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This is what I imagine Don Draper smells like. It's sophisticated, mysterious, gorgeous and a little dirty on the inside.
07th May, 2015
I can immediately tell that this is a Jean-Claude Elena fragrance. The opening citrus bears the classic Jean-Claude Elena citrus aura so apparent in so many of his fragrances. For some reason I’m liking this citrus opening better than as usual for me. Come to think of it, I’ve enjoyed several of Hermes' latest men’s offerings: Jardin Sur le Toit, Gentiane Blanche, Voyage…

This parfum version Terre d’Hermes comes across quite strongly. The opening is not as cool as the original TdH because the flint accord holds off for a while longer than in the original, I guess it gives the opening citrus a longer period to shine. When the stony flint note takes over, the scent shows the cool earthiness that TdH is famous for, only richer and more full than in the original. This flinty / citrus accord forms the core of Terre d’Hermes Parfum and has excellent longevity. The drydown goes woody with a hint of the citrus / flint remaining.

I find this a rather linear fragrance which is centered around some genuinely interesting and enjoyable accords. It is quite seductive.
03rd May, 2015 (last edited: 17th May, 2015)
If you prefer the great smell of Terre a tad bit milder on your skin, with less projection but huge longevity, this is the one for you.
03rd April, 2015
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TdH Pure Perfume is a beauty. I wore it for the first time today and I felt so sophisticated. Even though it is a "pure perfume" it's not strong at all. It is just right and gives off the right projection. I find that TdH EDT is stronger that this one. It lasts a long time on me. I put it on this morning at 7:30am and it is now 8:00pm and I can still smell it. Perfect for any occasion.
13th February, 2015
Terre d'Hermes Parfum was one of the first fragrances I had at the beginning of this hobby, and has seen me through some not so great times. A restrained orange opening with hints of spices, is followed by a mineral earthy mid and woody base. I can detect some vetiver in the heart and the base, perhaps a hint of cedar as well. It has decent performance on my skin. Really stands out in the crowd of other designer fragrances- a solid release!
30th January, 2015
As others have noted, this is a smoother, richer, deeper version of TdH.
I really get a pink grapefruit note in the opening. The mineral note is much slower to emerge and is less crisp for a long time. The dry-down is very similar, except that the mineral note is a bit more sea-side (salty breeze) than earthy. A good scent, but I like the original better -- brighter, crisper, more refreshing. When I want TdH those are the things I seek.
15th December, 2014
richer and slightly sweeter than the original EDT. More sillage but less projection than the EDT, average longevity but I think the EDT is a bit longer. Both are excellent versions of this scent.
15th November, 2014
Smooth, oily citrus...

The Parfum version of Terre d'Hermès is an interesting one. Mainly because I can't think of other male-marketed perfumes being sold in "Pure Perfume", "Parfum" or "Extrait" concentration...

That being said, this version does have it's own merits. It wears closer to the skin, it's richer, it doesn't have the sillage of the other one (it won't fill a room with smell), but you will notice it for a long time. Two or three sprays of this will last for over six hours, and it holds itself very well.

You get a much smoother, denser and richer smell with this one, and a lot woodier. The woods here are quite prominent. Whereas the original was orange and grapefruit, this is orange and cedarwood, along with patchouli and vetiver. There may also be geranium here which adds to the "flinty" impression. Basically the Iso-E-Super (which Jean-Claude Ellena seems to love using) is more prominent in that it gives the Parfum a much deeper base to the whole composition. Another thing is that (as expected with a Parfum) this is linear. So you don't get the transitions experienced by the Eau de Toilette. This could either be a good or bad thing for you, but it is what to be expected from a higher concentration.

Overall, I think there is a place for the Parfum. If you are someone who likes spending more to feel more "smooth" or "polished", or want it to last longer, or like "heavier" scents, this could be an option. Of course having a Parfum is also a luxury, so you have to expect to pay more. I would describe this as mainly smooth and linear, and could be worn by a woman, if the same woman could also wear something like Encre Noir by Lalique. I could safely say that Terre d'Hermès Parfum is (very) similar to Encre Noir, just with a composition focused around citrus. The strong vetiver, cedar and Iso-E-Super are all there, and it has a "serious" tone... at least to me anyway. Again, a little different than the Eau de Toilette in tone (not in character), but it depends if you prefer to spend more money for that difference.
13th November, 2014
This is actually a nice fragrance that is not as sharp & pungent as the EDT. Smoother & dense. Which I prefer, yet it does not really do anything for me. It is dust, with oranges & grapefruit. When I smell/wear Terre D' Hermes, I am suddenly reminded of the desert. Dry and lagging. It last longer than the EDT, yet it does not project as much. I give it a 3 out of 5. But I am over this type of theme.
25th July, 2014
Softer and deeper than the EDT and missing the "pencil shavings" . Wears close to the skin for me. Pleasant, however I find the original 2006-2007 EDT was smarter and provided a greater break from the aquatics found everywhere at the time.
It does, however provide a quality scent to contrast the "Vanilla" that is found everywhere else today!
31st March, 2014 (last edited: 02nd April, 2014)
This one reminds me Chanel Sycomore - perhaps the iso e vibe? - but not so good... anyway, better than the former EdT
20th January, 2014 (last edited: 30th January, 2014)
Take the original Terre d'Hermes eau de toilette (already a brilliant fragrance), make it richer, and add a slight chypre vibe to the composition. You've got the Terre d'Hermes pure parfum.

A great fragrance made even better.
14th November, 2013
Good stuff

Good stuff, though no better than EDT

30th July, 2013
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Gary F Show all reviews
United States
Sweet and Sophisticated

I find this to be so wonderfully complex. It evolves throughout the day like few other fragrances that I've tried. I have not tried the EDT, but I love the EDP so much I'm gonna stick with it. Thoroughly modren and yet classic. All ages would wear this well.

Pros: Fruity without being shallow

20th June, 2013
Excellent, just like the edt. This one is richer and quite stronger which may make it slightly less versatile than the edt. Great frag regardless. The orange and grapefruit with the flint was an excellent idea. The woody notes enhances the earthiness of this present masterpiece IMO.
02nd May, 2013
I recently received this bottle of Terre D'Hermes Parfum and I feel that it will last forever......
It reminds me of a citrus-infused Polo for men. The first impression smelling this perfume was that it is "rich" smelling with citrus/woods blend....and very unique. The woods overpowers the citrus in my opinion. I enjoy the dry down more so than the application and I learned to spray this one time on the back of my neck and maybe small squirts to the wrist.....anything more is over application. This perfume is a must have. It lasts all day long.... and do not spray it on your clothes. I wear a uniform to work and sometimes the uniform will stretch me two or three days long if I do not sweat. The uniform will smell of TDH on day two or day three.

Must have...
2 thumbs up!
28th March, 2013
One of my favourites, suitable anytime/anywhere, this is special juice. Right off the bat you are confronted by rich almost gourmand orange pomander accord, that curls lazily up from application areas, there is something heavy and luxurious about how this frag moves in air, almost like you can sense the density of the pure parfum concentration. I sense a slight tomato leaf accord on opening also, probably a combination of the notes that I read like that, but the best way I can describe, very aromatic and very beautiful. During the dry down the vetiver comes through with a velvety, sweet richness.

I find this projects less that TdH ETD (the EDT seems more focused on the higher pitch and flinty accords, EDP more on the orange pomander/woods accord), but has much better longevity. So I spray to both hands and back of neck (I avoid chest/front of neck - and this seems to avoid the problem of going anosmic during a wear), this way, I get amazing projection for the first few hours, but after that I get heavenly wafts intermittently and a beautiful skin scent.

Did I mention my wife practically pounces on me when I wear this? (Only other frags that have that effect on her are APOM, DHI & GIT.) All in all a quality scent... thank you Jean Claude Ellena.
02nd March, 2013
Pure Parfum? Surely, you jest! Not even close. TdHP feels like a marketing gimmick - If you like TdH, you'll love Pure Parfum! No, it's stripped all the joy our of TdH and you're left with a skeleton. Bare bones, in fact. Pink pepper is gone, that spritely spice. Smells dank, dark and not a whole of fun. Where's the joy? In the EdT!
12th January, 2013
I received the TERRE D”HERMES Eau de Parfum 6.7 oz. spray on 12/13/2012. I purchased blind based upon positive revues. After wearing it for the first time I am eager to share my first comment ever concerning a fragrance I have purchased. It delights me to report that this spray parfum has the most elegant fragrance of any I have ever worn. From the first citrusy notes to its lingering light, woodsy scent, it brings a smile of confidence knowing that this quite unique fragrance is not overpowering yet quite comforting. I have at least a dozen men's EdTs and EdPs. This is now my signature scent and I highly recommend the Parfum to confident adults who are searching for one of the best designer fragrances available.
16th December, 2012
This was a good surprise. It has at the same time an old school vibe and also a modern vibe. Great lasting power, sillage and projection. Dries down to a sweet and citric smell that's real close to natural. Definetely thumbs up!
23rd November, 2012
I really like this. It departs from the original EDT by distancing itself from the mineral-like notes in its predecessor. Instead, you are treated to an exuberant display of rich, deep citrus embedded on an oily base of earthy woods. It really is a retro fragrance reminiscent of what men in the eighties would wear. Imagine Armani, but with its turnings properly adjusted. The citrus is shared by both. But, whereas Armani goes a bit awry with its high-pitched citrus top notes and overly-soapy middle, Terre EDP cruises like a yacht. The citrus is deeper and there is no soapy-floral middle. It is a strong, elegant fragrance that my dapper uncle from the eighties would have worn when flying in from New York, wearing his signature Oscar de la Renta fragrance, who he gave me when I was in high school. I admired him. The ladies flocked to him. In turn, I emulated him. One day I hope to return the favor and present Terre EDP to that gentleman who taught me that good, understated style is classic. You can keep your fruit and aqua. Give me Hermes' Terre.
02nd November, 2012
Appears to be an extremely well blended fragrance with top notes of very ripe citrus and balmy shiso leaf, paired with fizzy flint hovering above a slightly damp and mossy woody heart. The citrus in the parfum isn't as sharp as in the EdT, which in my opinion is a good thing. Instead of smelling like a freshly sliced orange on a breezy, sunny day, it smells more of a glass of grapefruit juice, left sitting out in the sun, slightly warmed. Don't be put off by the sound of that, it's a beautiful citrus opening, one of Hermès's specialties. The fragrance overall almost feels damp, as if it were rising from cold, moist, store-bought soil (not deep, earthy, wild soil). Works beautifully on rainy spring days, or mild summer evenings.

The reason I'm giving this a neutral: the main component here, making up 55% of the fragrance, is a very cheap, highly debated synthetic: Iso-E Super. It's a trendy ingredient amongst perfumers at the moment, it adds a sheer woody accord to the body of any fragrance, softening the fragrance without necessarily weighing it down, making it very appealing to your average light-and-fresh-loving young male consumer. It adapts well to the other notes it's being blended with, making it quite the chameleon, it can sometimes smell ambery, and other times earthy. Anyway, after learning how to identify Iso-E Super, all I smell in Terre d'Hermès is a big fat log of it, wrapped in warm grapefruit peels, on a bed of damp soil. It bothers me that the incredible complex base I was smelling, is in fact only one (synthetic) ingredient... seems lazy. It has completely lost its appeal.
03rd August, 2012
Terre d'Hermès Pure Parfum is the only scent that made me survive the season I hate most: summer.

I apply this potent fragrance heavily on my upper body and spray it to the neck; the scent then forms an impenetrable armour around me, not unlike Frodo's mithril-shirt. Thus all the adversities of summer - huge amounts of sweat washing away any cologne one puts on, clothes sticking to the skin, feeling smudgy etc. - shall have no dominion.

Only since I know that the Pure Parfum can do this I have a lot easier times with summer. At the moment I own two bottles of it (75ml and the gorgeous 200ml-bottle which is a veritable murder-weapon) and plan to stock up soon to prevent me from any possible reformulation-mournings in the future.
08th July, 2012
summer sexy and with a mesmerizing spell on women!!
03rd July, 2012
After having Terre d'Hermes EdT and smelling a sample of the Pure Parfum (and then buying a bottle), I am writing this in perspective of differences between the two - and how they 'co-exist'. Personally, I enjoy and have deep admiration for both - and a layered wearing of them together is simply the best option, for me...they speak to me uniquely, but have wonderful harmony together. Great synergy as they each unfold their own unique depth and create something amazing when layered. Not all EdT and EdP/Parfum's of scents do this - and Terre d'Hermes does it to near perfection.

I will be concise (hopefully, not too much so) - the EdT is louder with more projection, but less concentration of scent and evolves a bit more. It has more of the peppery/spicy quality along with more of the "mineral earthiness/flint accord" - that projects well off the skin. The vetiver is more dominant at the end because of the scent's evolution along with cedar.

The Pure Parfum, however, is more dense, wears closer and has a deeper orange and grapefruit (juice, rind and even a bit of stem from the orange with more pure juice from the grapefruit) - it is fantastically-rich citrus! The pepper is there (but not as loud) and you end up getting a slightly smoky/charred wood note with the cedar...interesting, along with the nice vetiver. The mineral/earthiness is dampened by the incredible amount of fresh-squeezed citrus. The flint accord is not present in the Pure Parfum.

Visual imagery - Imagine cracked, dry earth - with dried, gnarled vetiver roots coming out of the ground with an orange and grapefruit "sweating" their juices under the hot, baking sun with fresh ground pepper dusted on top near an old dried cedar tree log...this is Terre d'Hermes EdT. Please note how there is 'closeness', but separation of notes here.

Now, imagine not one orange or grapefrut, but an entire pile - much more fresh and several cut open and squeezed, dampening the earth, the pepper grounds are floating in the puddle of orange and grapefruit juice under the same hot sun. The earth is refreshed by the citrus...the dried vetiver root is still there - but, moistened by the juices of the orange & grapefruit. However, the cedar tree log was struck by lightening a while back and a charred stump and log remain in the distance - a light smokiness emerges. The natural sugar of the citrus 'bakes' onto the dried wood sap, blending to form a touch of resin - creating a benzoin accord. On the shady side of the log, a bit of dried oakmoss is there - lichen that is earthy (not damp) from the last season of rain months before. This is not a sweet scent, but incredibly vibrant with an underlying earthiness that creates gorgeous accords. What dominates is all that deep, wet citrus and the rest of the notes offer touches, nuances and undertones. This is Pure Parfum.

That is how I paint the "pictures of difference"...with admiration for both. Again, a layered wearing is optimal. You get the gorgeous and damp citrus, flinty mineral notes, cracking vetiver root, dried wood (a touch smoky) and even a touch of sappy resin and dried moss.

A brilliant composition - in reality this is two reviews in one, but in order to understand (fully), one must have perspective of both. Ellena's best work are in these two bottles.

13th June, 2012 (last edited: 03rd April, 2013)
I love this one. For a citrus based scent, it lasts forever. Maybe the EDT has better sillage, but this one still does just fine.

The isn't your typical orange like you would find in Happy or some of the other basic summer time scents, but rather a deeper orange peel smell.

This is great almost anywhere, and since it is not the sweet fruity orange scent, it works for almost any time also. Casual or semi-formal occasions, day or evening - this stuff works!
25th May, 2012
Definitely good fragrance. I like it better than Edt because its softer and i can smell dominant citrus notes all the time which i like in Terre most . Sillage is moderate and longevity is good.
14th May, 2012
Well, I did it. I bought the 200ml bottle of this and why not? A Pure Parfum at that size for $205 is a steal! (Hermes 24 Fouberg in Pure Parfum strength is $130 for 25ml and Hermes Caleche Pure Perfume costs $230 for 15ml.)

This I believe wears a bit closer to the skin than the EDT but the top notes of citrus last longer. Where the EDT slowly melts the citrus giving way to pepper and ending with a delicious cedary aroma, the Pure Parfum for me keeps more of the citrus through and through and has a deeper, richer aroma of benzoin mixed with wood and citrus. For me the Parfum does not have the same earth or flint smell, or at least not nearly as prominent. This Parfum seems to be a bit more linear in its progression and closer to the skin.

First impressions of these two versions of Terre d'Hermes are that they are very close to the same smell. And indeed the fragrances are at first impression are the same and obviously both Terre d'Hermes. But after wearing both they act differently in their progression.

I love both, I have both and I wear both. Both are long lasting. I give the nod of approval to both! I do tend to wear the EDT on a daily basis and the Parfum for more special occasions. I get the feeling the the quality of ingredients in the Parfum is greater but both are high quality.

If I had to suggest one I would ask if you want a fragrance that changes more (EDT) or is more linear (Parfum), has more silage (EDT) or wears just a tiny bit closer to the skin (Parfum). Either can be worn for any occasion at any time of the year. Probably not for kids but I would say college age and up. Just don't put this on to mow the lawn, it's too good for that. Both are brilliant and MODERN MASTERPIECES!

Jean-Claude Ellena has created two fragrances that initially seem similar or even the same but are actually quite different.

12th May, 2012
Not much projection. Smells like fresh grapefruit, orange, and lemon zest to me. Even has the faintest whiff of that "rubbery note" that Bvlgari Black features so prominently. Is it a tea note perhaps, or ozone? I just received it yesterday, but either way, I certainly NOT blown away. It's primarily a sharp, well-done citrus smell that is tempered only by that one other note, which is apparently supposed to smell earthy, from what I hear. Don't believe the hype, guys. It's a great scent, and very classy too. It's unique, but that having been said, you must strongly desire to smell like fresh citrus oil and not very much else if you are going to love this. It's VERY one dimensional for all this nonsense about it being a neo-classic! LOL! Maybe you all ought to inhale through your noses sometime...

Scent 7/10
Projection 4/10
Uniqueness 8/10
Versatility 10/10
Overall: 7/10
02nd May, 2012 (last edited: 03rd May, 2012)
I just purchased the Terre d' Hermes parfum this weekend. This is the scent I have been longing for a while and never knew it. I love the citrus tops notes that fade to a beautiful long lasting aroma of (at least with my body): grapefruit, orange, patchouli, wood essense and pepper. This is an incredible, masculine frangrance that will not likely be to everyone's liking. My girlfriend hasn't gotten a whiff of it yet and I'm not sure she will enjoy it (she loves the John Varvartos..). But, this frangrance is for me and my enjoyment. I decided on the parfum as oppsed to the EDT and I have been wildly happy with my choice. I also enjoy the Concentre' d' Orange Vert also. I work in a medical facility tha is supposed to be "fragrance free", but I scoff at this PC garbage. I am wearing my scents proudly and will until I'm told not to....I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking a scent that is considerably different from most others...but you should love orange and patchouli...great parfum....
05th March, 2012 (last edited: 07th March, 2012)