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shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
Good fragrance, but where's the leather? I have to knock a couple of points off this one because there are no leather notes in this at all.

Having said that, Black Suede Leather is a good knockoff of D&G's The One Gentleman. It really does smell almost identical to it. This means you get a dark, woody and spicy scent that smells manly, but won't offend anyone either. Dominating notes are ginger, tobacco, patchouli and cedar, with everything rounded off with some warm amber to finish it all off.

Nothing spectacular or groundbreaking here, but it's inexpensive, comes in a cool bottle, and smells good.

05th August, 2012
It's a nice scent, and also cheap.
The only thing that i hate is that i got the "non-spraying" version of it, probably because it was at a clearance sell.
I use it mostly as an after shav. I don't like to get some on my palm and rub it on my clothes.. so...

I recommend it, powerful scent for a powerful man.
04th July, 2012
Smells nothing like the original black suede. No powdery note. I like the original black suede but it is a very old school scent. Black suede leather is very modern. Clean. Fresh. I sprayed Cuba wild heart, and Ed hardy's love and luck, and especially on dry down these smell almost identical to black suede leather. BSL is just slightly "less sweet" than the other two. But has the same semi-modern fresh designer scent. It is a wonderful scent especially for a younger guy. My wife loves it. Smells very expensive. Sillage is average, as is longevity. But at $10 a bottle, it's a steal. Not sure why it's not more popular. If more people knew it was so good, it wouldn't be so unknown. No one will smell this and ever think its an Avon frag. They'll easily think you spent 4-5x the price tag. Smells classy.
14th June, 2012 (last edited: 15th June, 2012)
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I have come to the point where my experience with scents is good enough to crown AVON the King/Queen of "powdery" scents.

Avon's two top "powder" scents, to me, are Mesmerize and Black Suede Leather.

This is a great floral/lite leather/powder-like aroma for men. I do see it as a 12 month scent for the gentleman day or night and for just about any event on your social calendar.

I don't see it as evolving much from the beginning to end but to me it matters little when it is a rather unique smeller!

Also, as most perfume/cologne collectors know, Avon makes this available at a great price!

26th April, 2012
Wise Owl Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is actually quite nice. Not a scent that'll blow you away by any means. What you do get though is an inexpensive and pleasant combination of ginger, tobacco flower, leather and rich woods. Black Suede Touch is the best of the Black Suede family in my opinion, but this is definitely worth a look.
19th March, 2012
Cheapie but goodie

I can wear this spring/summer winter fall
Drydown is the best part
24th February, 2012
dreese Show all reviews
United States
I have avoided the leather scents after so many bad experiences with the cliche mixture of leather, tobacco, vanilla, and powder. Sweet floral layers in the drydown here keep the leather and woods thankfully in the background. The lack of the cedar or pine does credit to this scent as well. It has made its way into the regular rotation as a wear-anytime casual scent. I would recommend for those who enjoy leather scents.
03rd January, 2012 (last edited: 11th January, 2013)