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This is going to be a very different review.

I'm not much for florals and definitely not much for fruity florals but I really like this one. Mostly I smell a great rose that isn't chemical with something else added -- my nose and scent experience aren't good enough to tell you what. When you first apply it, it reminds me somewhat of Ralph Lauren Romance without the powdery base (can't stand powder but I know others like it a lot).

It has many layers and keeps changing over time. At first it comes across like just another floral rose perfume and a little bit like shampoo but loses this almost at once and starts to evolve. One of the reasons I like it is its complexity. You think its simple and then as you wear it you find out that's not true. Every stage is really quite charming. It lasts a long time and has good silage on me. The bottle is beautiful and I even like the pink color which has a tinge of lavender about it and normally I abhor pink juice. This is probably one of my favorite florals.

Now for something strange.

The first time I wore this I picked my husband up from work. He asked me if someone had been smoking a cigar in the car. Absolutely not!!!!! Then when we got home he went in the bathroom where I had put on my perfume and smelled it again. He determined it was my perfume. He also said he loved the tobacco aspects of it. I don't get any tobacco in this at all and I certainly don't want to smell like a cigar so this troubles me a bit and I would be anxious to hear if others get the same thing my husband gets from this scent. Hopefully, he is the only one that gets this even though he says it is one of my nicer scents Now I really don't understand this comment from him. How can a cigar scent be one of his favorites of all my perfumes????????

Looking forward to reading other reviews.
18th January, 2012 (last edited: 19th March, 2015)