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This smells iris (orris root)-dominant to me, so it's curious not to see it listed as a note. It has a big character, almost too much, perhaps, and might be somewhat of an acquired taste.

I think it could be an addictive smell that would grow on people.

I'm on the fence about how much I like it. It's boldness is both the opportunity to be something great - attractive and memorable - and the risk of being too much - too sharp, crossing over into harshness, being a headache inducer.
19th October, 2018
If you find Caron's PUH bland due to lack of silage and longevity, layering Jersey with the first one might do the trick.

This, at least, was my experience: a spray on the chest of Jersey and PUH made all the difference: I found good complexity through its evolvement, longevity and limited sillage - Jersey is quite strong, a characteristic I find in common with female scents, which can be deal with if worn correctly.
18th April, 2016
With all the references in these reviews to the combination of lavender and vanilla, I was expecting something akin to the classic combo of these two notes, Caron's masterful powdery Pour Un Homme.

Instead I get no lavender or vanilla at all.

My nose picks up a linear, warm, buttery, leathery iris, akin to Lutens' Iris Silver Mist, but much much lighter. Soliflore to my nose, and for lovers of iris, a hit. It becomes slightly powdery in the dry down, but still iris all the way.

Odd how different noses smell the same scent totally differently. A hit in my book.
09th May, 2015
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cacio Show all reviews
United States
Something must be happening between my nose and my brain, because at first smell, Jersey registers as a total surprise: pear juice drink. Pear juice as in those silky, smooth, cream-beige colored things European kids my age would drink (the experience of course is lost on American raised people). Did they spike pear juice with some of the ingredients contained in Jersey? Who knows.

Nobody seems to have this association, so it's clearly my brain. More objectively, it's a smooth but fresh juice with the exact feel of Jersey fabric. Sweetish but not gourmand, elegant but not cold, clean but not functional. And above all, very unique, I cannot think of anything resembling it.

I cannot help but rate 5-star. Kudos also for bringing it out in parfum. It smells very similar to the edt, just more powerful and long lasting.

13th August, 2014
Modern Streamlined Sweet Lavender

If there are such things as lavender sweets or lavender lozenges or lavender candy - then I feel Jersey smells how a lavender edible treat would taste .

Firstly, you must love lavender and I do . Secondly you must love vanilla- hmmm.. I do - who doesn't ?

Somewhere in the opening notes and middle there is a caramelly note that works so well with the lavender. There is not one whiff of old fashioned lavender nor any whiffs of lavender scented pot pourri . It is instead very modern and streamlined . I am guessing this is named after Chanel's jersey fabrics .Well this scent is as streamlined as the material .

This Les Exclusifs has not been very well received - I don't know why because I think it's an addictive smell .It's elegant lavender , modern and to the point. I believe the vanilla and musk are well suited to the lavender.

If you love Taste of Heaven by Kilian and Kiki by Vero Profumo - then this may be a * go* for you.

I love it.

Pros: Elegant
Cons: Price"

13th September, 2013
Leontion Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Sweetly vanillic lavender with soapy musks and woods. The rough edges of the lavender have been knocked off and the result is floral - almost approaching violet - rather than particularly herbal. It does feel out of step with the other Exclusifs - lacking the complexity of the rest of the line - save that Jersey (as with the majority of the Exclusifs) is sheer like painting in watercolour.

I liked it sufficiently to buy a bottle and find that I reach for it on days when I do not want to be conspicuously scented - it does have presence and is surprisingly tenacious - however, the overall effect is clean and calming.
21st January, 2013 (last edited: 19th February, 2013)
It's interesting to read all the reviews of Jersey. If you're looking for a simple lavender in the Yardley style, it will disappoint. Instead, Jersey is essentially a grand old aldehydic chypre with the lavender acting as the upfront brightness in place of the aldehydes. It has a proto-Chanel base, a super-creamy mix incorporating the musk, sandalwood, and powdery soapy flowers of No 5, the carroty iris of 28 La Pausa, and their trademark slightly-funky gardenia.

In the end, I suppose it all comes down to whether or not you think they pulled it off. I personally think it's fantastic, though I can't find any fault with Persolaise's negative review either - it's just a matter of taste. Honestly, the lavender is sweetened with a grape soda smell that's a bit questionable and the soapy flowers occasionally border on laundry, but I think they pulled it off. In short, if you go in expecting a simple but fabulous lavender, you'll be disappointed, but if you go in expecting a Chanel, you may find a clever new favorite.
02nd March, 2012
Virtue&Sin Show all reviews
Russian Federation
Chanel surprises: lavender?
Les Exclusifs maintains the standards of the collection with its thirteenth essence: nothing subtle, and slightly devoid of gender.
The name is not the most distinguished, but the stamp of tradition has a presence from the start. Friendly, but distant, indisputably Chanel.
05th December, 2011