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United States
I tried this tonight and kept finding it the best out of several I sampled. It reminded me of something but until the dry down I couldn't quite put my finger on it... then I realized it smelled a lot like YSL L'Homme. This is a nice scent at an outstanding price, and if you want to enjoy a YSL L'homme-like scent without shelling out the money, this is a good bet.
02nd March, 2014
If La Nuit De L'Homme were a messy, disjointed-smelling drug store scent it would smell exactly like Flight by Michael Jordan. Even the bottle design has some ripped off design aspects of YSL's offering, with the exception of those awfully tacky rubber whatchumacallits that hug the sides of the bottle.

Even though it smells nice (for a time), I'm tempted to give it a thumbs down for the blatant ripping of YSL and sloppy production value. It's as if the notes in this thing are all trying to pick a fight with each other to see which one can get your attention... but all fall flat. The only thing that keeps this in neutral territory is the very affordable price tag. It'd be great for a teenager who wants to smell like his big brother in college, or even his dad, who wears YSL.
28th December, 2013
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United States
Nice While It Lasts

I've got to say something good about this one, because it deserves it - this stuff smells really nice and I must be one of the lucky ones because I get about 3 hours and often get a compliment in that 3 hours - If only they could or would up the longevity on this I would wear it far more often - as it is it is perfect for lunch dates or as I often use it, for teaching a 2 to 2 and a 1/2 hour MA class (or any other short activity). Flight deserves a place in a wardrobe for this very reason - it is an affordable and very pleasant, completely inoffensive little something to wear for short engagements. The 4 stars is for the scent itself the lack of a 5th is because of the lack of longevity.

Pros: Scent
Cons: Longevity"

25th July, 2013
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It smells great, but lasts like 30 minutes. No bueno.
04th April, 2013
The notes sound good, and the opening is nice, but smells like every other fragrance out there. After 5 minutes, can barely smell anything. Save your $20, there are better drugstore scents than this.
24th June, 2012