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Negative Reviews of Flight by Michael Jordan

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Inferior to the original, which at least has a citrus/musk vibe as opposed to Flight's botched seafoam / aquatic notes and musk vibe, which is better accomplished through the likes of Express Loyalty and Nautica Voyage N-83, if that's what you're going for. Granted, those options are slightly more expensive, but not by much, and Flight just misses the mark, but you get what you pay for. I thought the original was weak and generically alcoholic with the actual notes subdued, but Flight is much worse in that it's more pungent in the wrong way. Nonetheless, I'd still like to try Flight Sport and especially Legend, which remain the four pack I bought.

4 out of 10
12th September, 2015
The notes sound good, and the opening is nice, but smells like every other fragrance out there. After 5 minutes, can barely smell anything. Save your $20, there are better drugstore scents than this.
24th June, 2012