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Neutral Reviews of D600 by Carner Barcelona

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Spicy/vanillic and woody.
The resemblance with DHI is undeniable as well as the differences are easy to be here underlined: first of all there is no trace of cocoa in the Carner one and this is not a forgettable stuff, the peppery presence is notable by soon in the D600's composition (as well as the eathy vetiver/citrus evolution) and this element gives the initial deceptive impression about a more stressed powdery vibe around. While the DHI's dry down is stronger on iris, is musky/ambery (ambrette with the cocoa standout effect) under my nose and with an absolutely detectable pear presence, the base in D600 is more properly vanillic (a woody/spicy brown vanilla). This juice posseses a clear vetiver influence and a more determined humid fruity feel along the trip (especially on the top). D600 is a nice scent (probably more complex than Dior Homme Intense) but is one of those too much "immediately tasty and appealing" juices i use to be skeptical about. I have to anyway say that there is a certain level of texture and radiant sophistication to be it evalued as a "centered" modern fragrance for the crowd.
Pros: Modern and well combined.
Cons: Common in its floral/vanillic "easy" appeal."</p>
14th September, 2013 (last edited: 28th May, 2014)
Dior Homme anyone? To be honest this is part Dior Homme/Homme Intense part L'Homme De Coeur. Smells fine but it's a rip-off. Spicy iris on a woody base. Strongly derivative.
07th October, 2011