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I have dior homme,ysl la nuit,ch prive but spicebomb are on my number 1 list and my signature fragrance.

The smell is one of the best designer fragrance out there.i just have a problem with longevity and sillage on this one.totally only hold about 2 hour on my skin then it turn to skin scent.i dont know its because my body chemistry or the fragrance itself.

But thats not a big deal for me because i really love the spice smell from pink pepper and the drydown from leather,vetiver and tobacco.

The bottle is of the best i ever seen
18th May, 2016
What more can I say besides Spicebomb is a modern masterpiece by the great perfumer Olivier Polge. Sophisticated, mature, manly, spicy, beautiful scent. Superbly blended and refined smell of warm spice, cinnamon, tobacco, and almost has this woody/earthy quality to me. Please stop with the comparisons to 1 Million. Spicebomb is on another level. This is niche in that it is so exquisite, unique, and blows most designers away. Perfect 10/10 fragrance for men.
28th April, 2016
The name is apt. I felt like I had been attacked by the cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and honey from my spice rack. While I enjoy spice and incense, this was just way too overpowering.
29th December, 2015
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I don’t have a problem with sweet fragrances, but Spicebomb is just really too much for me. It’s pure, crude, nondescript plastic sweetness which I have a hard time considering a grown man’s fragrance. Or actually a “person’s fragrance”, of any kind. Again, sweetness is not the issue, neither the “generic” factor, which I’m very fine with most of the times. The problem is that Spicebomb smells like if they accidentally switched the nozzles with a barrel of something meant for a candy factory, and bottled that, and sold it. Leather? Saffron? Elegance? This is a juvenile, sticky bubblegum cascade of cinnamon, vanilla, musk, nonsense synthetic gummy bear stuff all wrapped in a bare “masculine” frame of woody musk and spicy amber. All in the worse quality you can imagine – flat, cheap, extremely linear synthetic stuff as in any drugstore shower gel, with no qualities whatsoever except the ability of making you feel in a time machine ready to throw you right into Justin Bieber’s arms in 2005. I’d choose lifetime chastity over any woman complimenting this abomination.

24th November, 2015
Got this for my birthday...

Its a nice Titanium wrapped grenate-like bottle and presentation wise is exquisite.

I find similarities with 1 Million for some reason but more refined and upper scale fragrance.

I do believe it is a modern masterpiece for some reason ... And without any surprise, it is composed by the great Polge.

30th October, 2015
Don't care for this scent. Not bad but definitely not something I want to smell like all day.
27th October, 2015
This smells so amazing on me, lasts forever and projects across the room at times. Not cloying at all, and I find myself smelling it every few minutes or so. Very fruity on first spray. After 15-20 minutes it then becomes very pepper/powdery and the fruity notes subdue more. About an hour later it dries down into a peppery/leather smell with the vetiver giving it a balance. Very masculine and well made, absolutely in my top ten favorites.
22nd August, 2015
Polge copies himself as Spicebomb has the DNA of Dior Homme but it's not as good as DH but still very presentable and wearable. I find Spicebomb to be very linear but that linearity is very enticing as the vanilla, tobacco & spice take hold. It's a nice iteration on the DH theme but if you already have DH, then Spicebomb seems like an afterthought.

26th April, 2015
This cologne is bittersweet, as soon as I smelt it there sweetness overwhelmed my smell and taste. Then this sweet bitter taste and smell came .3 seconds after and I had to put it back right away.

I'm probably a bit bias because I hate colognes that are too sweet right away so I didn't give it much chance, it had quality and portrayed exactly to what it was trying to be a SpiceBomb. I guess I can't complain about the smell I did not like since it smells exactly like the name.

The container is cool but your personality better match this smell otherwise you'll look like a douche that smells too sweet and comes off too strong.

25th April, 2015

A potent seduction potion in a seductive bottle.Deceptively simple but masterly woven,this woods and spicy combination is deep and manly,but without any sort of pretence,as befitting a true luxury product.Sweet, Charming,Tempting,Irresistible and Warm.

Fresh and Spicy top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and pink pepper then the warmth of cinnamon and paprika harmonizes with the sensual woody base notes of leather,tobacco and vetiver. the scent is not similiar 1million for me and i expected something more deep and bold.You can smell cinammon for a long time.

SPICE BOMB in a bottle as beautiful as the fragrance inside is strong,sonorous and timelessly charming!perfect and impressive in the Evening.It reserved for COLD not wear it in the daytime and do not wear if you dont want female attention!

Sillage?It is not bomb but acceptable.

Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

15th April, 2015
I bought a sample of this online because I had smelled the opening at a fragrance counter and wanted to evaluate it as I would wear it.

The opening is powerful, and the fragrance is aptly named and the bottle aptly designed. It seems awfully juvenile though, and I can't quite figure out the logic in the marketing package. After such a strong peppery opening the drydown is a huge let down and I normally like Tobacco, Leather, Vetiver scents. This one seems to just linger into an almost sweet almost sour concoction that didn't do much for me. Not terrible, but nothing I want in my collection. However, I think V&R will do just fine without me as this likely has it's appeal to many.
20th February, 2015
An amazing, spicy, medicinal and fresh fragrance. Spicebomb is unique and it's a classic!
20th February, 2015
This is wonderful stuff. I have smelled it on a man after it has mixed with sweat, and I felt dizzy it was so nice. I bought a bottle for myself. It is unisex, and works well in the evening.
26th January, 2015
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Runs out of the gates with a sweet Elemi (spicy/incense) with tobacco. Very sweet. The vetiver comes in and freshens the the group. This is a good cozy winter fragrance but too sweet for me. If I were to choose something like this I would pick Acier Aluminum.
07th December, 2014
By far, one of my favorite fragrances during the winter & fall months. Some may denounce this as too powerful, but I find that with moderate application this can be curbed.
02nd December, 2014
Spicebomb was a big surprise and has become one of my favorite Fall/Winter fragrances. I really do not like spicy colognes, but this one is very light and not overwhelming. I love the cinnamon, tobacco and leather. It smells very exotic and oriental. Perfect for a night out on the town.

12th November, 2014
Can't say I was impressed to be honest.

As it says on the bottle, it's spicy and goes off like a bomb.

Insane opening (which may be too much for some) but after an hour hardly anything is left.

Not bad, but burns itself out too quickly.
13th October, 2014
There are certain scents that work very well on your skin and for me spicebomb is one of them. I spray each wrist and my chest once and it still has strong projection after 6 hours. I can pull out the neckline of my shirt and smell the chest spray nearly a full 20 hours later.

I try to spray 30 minutes before I leave the house because the initial sillage is so beastly. The dry down scent reminds me of a more modern, intensified version of CK Obsession for Men.
07th September, 2014
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United Kingdom
Horrendous. Do you have the top three buttons undone on your shirt? Do you wear chunky gold chains and bracelets? Do you slick your hair back? If so, then this is the fragrance for you! The first sniff was an utter assault on my senses. The spice is so overdone, so cheap, and so synthetic I was quite taken back. What follows is sweet. Sweet. Sickly sweet. And then some. It is the epitome of "cloying". The scent is as obnoxious as the butch, uber-alpha grenade bottle it comes in. "Spicebomb" is best worn by slimy second hand car salesmen or equally slimy used jewellery salesmen. I couldn't help but picture Del Boy rubbing his hands together and saying, "lovely jubbly" after dousing himself in it, before jumping in his reliant robin. A total shocker this one. I just do not get all the positive reviews.
23rd August, 2014
Sure I'll rate it positive but I must stress out that I don't get the fuss, however I do sort of like it. There were talks about it reminding of Burberry London - maybe in style yes but most certainly not in character!

Spice Bomb is a hybrid of several fragrances in my subjective opinion. These would be: Givenchy Pi, Burberry London, Diesel Fuel For Life Spirit, Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time and a tad bit of Gucci Pour Homme II. They successfully blended it all together but not entirely in the sense that they created a true masterpiece, not even a fragrance that stands in itself as something that can easily outshine the mentioned frags.

Spice Bomb is all about good marketing. Sure it's quite a nice fragrance, I in fact like it, but I also have to be subjectively objective about it - whatever that means.

This fragrance is not what it's marketing implies it is. In a way it has this glimpse of reminiscent sadness in it. I'll try to explain more or less - today is a not too cold, but not nearly a warm day in Zagreb. It's a bit windy, the sky is gray, however the energy of summer is about. Perfect weather for Spice Bomb and a walk in the city maybe with your girlfriend, holding hands, but are silent, both of you with your own thoughts, together but somehow alone - that is Spice Bomb!

This has to be the first fragrance that I want, but not the whole bottle. 5-10 ml would be enough for me, considering the size of my collection, just to have it here and there for such days described.

Positive, not completely by a margin, but it could have been so if I were maybe in a different mood or setting.
22nd July, 2014
Spicebomb smells wonderful on my skin. The cinnamon and tobacco notes really stand out with a subtle hint of nutmeg in the background although there is none in the composition (could be the elemi, though). I fell in love with this fragrance like I did with Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille. As a matter of fact, I almost bought a bottle on the spot because I was so glad to find an acceptable substitute for Tobacco Vanille at a fraction of the price. Good thing I did not make an impulse buy. The salesman gave me a generous sample which I immediately tried on. Surprisingly, it became powdery almost immediately while remaining spicy. (the tobacco/cinnamon notes were still very noticeable). Unfortunately, there was nothing left of Spicebomb about half an hour after I applied. This is a pity. I really love this fragrance. If ever they issue an EDP or a Spicebomb Extreme, I shall be the first one in line to buy it!
15th July, 2014
the reviews by Dullah, dollars&scents and buysblind are on the money.

there is a nice floral, citric opening, followed by a long, sweet passage that is rather cloying and tiresome. This is the bubblegum phase that several reviewers have referred to. Finally, after a few hours, it dries down to a powdery, spicy finish that is very genteel and may be too feminine for many men.
24th June, 2014
Love Spice Bomb. It is a great scent for a great price. This scent is for people who gravitate toward warmer smells. It fires off with a heavy peppery cinnamon smell and then eventually fades into a sweet tobacco leather scent. Late at night it can become sweet and powdery and some times it smells a little like chocolate.
I constantly get complimented on this scent. Whether its the ladies at the office, the girl at the pizza parlor register or my bank teller. Women seem to love it. This is my wife's favorite scent on me.
14th April, 2014
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United States
Wow, what a fragrance!

I don't know what's in this, and I don't think I wanna know. Is it an oriental? A spicy wood? I'll go with the paradoxical aromatic-oriental.

Spicebomb smells like a cacophony of spices dancing around. No, it's not the traditional spices you'd expect in a masculine. These are pleasing and never harsh. If Frederic Malle bottled this for $300, it'd be all the craze here.

While probably most similar to L'Occitane's Eau de Baux (I'd say 75%, but EdB is more oriental with less spice and more vanilla), the scent I get the best similarity to is the discontinued Gucci Envy. Not in smell, but in feel. Envy also had that jumble of spice (there, ginger which no one considers a spice) that was so well blended and pleasing as to defy its ingredients. Now Envy is discontinued and Spicebomb is born shortly thereafter. Coincidence or reincarnation?
05th March, 2014
Spicebomb has a smooth, sophisticated opening. I’m not sure how to categorize the accord except that it is an exceptionally rippleless fruity-spicy texture… glossy to the point that I cannot pick out individual notes; I can only recognize the notes by identifying certain characteristics of the accord. The elemi plays a large part in both the glossiness and the lack of individually identifiable notes. There is an aromatic texture that comes from the pink pepper, and, while this aromatic texture lasts, I enjoy the accord. The total accord, if not actually sweet, gives an impression of being sweet – perhaps because of the spiciness. As the aromatic background wanes, I progressively lose my appreciation because what remains is the kind of accord that I know I will find annoying with prolonged exposure. I’ve had the exact same experience with Viktor & Rolf’s Antidote, which I purchased but no longer wear because I’ve grown annoyed with the continuation of the basic accord. So much for the opening… I’ve already determined that I will not be buying this one.

I was not looking to enjoy the middle accord of the chili and saffron because I am not fond of saffron, and I had little hope that I would enjoy its combination with chili. I should have known that I wouldn’t smell the chili – another aberration of mine. So the middle accord simply adds saffron to the remnants of the opening I already dislike. Contrary to my personal thoughts of saffron, I think that it actually improved the opening accord. Go figure…

The base is soft and sophisticated – a leather / tobacco / vetiver accord. Again, it comes across to me as a textured accord… I find it quite pleasant but nothing more. It retains a bit of the spice texture from the top; it contains and element of the afore-mentioned annoying accord; it doesn’t seem to project very much; and it has quite good longevity.

Basically, I see Spicebomb as similar to V & R’s Antidote in the sense that it is interesting, sophisticated (it seems to me to be quite nichy), and it had experienced a lot of attention when it came to the market. I hear very little about Antidote nowadays and I expect the same thing will happen with Spicebomb: It is well-made, sophisticated, successfully introduced, and creative, but I do not believe it has a presence or character that will make it more than a flash in the pan.

09th February, 2014
Wow, this smells like a Prada Amber PH clone. I hate Prada Amber PH.

I did receive a couple of compliments while wearing this, but ultimately I find it overtly feminine, cloying, and utterly uninspired and derivative.
17th December, 2013
Solid scent that doesn't live to its name

This scent has a fantastic spicy opening and settles down into a very light, yet powerful woody fragrance. The bottle design is very unique and works in a weird fashion. You have to "pull the pin" on the fragrance or else it doesn't spray. I thought the designers did a great job of combining the grenade shape with the pin-pulling gimmick. The projection and longevity is extremely good for me but it's the scent itself that doesn't feel like a "bomb." The spice comes very early but dissipates quickly. I also receive compliments very regularly compared to most of my collection.

Even though it's woody, it developed much more feminine than I anticipated. I sprayed a card in a designer store and got a completely different fragrance compared to how it develops on my skin. I don't mind it being a little feminine but I wasn't really looking for that type of development when I bought it. I bought it from a high-end clothes store so I'm not sure if it was their set price that made it so high or not but when it was rung up, I was surprised it was priced so high. I was also a little annoyed that it only came in 90 ml. It felt a little short-changed compared to 99% of other designers that come in 100 ml.


Pros: 1. Crazy design and concept that works well as a bottle collector 2. I get fantastic projection and longevity 3. Great compliment getter
Cons: 1. More feminine than I expected 2. Expensive for a designer 3. Doesn't come in the full 100 ml"

02nd October, 2013
Cinammon bubblegum overkill.

Notes of mainly cinnamon, bubblegum and a hint of tobacco had me hurrying furtively through the streets after testing it hoping nobody would get too close to me. This feels jarring and invasive and I feel sorry for anyone trapped in a confined space with this scent (though it did seem to die away pretty quickly)

Pros: Will get you noticed
Cons: Will get you noticed in a bad way"

03rd August, 2013
another view

another teen age party scent, you may like it or not, kid stuff indeed!

29th July, 2013
Amazing spicy scent, that succeeds in all categories.

Similar to: Tobacco Vanille, Eau des Baux, Mugler: Taste of Fragrance, Burberry: The Beat.

First and foremost. I am a HUGE Olivier Polge fan. And I think this is his best designer brand fragrance. I haven't so much seen or smelled what he can do with a higher budget in the niche realm of fragrances, but I am sure there is lots of potential. He's still fairly young and is gonna make some instant classics, like Spicebomb.

Spicebomb. Where to begin. First it was Le Male, then 1 Million, now Spicebomb. The ultimate club scent, and keeping up to date with what people wanna smell. Personally, I am not a "club goer", but this is what you wanna wear to get noticed. While it's very very spicy, no doubt, it is balanced out well with a subtle sweetness, tonka bean I presume. The opening gives a huge blast of pink pepper, and paprika more than anything. It's a bit sharp, and definitley in your face.. but it quickly mellows out, the notes combine, along with vetiver, leather, citruses, and cinnamon. I do believe the cinnamon note in here is the real secret to Spicebomb. Cinnamon is a spice, but also sweet in a way, and it really helps Spicebomb, not only to balance out, but to keep a character that distinguishes it from Tobacco Vanille, and others.

Spicebomb.. not a pepper bomb like Marc Jacobs Bang. There's never too much of anything in Spicebomb once it comes into character. You get a little pink pepper, a little cinnamon, a little vetiver, a little leather, a little saffron, a little tonka bean, on and on. Projection and longevity are both a plus. But I can see this being off putting to some in the opening notes, if you are sensitive to pink pepper or paprika in heavy doses.

Spicebomb has already gotten its much deserved recognition here on Basenotes, and other forums and communities around the internet. I just hope it doesn't ever get lost in translation, and stays relevant. An A+ masterpiece, and a must try!

Pros: Longevity, projection, value, unique, balanced.
Cons: Price is a little high."

08th July, 2013