me out. I would probably prefer a simpler or less taxing start. Overall, Di Orio's Vanille is a bit sumptuous for my taste and quite frankly, I'm not crazy about how it smells for the initial hour or so. Projection is very good and longevity is superb. This is more or less unisex and most suitable for casual or more formal situations in the colder months. Recommendation: Do as I say, not as I do, and sample first.

28th January, 2015
I percieve this scent as a dark vanilla scent without much development during the day. It is quite present and also I detect some woody and smoky notes I find a bit annoying (vetiver?) it's probably something in the base of this line. At first the scent gives a good impression but becomes a little irritating. I find this scent also lacking in complexity and depth. Its okay but not great.
01st March, 2014
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Tony T Show all reviews
United States
a very tamed down vanilla. very surprising as i just used my sample. a touch of citrus,rum and vanilla in the opening. the vanilla is very tamed while the rum kicks in at a very minimum pace.after a half an hour i detect woods and veviter. then basically a vanilla/amber drydown. minimum projection throughout for a complex fragrance that's basically a skin scent. for the price tag, let's be realistic, get burberry brit or the wonderful minotaure..
29th December, 2012
I've given up on finding a vanilla perfume that captures the lovely "sparkly" quality of actual vanilla sugar - I think there's something about using vanilla in perfumery and putting it on skin that simply will make it sweet in a more mellow, liquid, even a little flat or stale, fashion more like custard. Vanille does the next best thing: emphasises the animalic and leathery aspects of (bourbon) vanilla beans. It's sweet but not too sweet, in a creamy-powdery-boozy-musky way. It has the necessary darkness and depth to it to make it a wearable gourmand. As I think is true for all vanilla fragrances it's alas not a pure, true, real vanilla but more of a processed vanilla: vanilla used in a dessert together with other ingredients taking the edge off it. This is no kiddie stuff though, no fake vanilla ice cream or candy - it's a refined dessert using only the best ingredients and of course real vanilla beans. In short, an "adult" vanilla: warm and cuddly and a little naughty.
14th March, 2012