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Terre d'Hermès Parfum (2009) was released seemingly to address a few complaints people had about the original Terre d'Hermès (2006) eau de toilette, but they exist so closely in the olfactive space that I don't really think it does. Of course, I'm not implying Terre d'Hermès Parfum is bad, and definitely not the same fragrance note-for-note as the original, but if you find the original lacking, this one is probably not the answer. Terre d'Hermès was an anomaly of perfume design even in the experimental 2000's, where everything from radioactive citrus ozonics over tart candy musk and 1950's barbershop revivals to lipstick iris and chocolate gourmands or funky medicinal ouds were doled out for men to try in-between the continuing aquatics and fresh fougères from the previous decade. In a whirlwind of such experimentation - some of it an attempt to find a successor to oakmoss as a fixative and some of it to find the next "big thing" in men's style - trundles out the obtuse Terre d'Hermès by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. The smell of Terre d'Hermès was an almost painful example of Ellena being Ellena, with transparent citrus notes, a bit of dirty funk just shy of animalic use thanks to his deftness with spice, and a base that amplifies rather than covers the composition in the dry down. Oakmoss would be restricted out of existence as a fixative by 2011 so stuff like Terre d'Hermès was one possible future. Terre d'Hermès Parfum tries to address the issue some people took with the funkiness of the earth and flint elements in the original, while also tackling the short life on skin some people got from becoming anosmic to the high quantities of Iso E Super that provides the "clearwood" base, consolidating the accord as a result. I think it only half succeeds at either of these tasks, but in so doing provides a warmer, more-resonant experience better for cold weather than the original fragrance.

The opening of Terre d'Hermès Parfum has the same orange and grapefruit introduction as the eau de toilette, with the slightly minty/herbal twist of Japanese green shiso added to give the parfum some oomph lacking in the generally more-summery original fragrance. The heart is liberated of the gunflint note but the earthiness from the pink peppercorns and spice is still present, the missing flint replaced with more geranium to bring the smell of the parfum closer to JB by Jack Black (2010) or Murdock Patchouli Cologne (2010), both of which are often compared to Terre d'Hermès. People stocked with all of these might find the parfum a little redundant at this point, but the base makes up for it by having a larger slug of benzoin and cedar, reducing the Iso E Super "slickness" of the original and making for a compact sillage that stays detectable longer on the wearer at the cost of projection. I find the camphorous patchouli and geranium linger much longer because of this shift in the parfum, making Terre d'Hermès Parfum much more of a dandy fragrance than the original eau de toilette. Is it better? Maybe not, because what you've gotten in exchange for better performance is a simpler fragrance that smells a lot like other stuff out there playing with citrus, geranium, and patchouli over wood notes. In a similar manner to various concentrations of Chanel fragrances, the aspects of Terre d'Hermès and Terre d'Hermès Parfum exist like outtakes of the same scene in a movie. Wear time is noticeably longer, but in reality how much longer if you discounted the anosmia from the Iso E overdose that is still present in the parfum is debatable. Let's peg it at 12 hours, possibly longer on clothing, and keep use of this parfum to office or formal situations. Like it's older brother, Terre d'Hermès Parfum is 100% devoid of sexiness or casual ease, so it may come across a little austere on a romantic night or day trip with friends.

At the end of the day, if you're a lover of Terre d'Hermès, wish it lasted a bit longer, and don't mind or aren't conscious of the differences between versions this might be what you're looking for, but at the price difference present isn't a great value performance-for-dollar wise. Discounters and gray market sellers might mitigate this increased cost somewhat (and reveal rare larger sizes of the parfum that department stores almost never seem to have), but you take the risk of bootleg product because Terre d'Hermès is one of the more popular things to get duped by counterfeiters in China, Russia, and other areas that international property rights protection don't easily extend. I also feel like if stuff such as JB by Jack Black or Murdock Patchouli Cologne were attempts to riff off the Terre d'Hermès line, they're more or less aiming at putting a more-complex spin on this parfum than imitating the EdT, since the EdT is much more complex and different than them, whilst they feel like improved expansions of the ideas found in the Parfum in some ways. Ergo, if you like Terre d'Hermès Parfum, you really owe it to yourself to try JB or the Murdock. There's also the rumor that crops up about Terre d'Hermès Parfum smelling like the original 2006-2009 version of Terre d'Hermès eau de toilette, which was later reformulated to be weaker in the wake of the parfum's release. I sadly can't speak to that but I can say that the parfum is much denser, simpler, and safer wear than any version of the EdT I've smelled, but at previously-stated cost of some projection. In summary, the EdT is the Terre experience to share with everyone else, and the parfum is the Terre for you to enjoy more privately. Thumbs up.
08th March, 2020
Very much worth the hype for the Parfum version and worth testing... this could have been a blind buy tragedy.

This was my first department store purchase in some time. Tried EDT and Parfum, both on strips and skin. The EDT was lovely on the strip, but gave off a hospital antiseptic note on my skin well into the dry down. A real shame, because I wouldn’t have minded alternating the two.

The Parfum is just a work of art. There’s harmony between citrus, wood, earthiness and spice that keeps me bringing my wrist back to my nose all day. Great projection and performance. Currently my favourite designer fragrance, hands down.
05th November, 2019
Fantastic - fresh but not in a fizzy, flighty summer fragrance way. There’s a solidity and depth that keeps this interesting and far from the usual kitchen spray scents sporting citrus and grapefruit. It’s not a sexy smell - no sweetness at all - but it’s got a subtle earthiness - a glimpse of something a little darker and dirtier.
27th September, 2019 (last edited: 28th September, 2019)
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The original Terre d'Hermes was the closest you can get to a modern fragrance masterstroke, and in my opinion, the Parfum strength version of it is the best iteration of it. The profile of it is pretty much the same as the identical, but turned up. When it comes to men's fragrances, it seems difficult to check all the boxes, a non-linear fragrance where every stage is very nice and undeniably masculine, good for all seasons including the tricky summer, while still being unique and standing out among the crowd.

It does this by truly unlocking the potential of the mandarin orange, which is the hero of the first act, a very well balanced scent which isn't too overwhelming, not too tart or bitter, but also not to fresh or floral. As it wears down, the orange mixes with an earthy stone scent. If I could just bottle the mid-notes of this by itself with nothing else, I would be happy. The base note smells almost nothing like the opening note, but still feels connected, like a camera slowly panning down from the fruits and leaves of the tree down to its bark, woody without being peppery or spicy, and at no time does it ever lose a certain masculine edge.

My only problem with the original was a certain EdT wimpiness, with a fragrance with this much to say, you want to say it a bit louder. The Parfum strength projects and lasts all day with just a couple of sprays, each of its notes given plenty of time to transition into the next. The orange at the top might be a bit more crisp and tart than the EdT, but it never feels out of place. If I had to give it a criticism, it would be that the orange has a certain amount of natural freshness, and I wish there was still some kind of orange at the base. Even this can be nice, as starting the day with the crisp top note and ending it with the old woody note can signify the day's journey. Still, if you're looking for that freshness all day, it may not be the best option.
26th August, 2019
Far better than the EDT, while behaving like an EDT. The projection is pretty magnificent, even after 8 hours of running errands in the Texas swamp in the summer this still filled up our CUV. Much more than a skin scent after a full summer day, this is high quality performance from an EDP.

The Terre EDP does not have near the "earthy" (B.O.) drydown that the current EDT has. Very pleasant transition into the base, while keeping a citrusy quality far longer than any other citrus scent I've tried.

Teetering at the edge of "heavy", balancing the vetiver away from the "earthy" side, all the while staying clean, masculine, and dark in a scent that is summer and humidity friendly, with fabulous longevity and projection? Wow. Just wow. Hats off to TDH EDP for pulling this feat off!!
25th August, 2019
From November, 2016:

I have a bottle of the Terre d'Hermes EDT that I bought in 2010 before all the reformulations occurred and messed up what was one of the best men's fragrances of all time. This version is amazing--it's deep, rich, clean and citrusy, even bright at times with the oranges but also quite earthy, mineralic, and dark. Its performance is exceptional, lasting well over 10 hours with very good projection and presence. There are hundreds of reviews about it. Go ahead and read the reviews prior to 2013 or 2012 to see what's it's about. Mine is buried somewhere in there.

Anyway, the current EDT is a shell of this once amazing juice, however the Parfum very closely resembles it in smell, complexity and performance. In other words, the Parfum is great. In fact, it's the only version I can really recommend at this point. Pick up the Parfum and you'll have something similar to what everyone raved about between 2008 and 2013, before many of the negative reviews for TdH started pouring in. I only wish I had an old bottle of the Parfum, as mine is from 2015. I'd be very curious to see how it smelled. But that's neither here nor there. Overall, the current Terre d'Hermes Parfum gets a resounding thumbs up and is absolutely worth owning. I don't recommend blind buying it however as those with delicate noses are sometimes bothered by the amount of ISO-E Super that's used in it and those who are expecting something more generically "fresh" get thrown off by its earthy, vetiver and flint aspect. Either way, this is great juice and I recommend purchasing it now before the Parfum suffers another abhorrent reformulation.

One final note: I sometimes wonder why certain fragrances are such huge successes, besides the fact that they smell great. With Terre d'Hermes, my guess is because it touches upon many aspects that men (and women) want in their fragrances, rather than just ticking one or two boxes. First of all, it's undoubtedly masculine, slightly rugged with its earthiness and flint. You don't have to worry about coming across feminine or dandyish or even metrosexual. It has that certain effortless masculine appeal. Second of all, it's clean. Throw this on after a shower and it enhances the feeling of cleanliness rather than detracts from it. Declaration, Terre d'Hermes' "uncle" and predecessor, didn't do this. For many, it seemed too dirty, with an overdose of cumin. But, when it was Ellena's turn to create Terre, he nailed it, deftly balancing on that fine line between clean and unclean. Finally, it's unique. Despite the fact that several fragrances have since been made in its image (I could name at least 6), in the greater scope of things, Terre d'Hermes stands out as unique. Compare it to the majority of fragrances on the counter at Macy's or in Sephora and you'll see that it's quite different. It possesses none of the ubiquitous tonka and ambroxan notes that have become so common today, and it's also not your standard attempt at "clean;" a boringly white citrus and neroli fragrance that offers nothing to sink your teeth into. Add its stellar performance on top of that and its no wonder Terre d'Hermes has been the signature scent for many men across the globe.
13th August, 2019
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United States
Just received the black rubber travel edition of Terre d'Hermès Parfum from another Basenoter.

The opening reminds me of sour orange with a touch of Mexican lime and just a hint of fermenting, overripe Golden pineapple. The flint accord starts for me about a half hour into drydown. Solid, masculine, intriguing and lush. Not a lot of sillage but intense next to the skin. A delicious addition to my wardrobe.
10th May, 2019
The overall impression here is STILL... a dirty orange. The original is well known, so I will give my impressions after a arm by arm comparison. Openings are similar. Similar feel. The parfum does not feel as dry, less vetiver. There is some fake wood/incense/ambroxan something or another in the background of the drydown that I particularly like. It leans orangier than the edt. Stays stronger longer. I like the parfum version more than the edt, enough that while the edt got a neutral, the parfum gets a slight thumbs up.
15th February, 2019
Very persistent bitter orange and grapefruit that does have some soft sweetness, so it's not completely sour and dirty. Comes off as more fresh than anything. I do like this better than the EdT as it feels richer, cleaner and sweeter, which make it more accessible for me. There's a woody-muskiness in the base that I'm guessing is ISO-E Super related. Very familiar and masculine base to go with all the fresh, bitter orange.

Projection is really good but not overwhelming. Excellent longevity, lasts all day.
16th August, 2018
Tom Sawyer's childhood.
17th February, 2018
Went looking for gold
Near frankincense, myrrh, and nard
And I found it here.
08th December, 2017
Really can't get over how great this works on my skin. Purchased a refillable bottle (i know, i know) And am certainly going to buy the biggest one i can get.

It's rich, smells like a million bucks and is well deserved of it's slightly higher price tag
18th November, 2017
The Bend in the road BY Paul Cezanne 1905
07th August, 2017
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I've worn the EdT of Terre extensively over the past year and, being a fan, recently picked up a bottle of the parfum version for a steep discount. Try as I might, I can't quite parse any major differences between the two formulations, at least not enough to justify the latter's higher price. At a push, I think the parfum sparkles a bit less but feels more rounded and bass-heavy, with a stronger emphasis on the spicy, mineral and woody notes of the original and less focus on citrus. What baffles me slightly are the reviews I've read that claim the opposite - that the parfum has more orange, less wood and mineral aspects. The problem with both formulations is that they fatigue my nose rather quickly, so consecutive days of wear give me skewed impressions of the scent, if indeed I'm able to smell it at all. (I blame that slick-haired showoff of the perfumer's palette, Iso E Super, for this effect.) I may eventually detect more dramatic differences between the two concentrations as I continue to wear and enjoy both, but for now, I throw my hands up and dismiss the decision to release a "parfum" concentration as a marketing tactic to spike sales over at Hermés. Don't knock yourself out and/or bruise your wallet to get your grubby mitts on the parfum version - the original plays essentially the same tune, and performs just as well.
16th May, 2017
The EDP is definitely different from the EDT. This is much more focused on the orange notes. EDT has more wood, pepper, vetiver. While this is heavier on the orange, I would say the EDT is brighter than this. The orange in Terre isn't exactly a fresh orange. It is more of a rotten orange that has been mixing with soil, where it will eventually become one with the soil. While that may smell bad in reality, here it is quite nice.
08th May, 2017
Terre d'Hermès Parfum, to me, embodies the ideal masculine - not in your face, speaking in sophisticated and simple terms that are easily understood (not necessarily loved...that's in the nose of the beholder).

As the name suggests, Terre d'Hermès is earthy, but not dirty nor avant garde. It strikes a great balance between citrus, spice, and woodiness, smelling like a classic men's fougere fragrance, yet made for the contemporary wearer.

Terre d'Hermès Parfum smells well-crafted and classy, not gimmicky, suited for most any occasion at most times of the year. The edt formulation is sharper and less rounded out; the "fresh" version is brighter and a bit hollowed out (though still pleasant). I don't mind either one, but Terre d'Hermès Parfum feels like the heart and essence of what they're all trying to communicate, and that's the one I chose to get.

04th April, 2017
full bottle EDP. I think its decent. I'm not able to appreciate any significant presence of the wood notes. the performance is great. But not very complex or exciting. Not the most exciting fragrance in my collection. But is a safe, unoffensive, neutral buy.
12th March, 2017
I first tried Terre d’Hermès in the eau de toilette concentration. It is radiant in the contemporary manner, not forceful, but persistent. The eau de toilette’s slightly sour edge gives the impression of two voices singing together, one sharp and one flat. The notes don’t balance each other and they don’t cancel each other out. They sit uneasily next to each other.

Terre d’Hermès is linear, but has a single, wide accord that seems to surround you. It is radiant like many other contemporary linear masculines (a famously heavy percentage of Iso-E Super), but it seems to encompass you rather than emanate from you. The parfum is smoother and differently calibrated than the edt. It cushions the tartness of the edt, making it less curdled than tart. There is nothing superfluous, yet there’s no feeling of starkness.

The artistry, consideration and likely enormous amount of editing that went into the making of Terre d’Hermès are evident. Apply any binary set of descriptors to Terre d’Hermès and you’ll find it sits dead center, equidistant from the poles. I imagine an inordinate amount of effort went into placing Terre d’Hermès smack in the middle of the road. It suggests nothing. It refers to nothing. It asks nothing. It is devoid of character.

Forget Prada. The Devil wears Hermès.
07th February, 2017
I have now worn this about 5 times to get an accurate feel for this great fragrance. I split my collection up with work/daytime scents and night time gourmands, vintage power scents and the freaky stuff. This is a great work scent and nobody has recoiled to the corner of the elevator and sneezed when I get on.

My body usually eats citrus up and leaves just a faint skin scent (looking at you Aventus) so as I sit at my desk I enjoy the moderate sillage that wafts up my shirt. I haven't received any compliments yet but I'm waiting for them.

The note paramid is fairly accurate but I don't really get much wood at the base however I thoroughly enjoy the mineral notes in the heart along with a slight smokiness to the deep citrus.

Is it a masterpiece of perfumery? Not quite, the fragrance dosen't really evolve quite much but the longevity is quite good for this type of fragrance (citrus).

A fantastic work and daytime scent and worthy of a back up bottle for me.
02nd February, 2017
I tend to associate fragrances with music (combining the senses of smell & sound). I am also not sure how relatable my associations are, so take it for what it is worth. Terre D’Hermes reminds me of the be-bop jazz album Blue Train by John Coltrane. It’s sophisticated but different. Abstract but easy to take in. It doesn’t go leaps and bounds in trying to overpower or “wow” anyone around. Its draw is in subtlety -- quiet yet abstract. Orange smelling but not sweet. Classic yet modern.

Terre D’Hermes is the best “earthy citrus” on the market, in my eyes (beating Le Labo’s Bergamote 22 – a close second). Someone described this as smelling of a “dirty orange” – and I completely agree. It is aptly named. Although this works well in any season, I wear it as my signature in the Spring. After a long cold winter, I enjoy pulling out the smell of new earth, coupled with fruity citrus. It’s a "Here Comes the Sun" kind of feeling when spring begins and I begin to wear this fragrance again. It’s not completely summer…but it gets me ready for the transition of spring by reminding me of the new birth taking place in the warming soil. The dirt yielding new fruits and plants.

The EDP is heavier on the “orangeness” to my nose. It starts with the orange blast (and grapefruit is detected) – and immediately you pick up on the peppery/earthy notes. The earthy notes are layered. I pick up on vetiver, minerals, and even a smell of soil. The peppery mineral-like earth accord (coupled with the Vetiver) is also perfect for the office. If you want a true signature that will be remembered, this is it. Like Blue Train, it is abstract enough to be remembered, but generally not threatening or offensive to anyone. People MAY be put off or curious about it at first, but the longer the association with your smell, the more drawn by it and familiar with it they become (also like the jazz album).

The fragrance stays pretty linear with these orange/peppery/vetiver notes. However, if there are any basenotes to describe or detect at all – they would be the earthy smell of minerals gunpowder that remain on the skin (more prevelant in the EDT but definitely present in the EDP as well). It’s hard to describe it, you just have to experience it….

Longevity and projection are perfect. BUT… my only complaint of this fragrance is the olfactory fatigue that kicks in and prevents me from enjoying this gem on a day to day basis. Since this is my signature scent for the spring, I have to take a break for a week or so and “re-trick” my nose into detecting the smell (which is okay, because I use that time to enjoy Creed’s Green Irish Tweed during those weeks!). It is a shame about the olfactory fatigue though…

All in all, this one is near perfect. A modern classic!
9.5/10 (only because of the olfactory fatigue)
19th January, 2017
This is one of my all time favourite fragrances. Earthy, bold, good longevity and always receives compliments.
I see little point in buying the 'non-parfum' version as it is simply a watered down version of this and is ultimately disappointing
12th September, 2016
If I only owned one. This would be it. Fantastic long lasting and sofisticated fragrance.
18th June, 2016
WOW what an amazing scent. I find it familiar and different at the same time. Smells like something I already have or had in my collection but then it smells like something new and exciting. This should be in everyone's collection IMO. Great from start to finish with decent longevity and above average projection. For the quality the price isn't outrageous either. This should never ever be discontinued. Enjoy!
19th May, 2016
On me, this is fundamentally, a longlasting skin scent...and Im ok with that. It has a creamy, "sandle-woody", drydown that really hooks you. That nearly putrid orange peel vibe that it gives, is interesting and atypical enough for me, to have bought the 6 oz jug of the parfum.

The quintessential office scent...and maybe the most versatile scent in perfumery. A very solid perfume.
31st January, 2016
It’s been quite some time since I wore TdH EdT, but i feel this is brighter and crisper, with greens and citrus being much more prominent. The dry down presents peppery wood notes. I can fully appreciate the impact TdH has had on the fragrance world, and it is a wonderful scent, it’s just that I’m a guy who likes to wear things found off the beaten path. This also feels as though it would work in warmer temps, maybe summer nights out? Has wonderful longevity, but sits relatively close to the skin on me. My wife loves this! Thumb up!
08th December, 2015
Definitely in my top 10. My first purchase of TDH was for the EDT, which strangely enough has a large variance of notes from the EDP. The funny thing is I wasn’t really sure I liked it the first time I sprayed it on. However, by the end of the day I loved it so much, I went online and purchased the biggest bottle of the EDP that I could find. BTW, both are awesome and smell relatively the same to my unprofessional nose, with the EDT being bolder, while the EDP is more refined. Strangely enough, the EDT has more projection and sillage though, while the EDP stays closer to the skin and lasts all day long (12hrs+).

Longevity: 10/10
Sillage: 7/10
Overall: 10/10
24th September, 2015
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United States
Most of you already know all about TdH, so I won't talk too much about "notes" here. I will just make a couple of observations. This is a pretty linear scent, and I'd bet that TdH consists of very few ingredients. In fact, I would guess that there aren't as many ingredients as there are notes in the pyramid. The second observation I will make is that there's very little difference between the EdT and the Parfum except for projection. Yes, the Parfum may be a tiny bit smoother (and I stress "tiny"), but the main difference is how the Parfum wears closer to the skin. It's a bit strange that you need at least twice as much of the parfum to equal the EdT. I see very little advantage in spending more for the parfum. Overall, this is a great fragrance, earthy, spicy, orange.
01st September, 2015
This is what I imagine Don Draper smells like. It's sophisticated, mysterious, gorgeous and a little dirty on the inside.
07th May, 2015
I can immediately tell that this is a Jean-Claude Elena fragrance. The opening citrus bears the classic Jean-Claude Elena citrus aura so apparent in so many of his fragrances. For some reason I’m liking this citrus opening better than as usual for me. Come to think of it, I’ve enjoyed several of Hermes' latest men’s offerings: Jardin Sur le Toit, Gentiane Blanche, Voyage…

This parfum version Terre d’Hermes comes across quite strongly. The opening is not as cool as the original TdH because the flint accord holds off for a while longer than in the original, I guess it gives the opening citrus a longer period to shine. When the stony flint note takes over, the scent shows the cool earthiness that TdH is famous for, only richer and more full than in the original. This flinty / citrus accord forms the core of Terre d’Hermes Parfum and has excellent longevity. The drydown goes woody with a hint of the citrus / flint remaining.

I find this a rather linear fragrance which is centered around some genuinely interesting and enjoyable accords. It is quite seductive.
03rd May, 2015 (last edited: 17th May, 2015)
If you prefer the great smell of Terre a tad bit milder on your skin, with less projection but huge longevity, this is the one for you.
03rd April, 2015