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Negative Reviews of Jeux de Peau by Serge Lutens

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I sampled this as part of my increasingly forlorn search for a fragrance with the tangy elegance of Eau Noire.
I can't fault Jeux de Peau for not being anything like that. But on its own terms wearing it was a really dreadful yeasty experience that went on and on and on. Not for me.
20th January, 2018
They recently got the Serge Lutens line at my local Sephora, and I went a little nuts there and ended up spraying this on my skin in my haste. HUGE mistake for me! I tried this because I like creamy, warm & spicy fragrances and also peach & coconut, so I thought this would be a winner. However, this hit me with an overpowering "stale popcorn" smell that even the Sephora SA remarked on. Like butter that had melted and gone rancid. I was expecting something along the lines of croissants, (which I also love) or the creamy/ buttery qualities of many tuberose perfumes, but this was horrid. I thought it might be the wheat note, but there is a wheat note in FM's En passant, which I think is beautiful. Maybe it is the immortelle, as I don't know what that is suppose to smell like? Needless to say, this was a scrubber for me, though it sounds far lovelier on others.
05th March, 2014
This is awful, truly awful. Like the über strong, sickeningly fake gingerbread accord in some Holiday scented candle. Others say buttered popcorn and it might be that too - only, I'd add, definitely caramel-flavoured ones. After reading the list of notes I definitely feel the bread (very plasticky cheap "freshly baked bread" accord), licorice and immortelle, and it's not a good combo.
11th August, 2012
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Serge Lutens is one of my latest discoveries ever since I entered 'the world of fragrance', and I've been pleasantly surprised by many of his scents, but this is not one of it.
I was intrigued by the bread and baking notes, in combination with the floral and woody notes, and after I've read the raving review Bois de Jasmin gave I really wanted to try this. But this it was such an utter dissappointment: all I smelled was greasy buttery caramelized popcorn. It actually reminded me of a Black Phoenix Alchemy lab oil I've tried called Shill, one that oughtta smell like buttered popcorn, and it did..
The buttered note became a bit softer during the drydown but it never left and I really didn't like this. I think that because of this note I really couldn't detect or appreciate any other notes, it completely ruined the fume for me.
But lucky for me there are plenty of other SL to love :)
21st June, 2012
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United Kingdom
It'a all been said really -- buttery sweet gourmand, slightly Bois Farine like, but less likeable.What is really depressing though is that Jeax de Peau smells like an amalgam of other Lutens fragrances and lacks any individuality, so I'm not really sure why it's been created. A couple of recent offerings from this House have been totally underwhelming and this is one of them. I hope they pull things round as SL has previously produced some stunning, groundbreaking work.
03rd February, 2012
Jeux de peau did not live up to my expectations at all. From the minute I applied it until there was no scent left on my wrist, Jeux de peau has been nothing but a gingerbread/pumpkin pie Demeter-like fragrance with a lingering stuffy musky base. I guess this kind of simplistic single-note effect is fine for an inexpensive fragrance but where I live, 50 ml of any Serge Lutens EDT (or is it EDP?) cost twice as much as 100 ml of most other EDTs. Fortunately, Jeux de peau has a rather impressive longevity (well over 8 hours) but at these prices isn't that the least one can expect?
04th December, 2011
An heavv gourmand that clearly shows the Lutens hallmark. Intense, sweet, rich...way too much. Pleasant at first with its apricot (mainly osmanthus to me) mixed with a buttery / milky accord, but definitely cloying after a while. The overall effect is like to be in a french boulangerie at 8 o'clock am. Steaming butter-croissants and bread, sweet aromas, icing. Pleasant smell if you go, get your breakfast and get out. But if you wear it for the whole day it gets cloying in two hours. Incredibly tenacious lasting power. Pass.
08th November, 2011