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    One of the most smile-inducing fragrances I've encountered.

    I've held off reviewing Standard, because virtually all the adjectives that describe it easily sound like criticisms: synthetic, chemical, evocative of some sort of cleaning fluid. But from the moment I tentatively sprayed a tiny amount on my wrist to find out what the scent in the odd-looking, rectangular, matte-grey bottle might be like, I was hooked.

    This contains notes of Finnish Labrador tea, twinflower, fennel, and ginger, among other things, but I only get something seamless, in which no note dominates as it evolves.

    It opens with a note that reminds me of something burnt or overheated (plastic?), yet it makes me smile. A note that I can best describe as 'citrusy cleaning fluid' comes up behind it, and all I can think of is that it sums up what I can recall of my childhood perceptions of modernity as it applied to architecture and various objects (I grew up in Florence, so modern was slightly alien and mysterious). Next is the a note that I can best describe as coolly metallic, like cool metal in the mouth., while something fir-like, a note that would be harsh if it came to the front, lingers elusively behind this.

    This is a scent that seems to stay very close the skin, which thrills me (I'm not a fan of sillage). This is an oddly intimate, intently synthetic, and somehow, elusively sexual fragrance.

    Pros: Intriguing, seamless, intimately close to the skin.
    Cons: I honestly cannot think of one.

    02 June, 2013

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    Very underrated scent

    This was a blind buy when I was looking for a wood scent, primarily for winter wear. I was taken a little buy surprised by the powerful blast of lemon at the outset.  That transitions nicely to the cedar heart of the fragrance which I enjoyed for a couple of hours before it blended into the final phase of the dry down.

    The final act is an animalic base from the herbs and musk but it still retains echoes of lemon and cedar.

    It is one of those skin scents that keeps me sniffing at my wrist or arm or wherever all day long.  I would love to see what this scent would smell like on a woman.

    Pros: Crisp and lively opening, slightly woody and very animalic dry down
    Cons: I wish it had a little better projection

    18 May, 2013

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    This fragrance can indeed be interpreted as a Scandinavian furniture scent, in the vein of IKEA, which is basically a pine wood scent.

    Smelling the fragrance on the skin, I think of it as a vetiver not so far removed from Encre Noir perhaps, but less sweet and more incensy and with more cedar wood. I enjoy vetiver fragrances, and I think of this is as one of the best.

    Longevity is quite good and so is projection. It could fit well in both cool and warm weather, and it is perfectly unisex.

    13 January, 2013

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    When it comes to my search for the olfactory equivalent of the Holy Grail, my quest has been focused primarily on fragrances that don't smell stereotypically like cologne. Part of this is due to my wife's aversion to strong scents, and partly due to the sin of "trying to hard" to get others' attention. It was with delight, then, that I began wearing Artek Standard. Redolent of pine -- but not of the type to dangle from a car's rear view mirror -- the scent exudes subtlety and refinement. Crisp but not bracing, fresh but un-binaca-like, Artek Standard sets the standard in unisex cologne that is always appropriate. It lingers for many hours, but wafts close to the skin. It is fiendishly expensive but it may just end up as the scent you keep reaching for, whatever the season, whatever the hour.

    14 June, 2012

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    Commes des Garçons deserves my praise as a maison. They are always making audacious scents looking more into the concept of abstraction into their fragrances instead of marketing with safe fragrances and with Standard this is no different.

    Here the maison strikes again where from a partnership with a Finland furniture company called Artek emerged one of the best creations I have smelled in a long time. Christian Astuguevieille and Olivier Pescheux created the personification of wood furniture in a perfect way.

    Picture a small furniture workshop in a very traditional way and you will figure this fragrance out since it smells exactly like this. A work of art. Not for everyone, not for the average joe's nose. This is a well crafted gem that only a small niche of the market will realize the beauty it contains. Masterpiece, just masterpiece.

    12 April, 2012

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    Everyone seems to agree that this scent is primarily woody, but that's not really my impression. To me it seems more in line with the Odeurs: a clean, abstract scent that's hard to pin down to any real-world substance or smell. To me it evokes modular cubicles more than danish modern furniture.

    It smells different, and it smells good. Projection is just right (noticeable but modest) and longevity is not bad either. Good choice for an office scent!

    14 February, 2012

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    I like it. Admittedly, it is for wood fans only -- it is awesomely and resolutely woody.
    It starts with a lemon twist which interestingly morphs into a bright metallic note. That doesn't last too long. The ginger spice adds a minor note, but it is there and I can appreciate it. Basically, the scent finds and maintains a dry, heart-of-cedar note. Warm and yet haunting at the same time. Not heavy, not sweet at all. I keep checking my wrist and enjoying it. The drydown doesn't have a lot of layers, just loads of cedar wood. And sometimes, that is enough.

    12 January, 2012

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    On a paper it smells like a metal but on the skin it is reminiscent of Scandinavia and everything that represents Scandinavia. I can sense the smell of forrset, pines, everything is fresh and aromatic. Very good fragrance that is mixied up with ginger, lemon and green tea. It is extremely aromatic, interesting and original. Good fragrance!

    10th January, 2012

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    Picture this:
    A furniture workshop in remote countryside near the woods...
    An architecture of timber frame structure stood tall with smooth concrete flooring...
    The machinery are switched off, yet fresh timber shavings are scattered across the cold concrete floor...

    That is the smell of Artek Standard.

    Most spicy citrus scents tend to lean toward the feeling of warmth, yet ironically this one eludes a peculiar 'cool' sensation, giving it a rather charismatic appeal. More of an 'industrial' attitude than ''urban' I would say.

    Definitely its a must try.

    On a down side, the longevity isn't that great, perhaps its my skin, but nonetheless this is not a scent for you to wear and 'show it off'. Its for you to wear when spending quality solitude time in content.

    15 December, 2011 (Last Edited: 29 December, 2011)

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    Smart scent, I totally love it! Original without beeing too odd. If you're into sharp/austere cedarwood and spicy (desweetened) ginger/lemon concoctions, you'll probsbly dig this. It has the overall minimalistic incensey vibe of many Comme Des Garcons. Someone could argue saying it smells like pencil-shaving, but hey....this is the best "pencil shaving" fragrance on the market. A very wearable, discreet yet charismatic fragrance for the laidback personality guys! My only disappointment is the lasting power (no more than 3-5 hours). GDG is confirmed to be amongst the best modern/avanguardist perfumes outfit.

    14 December, 2011

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