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Negative Reviews of Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

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A fairly horrific mess that goes for overkill is nearly every respect. “Bomb” is an appropriate name for this toothache in a bottle. Massively synthetic-smelling, incoherent, and frighteningly popular, Spicebomb unsettles me. Just thinking about having smelled it gives me a headache.
15th July, 2016
The name is apt. I felt like I had been attacked by the cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and honey from my spice rack. While I enjoy spice and incense, this was just way too overpowering.
29th December, 2015
I don’t have a problem with sweet fragrances, but Spicebomb is just really too much for me. It’s pure, crude, nondescript plastic sweetness which I have a hard time considering a grown man’s fragrance. Or actually a “person’s fragrance”, of any kind. Again, sweetness is not the issue, neither the “generic” factor, which I’m very fine with most of the times. The problem is that Spicebomb smells like if they accidentally switched the nozzles with a barrel of something meant for a candy factory, and bottled that, and sold it. Leather? Saffron? Elegance? This is a juvenile, sticky bubblegum cascade of cinnamon, vanilla, musk, nonsense synthetic gummy bear stuff all wrapped in a bare “masculine” frame of woody musk and spicy amber. All in the worse quality you can imagine – flat, cheap, extremely linear synthetic stuff as in any drugstore shower gel, with no qualities whatsoever except the ability of making you feel in a time machine ready to throw you right into Justin Bieber’s arms in 2005. I’d choose lifetime chastity over any woman complimenting this abomination.

24th November, 2015
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Don't care for this scent. Not bad but definitely not something I want to smell like all day.
27th October, 2015
This cologne is bittersweet, as soon as I smelt it there sweetness overwhelmed my smell and taste. Then this sweet bitter taste and smell came .3 seconds after and I had to put it back right away.

I'm probably a bit bias because I hate colognes that are too sweet right away so I didn't give it much chance, it had quality and portrayed exactly to what it was trying to be a SpiceBomb. I guess I can't complain about the smell I did not like since it smells exactly like the name.

The container is cool but your personality better match this smell otherwise you'll look like a douche that smells too sweet and comes off too strong.

25th April, 2015
jumpfrog Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Horrendous. Do you have the top three buttons undone on your shirt? Do you wear chunky gold chains and bracelets? Do you slick your hair back? If so, then this is the fragrance for you! The first sniff was an utter assault on my senses. The spice is so overdone, so cheap, and so synthetic I was quite taken back. What follows is sweet. Sweet. Sickly sweet. And then some. It is the epitome of "cloying". The scent is as obnoxious as the butch, uber-alpha grenade bottle it comes in. "Spicebomb" is best worn by slimy second hand car salesmen or equally slimy used jewellery salesmen. I couldn't help but picture Del Boy rubbing his hands together and saying, "lovely jubbly" after dousing himself in it, before jumping in his reliant robin. A total shocker this one. I just do not get all the positive reviews.
23rd August, 2014
Wow, this smells like a Prada Amber PH clone. I hate Prada Amber PH.

I did receive a couple of compliments while wearing this, but ultimately I find it overtly feminine, cloying, and utterly uninspired and derivative.
17th December, 2013
Cinammon bubblegum overkill.

Notes of mainly cinnamon, bubblegum and a hint of tobacco had me hurrying furtively through the streets after testing it hoping nobody would get too close to me. This feels jarring and invasive and I feel sorry for anyone trapped in a confined space with this scent (though it did seem to die away pretty quickly)

Pros: Will get you noticed
Cons: Will get you noticed in a bad way"

03rd August, 2013
another view

another teen age party scent, you may like it or not, kid stuff indeed!

29th July, 2013
I should begin by commending V&R for trying very hard in getting the product to resemble its title. However,in general terms, it feels like Robert Cavalli's Black with a few extra condiments thrown in. I did enjoy the opening five minutes or so, but that is about as good as it gets. Subsequent phases are a mixture of non-descript accords and occasional bouts of dead air. Structurally, Spicebomb is all over the place, but at least they have made the bottle easy to throw.
11th February, 2013
The name promises to take me to a place far beyond Jaipur EDP.

The juice delivers bupkis.

If you want this, buy Bleu de Chanel. That bottle is cooler, but the juice is still lame.
22nd December, 2012
This smelled like herbal tea on me... I wanted it to smell good I really did
07th December, 2012
Sweet, linear. And smells like...canned corn?! Call me crazy. Actually just call me, tell me I'm not the only one smelling canned corn from this?

Perhaps it's the Elemi. Other than that, some Tobacco sneaks through after drying down which is nice. I smell no trace of the Pink Pepper although the marketing comes across like Marc Jacob's 'Bang'. Echoes of 'Tobacco Vanille' are warranted, perhaps 'One Million'. But ultimately this frag is quite sweet and fairly one dimensional. And not the singular dimension you'd care to have around as one might find in Prada 'Amber'.

06th December, 2012
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I've nothing against sweet fragrances, but my god this is really sweet! I found as the day went on, the more sickley it became. I quite like antidote by V&R, but Spicebomb really isn't for me.
30th April, 2012
gmb Show all reviews
I am in almost complete agreement with Dullah's review below, and yet my rating is negative. Partly this is a matter of taste, and partly also of composition.

The opening is a blast of bergamot and pepper that is very bracing, and pleasant, but unfortunately disappears almost immediately, to be followed by a truly unpleasant (to my nose) fruity bubblegum accord that lasts rather longer. These are followed by spicy floral, and then tobacco with hint of floral and green notes, both of which are quite good. Unfortunately, even hours into wearing, the fruity bubblegum accord seems occasionally to rise again, ruining the experience.

This is, at least to my mind, not merely a matter of preference regarding such fruity notes, because it does not belong, and ruins the effect of the -- otherwise very enjoyable -- heart and base accords. I may be overly sensitive to the fruity notes because I dislike them, but I would definitely recommend a full wearing before purchasing this.
14th March, 2012
I had high hopes, and upon spraying this one for the first time, my initial reaction was "seriously guys?"

This smells like the goal was simply this - "1 Million is a huge success, let's make something that resembles it."

I've heard this compared to both Tobacco Vanille and Pure Havane. And while they may share the odd element, Spicebomb lacks the quality and sophistication of Tobacco Vanille, and also lacks the sweet, wearable originality of Pure Havane. It's upsetting.

With a name like Spicebomb, and a grenade-styled bottle, I expected to be hit with something striking and powerful. Unfortunately, I got bubblegum off the top that made me yearn for 1 Million. I can't believe I actually said that.

Very, very disappointed with this. My wife wears flowerbomb extreme, and that is a very quality, sweet perfume with personality. Spicebomb is a dud fired from a plastic cap gun.
13th March, 2012
Hmm... didn't like it so much.
Saleswoman at Schiphol Airport tried to satisfy me by praising the scent of this ordinary fragrance.... No thanx. Too many ingredients put together, very cloying sweet scent. Not that unique either. Reminded me of Rochas Man and Boss Bottled. Come on, V&R, this is disappointing....
28th February, 2012
stuigi Show all reviews
United States
It fails as the masculine scent it is marketed as. The opening is not bad, but it dries down to a rather feminine mess of an overkill of ingredients.
27th February, 2012
ajs76 Show all reviews
United States
Can we say...Fahrenheit
24th February, 2012