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Neutral Reviews of I Love NY for All by Bond No. 9

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a little too sweet for my taste, doesn't quite work on my skin as a man – – – however I'm sure that some will appreciate this fragrance given bonds reputation.
27th February, 2014
A truly interesting new take on the gourmand genre that proves that Bond No 9's put-out-a-new-one-every-month business scheme does occasionally, by their sheer output, come up with something brilliant and truly revolutionary.

This is mostly based on whatever ingredient it is that makes that sweetened evaporated milk smell. On me, it's mostly that, but with a slight burnt caramel giving it some flavor. That evaporated milk smell is persistent, but eventually lets up its grip just enough for a nice peppery patchouli to peek through, along with a nutty woody base. By late in the day, that evaporated milk note is still going strong, though now with a nutty and slightly musky undertone and a shot of mace, the chickory-ish pie spice that reminds a lot of people of coffee.

My issue with I Love NY for All is personal. That milk note goes really sour on my skin and smells really sickening. I've worn a lot of perfumes and, aside from a couple of old civet monsters, this is the only one that has actively made me feel queasy in my stomach. Now that I've worn it a couple of times and written this review, I plan on never getting near this one again, but I didn't want to give it a thumbs down, just because it really is a creative new kind of gourmand, and I don't want to discourage everyone from trying it just because it radically disagrees with me.
19th May, 2012
As hard as I tried to like this, I couldn't keep the bottle I had purchased. The best way I can think of describing it is the smell of a Starbucks Barista at the end of their shift. The smell of sour milk and coffee beans, which is definitely far from pleasant. I wouldn't hesitate to wear this if it didn't remind me of my first job ever, it's quite unfortunate.
17th February, 2012
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