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Neutral Reviews of Terre d'Hermès Parfum by Hermès

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United Kingdom
This is a bright creation: the opening displays grapefruit and orange, not badly done, and a touch of ships that is a bit perfunctory on me. Light, but not the refreshing type.

The drydown is characterised by just a likltewhiff of aldehydes, benzoin - again a bit only - and another note results in a combined impression of a steely and flinty nature. Still bright.

The base developed a nonspecific woodsiness that remains rather bland.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

A summer day scent with a nice start, but otherwise too generic and generic. The performance is not up to the expectations raised by the label ‘parfum’. 2.5/5
01st August, 2020
I prefer the original EdT, but this one isn't bad either. More pronounced, orangey neroli note, and woodiness instead of Vetiver. It's a little more conventional, less daring, and slightly less astringent and little more juicy than the original EdT.
13th May, 2020
Not sold on the dirt + oranges vibe, but it's unique and fairly inoffensive. Not something I'd seek out though. The sillage is also really weak. Became a skin scent after an hour.
03rd August, 2019
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This is superior to Terre d'Hermes EDT. It is far smoother with more orange in the opening. On drydown it has the same vetiver, orange, and pepper as the regular Terre d'Hermes, but with more of the orange persisting well into the drydown. Sillage is moderate but weaker than Terre d'Hermes EDT while longevity is way better than Terre d'Hermes EDT at moderate but leaning strong (especially since the pure parfum version has less Iso-e-Super, a note that I'm anosmic to). Overall this is the best iteration of Terre d'Herme's 'dirty orange' (orange with vetiver and pepper) scent. However in my honest opinion D.R. Harris Windsor cologne is a superior fragrance to both this and Terre d'Hermes EDT due to having more pepper and leather in it, after having smelled both. I wonder how Yardley Citrus and Wood will hold up; still have to smell that. Overall if one is dead-set on buying Terre d'Hermes though, it should be the parfum version in my opinion.

09th May, 2018
I can understand why so many people like this fragrance. I fell in love with it at first sniff and wore it happily for about a year after that. It is a very strong scent, so I had to apply it judiciously when in close quarters because it projects really well and lasts several hours.

However, after a while, some note began to give me headaches, and the scent became so oppressive that I had to stop wearing it altogether. I've never had this happen with any other fragrance.

The petrichor-like mineral note is interesting, and the grapefruit and other citrus are nice as well. I don't smell anything rotten, abrasive, or strange here, as some people seem to detect.
11th November, 2015 (last edited: 06th January, 2016)
Smooth, oily citrus...

The Parfum version of Terre d'Hermès is an interesting one. Mainly because I can't think of other male-marketed perfumes being sold in "Pure Perfume", "Parfum" or "Extrait" concentration...

That being said, this version does have it's own merits. It wears closer to the skin, it's richer, it doesn't have the sillage of the other one (it won't fill a room with smell), but you will notice it for a long time. Two or three sprays of this will last for over six hours, and it holds itself very well.

You get a much smoother, denser and richer smell with this one, and a lot woodier. The woods here are quite prominent. Whereas the original was orange and grapefruit, this is orange and cedarwood, along with patchouli and vetiver. There may also be geranium here which adds to the "flinty" impression. Basically the Iso-E-Super (which Jean-Claude Ellena seems to love using) is more prominent in that it gives the Parfum a much deeper base to the whole composition. Another thing is that (as expected with a Parfum) this is linear. So you don't get the transitions experienced by the Eau de Toilette. This could either be a good or bad thing for you, but it is what to be expected from a higher concentration.

Overall, I think there is a place for the Parfum. If you are someone who likes spending more to feel more "smooth" or "polished", or want it to last longer, or like "heavier" scents, this could be an option. Of course having a Parfum is also a luxury, so you have to expect to pay more. I would describe this as mainly smooth and linear, and could be worn by a woman, if the same woman could also wear something like Encre Noir by Lalique. I could safely say that Terre d'Hermès Parfum is (very) similar to Encre Noir, just with a composition focused around citrus. The strong vetiver, cedar and Iso-E-Super are all there, and it has a "serious" tone... at least to me anyway. Again, a little different than the Eau de Toilette in tone (not in character), but it depends if you prefer to spend more money for that difference.
13th November, 2014
This is actually a nice fragrance that is not as sharp & pungent as the EDT. Smoother & dense. Which I prefer, yet it does not really do anything for me. It is dust, with oranges & grapefruit. When I smell/wear Terre D' Hermes, I am suddenly reminded of the desert. Dry and lagging. It last longer than the EDT, yet it does not project as much. I give it a 3 out of 5. But I am over this type of theme.
25th July, 2014
Pure Parfum? Surely, you jest! Not even close. TdHP feels like a marketing gimmick - If you like TdH, you'll love Pure Parfum! No, it's stripped all the joy our of TdH and you're left with a skeleton. Bare bones, in fact. Pink pepper is gone, that spritely spice. Smells dank, dark and not a whole of fun. Where's the joy? In the EdT!
12th January, 2013
Appears to be an extremely well blended fragrance with top notes of very ripe citrus and balmy shiso leaf, paired with fizzy flint hovering above a slightly damp and mossy woody heart. The citrus in the parfum isn't as sharp as in the EdT, which in my opinion is a good thing. Instead of smelling like a freshly sliced orange on a breezy, sunny day, it smells more of a glass of grapefruit juice, left sitting out in the sun, slightly warmed. Don't be put off by the sound of that, it's a beautiful citrus opening, one of Hermès's specialties. The fragrance overall almost feels damp, as if it were rising from cold, moist, store-bought soil (not deep, earthy, wild soil). Works beautifully on rainy spring days, or mild summer evenings.

The reason I'm giving this a neutral: the main component here, making up 55% of the fragrance, is a very cheap, highly debated synthetic: Iso-E Super. It's a trendy ingredient amongst perfumers at the moment, it adds a sheer woody accord to the body of any fragrance, softening the fragrance without necessarily weighing it down, making it very appealing to your average light-and-fresh-loving young male consumer. It adapts well to the other notes it's being blended with, making it quite the chameleon, it can sometimes smell ambery, and other times earthy. Anyway, after learning how to identify Iso-E Super, all I smell in Terre d'Hermès is a big fat log of it, wrapped in warm grapefruit peels, on a bed of damp soil. It bothers me that the incredible complex base I was smelling, is in fact only one (synthetic) ingredient... seems lazy. It has completely lost its appeal.
03rd August, 2012
Not much projection. Smells like fresh grapefruit, orange, and lemon zest to me. Even has the faintest whiff of that "rubbery note" that Bvlgari Black features so prominently. Is it a tea note perhaps, or ozone? I just received it yesterday, but either way, I certainly NOT blown away. It's primarily a sharp, well-done citrus smell that is tempered only by that one other note, which is apparently supposed to smell earthy, from what I hear. Don't believe the hype, guys. It's a great scent, and very classy too. It's unique, but that having been said, you must strongly desire to smell like fresh citrus oil and not very much else if you are going to love this. It's VERY one dimensional for all this nonsense about it being a neo-classic! LOL! Maybe you all ought to inhale through your noses sometime...

Scent 7/10
Projection 4/10
Uniqueness 8/10
Versatility 10/10
Overall: 7/10
02nd May, 2012 (last edited: 03rd May, 2012)