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Neutral Reviews of Parfums des Beaux Arts Viridian by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

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I find this has three distinct phases. The first is too brief, in my opinion. It is a lovely green and aromatic opening. Very quickly, I found the second phase, which is dominated by violet leaf (and perhaps a bit of the flower). The violet leaf absolute gives a really cool, metallic character – silvery and almost robotic or rubbery-industrial in mood. Nothing sweet so far. Finally I detect the third phase, which I find quirky. Some of the violet percolates to this level, where it combines with toasted-nut (celery seed) and woody (patchouli, vetiver) notes in a silver/brown system of opposites. The violet retreats and patchouli advances, in its usual tangy and slightly leathery-sweet way. So, I find this scent to be all over the map, even a bit confusing. Viridian is a term for a dark green-blue scent, and this is hardly green at all. Where are the artemesia, galbanum, and vetiver?
14th March, 2012