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We are surely dealing with a "shampooing pour le corps" sort of aromachemicals based concoction but (despite this element is simply undeniable) I find Yellow Diamond incredibly optimistic, "deliberately cosmetical" and summery. Take it or leave. The note of sharp-watery freesia (supported in its tartness by grapefruit and may be lily and peony) is the central floral theme as flanked effectively by a sort of "inexplicably yellow" accord of citrus and mimosa, all these elements "flying" over a soapy musky base veined by synthetic cedarwood and ambery soap. Yes I detect something fruity (citronellol/melonal) and "fleshy" (a tad figgy, melon veined but basically pear flavoured) provided by a "pear sorbet" synthetic accord. Absolutely fruity musky the dry down but with a surprising twist of floral sophistication (intense neroli/orange blossoms presence) and "sweaty" sensuality (a warm skin-like sort of intensity). The general tartness and an aromatic musky presence (galaxolide) nail down points of connection with the classic Cerruti Pour Homme 1881 (seeming Yellow Diamond ideally like a sort of feminine fruity 1881's version). A joyful unpretentious summery fluid.
10th March, 2015 (last edited: 11th March, 2015)
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United Kingdom
Not exciting

Bergamot and orange start fresh but in a mundane way, followed by an equally unexciting floral drydown. That's about all folks, apart from a good longevity of four hours.

05th September, 2013
I bought this from the UK before the holidays because it wasn't going to launch in the US until March. I wanted to wear it for the holidays. I had the idea that this was an evening fragrance. Well I was wrong. This fragrance is nice and so-so. It is around the lines of Daisy. Nothing new here. I will keep it in my collection and wear it on the days I'm running around town. Fruity, floral for sure with a not too present base note composition. If you have Daisy take a pass. If you want Daisy try this too and compare the scents on your skin. The flacon is a beautiful addition to a vanity.
22nd May, 2012
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