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Neutral Reviews of Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

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Review is for a 2015 bottle.

Spicebomb opens up with a fleeting but dominant bergamot note that overpowers any grapefruit or elemi. Pink pepper sits in the background before everything inevitably transforms to cinnamon.
At this point in the mids saffron joins cinammon and i find this the most pleasant part of this fragrance and it's probably because at this stage it reminds me of a favourite, Versace Man.
Where V man is complimented by cardamon, spicebomb sweetens from here, and the cinnamon rides on through to the base, sprinkling itself through the sweetish tobacco and soft leather.
Development through these stages is very swift and really denies any enjoyment of opening and heart before settling on that sweet base.
All up a pleasant scent but i suspect there are better in this genre. Where this bottle fails is that i get 1-2 hours moderate projection and 4 hours longevity before nothing.
Bomb indeed.
21st October, 2016 (last edited: 27th June, 2017)
I bought a sample of this online because I had smelled the opening at a fragrance counter and wanted to evaluate it as I would wear it.

The opening is powerful, and the fragrance is aptly named and the bottle aptly designed. It seems awfully juvenile though, and I can't quite figure out the logic in the marketing package. After such a strong peppery opening the drydown is a huge let down and I normally like Tobacco, Leather, Vetiver scents. This one seems to just linger into an almost sweet almost sour concoction that didn't do much for me. Not terrible, but nothing I want in my collection. However, I think V&R will do just fine without me as this likely has it's appeal to many.
20th February, 2015
Runs out of the gates with a sweet Elemi (spicy/incense) with tobacco. Very sweet. The vetiver comes in and freshens the the group. This is a good cozy winter fragrance but too sweet for me. If I were to choose something like this I would pick Acier Aluminum.
07th December, 2014
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Can't say I was impressed to be honest.

As it says on the bottle, it's spicy and goes off like a bomb.

Insane opening (which may be too much for some) but after an hour hardly anything is left.

Not bad, but burns itself out too quickly.
13th October, 2014
the reviews by Dullah, dollars&scents and buysblind are on the money.

there is a nice floral, citric opening, followed by a long, sweet passage that is rather cloying and tiresome. This is the bubblegum phase that several reviewers have referred to. Finally, after a few hours, it dries down to a powdery, spicy finish that is very genteel and may be too feminine for many men.
24th June, 2014
Spicebomb has a smooth, sophisticated opening. I’m not sure how to categorize the accord except that it is an exceptionally rippleless fruity-spicy texture… glossy to the point that I cannot pick out individual notes; I can only recognize the notes by identifying certain characteristics of the accord. The elemi plays a large part in both the glossiness and the lack of individually identifiable notes. There is an aromatic texture that comes from the pink pepper, and, while this aromatic texture lasts, I enjoy the accord. The total accord, if not actually sweet, gives an impression of being sweet – perhaps because of the spiciness. As the aromatic background wanes, I progressively lose my appreciation because what remains is the kind of accord that I know I will find annoying with prolonged exposure. I’ve had the exact same experience with Viktor & Rolf’s Antidote, which I purchased but no longer wear because I’ve grown annoyed with the continuation of the basic accord. So much for the opening… I’ve already determined that I will not be buying this one.

I was not looking to enjoy the middle accord of the chili and saffron because I am not fond of saffron, and I had little hope that I would enjoy its combination with chili. I should have known that I wouldn’t smell the chili – another aberration of mine. So the middle accord simply adds saffron to the remnants of the opening I already dislike. Contrary to my personal thoughts of saffron, I think that it actually improved the opening accord. Go figure…

The base is soft and sophisticated – a leather / tobacco / vetiver accord. Again, it comes across to me as a textured accord… I find it quite pleasant but nothing more. It retains a bit of the spice texture from the top; it contains and element of the afore-mentioned annoying accord; it doesn’t seem to project very much; and it has quite good longevity.

Basically, I see Spicebomb as similar to V & R’s Antidote in the sense that it is interesting, sophisticated (it seems to me to be quite nichy), and it had experienced a lot of attention when it came to the market. I hear very little about Antidote nowadays and I expect the same thing will happen with Spicebomb: It is well-made, sophisticated, successfully introduced, and creative, but I do not believe it has a presence or character that will make it more than a flash in the pan.

09th February, 2014
So this is christmas

The spices in this are very Christmassy making it a good choice in winter. The opening is a little sweet in an original santal sort of way but after an hour or so it mellows out. I've worn it to the office but it works better as an evening scent. Projection is good and longevity average. The bottle looks a bit tacky IMO and the plastic pull thing cheapens it but I guess this was the look they were going for in a brash, loud way. One to keep in a drawer not the shelf. It's pricey for a designer house, I think chergui does what this does but in a more elegant, and refined way. it can be bought from a discounter at much the same price so sniff chergui before dropping on a bottle of this stuff in Macy's.

18th May, 2013
Really disappointed by this, I was expecting a stronger opening. It's most definitely no bomb, it's quite a nice fragrance but nothing at all special as I am sure I have encounter something very similar in the middle notes, MEZMERISE by Avon. It's totally different at the drydown, as I get a soapy,balsam very close to the skin smell. It gets 6/10 from me!
10th April, 2013
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
for the price i did expect more. more longevity and spice that is. bang was a lame attempt by marc jacobs and this is only slightly better thn that or even elixir's black pepper. the base notes sound great but do not project at all. opens with a bit of citrus then the lightness of pink pepper kicks in. i don't know what elemi is but the tobacco and other base notes should have had a bigger impact on the overall quality of the scent.
05th March, 2013
Lots of cinnamon and tobacco leaves.
Sweet and powerful, it has the same vibe of 1 Million, 212 Sexy... powerful sweet scents.
Not as unique as Antidote.
Reminds me of Versace Dreamer and CK Shock.
Sillage, lasting power and projection are high.
Not spicy neither a bomb, just a good sweet scent.
19th December, 2012 (last edited: 02nd March, 2013)
First sniff of this fragrance and you can tell it's by Polge. Normally I'm a fan of his creations but this one is a neutral from me.

Spicebomb is a blowsy overblown scent, which smells of mixed allspice and vanilla, and not much else. It's very linear and quite 'shallow' and has mass market appeal, but is very sweet and has too much vanilla for my tastes. Also the spice just smells of cooking spice but not 'spicy' if that makes sense! I find smelling like sweet spicy cake a bit off putting to be honest, although I suppose ladies might like it...

strong projection on this
21st November, 2012
When I told the SA I wanted something with projection, he got a smile on his face, and pointed to Spicebomb. On paper, I liked it. but on my skin...not so much. Really to sweet with spice and cedar. too gourmand and fruity. but It does project and have longevity. The dry-down is much better than the opening.
21st October, 2012
A bit underwhelming because it is nothing new. I get Burberry London cum Gucci by Gucci launched a few years back. It is vanilla and spice with other "fall" spices. Dry down is cedar and vanilla. V & R deliver strong scents, so this is pretty strong. However it is boring.
11th October, 2012
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i give it a "Thumbs up" from the perspective of a woman but this wouldn't be my choice for a man unless it smells different on male body chemistry....too sweet, airy, and sugary.
Even if worn by a woman, this wouldn't do if you're into leather, woods, and spice in your perfume.

It smells like a deeper, more long lasting version of Alien by Thierry Mugler--which smells like purple candy--it is sweet and cloying, with a coolness to it. I assumed "Spicebomb" would be a proliferation of dark, velvety, leather arm chair, cardamon and all things rugged masculine spices but this was way too vanilla.

I'd wear this on occasion when I'm feeling more for a floral and fruity scent, because I did like Alien but hated its lack of staying power. But I couldn't tolerate it on men or woman as a full time scent.

07th October, 2012
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
A dilemma always presents itself with derivative fragrances such as Spicebomb: do I review in a vacuum and disregard the previous originators? Or do I dismiss the imitator even if it's good, because it is an imitator?

First, I don't get any bubblegum from this (unless there is a "bourbon and leather" flavor that I don't know about). I get a strong dose of spices up front but then mostly a boozy leather. At this stage it is a clear homage to Egoiste and other such leather scents as Truefitt & Hill's Spanish Leather, even Cigar by Remy Latour. I find it less gourmand than Eau des Baux, and actually quite different.

Second, it smells pretty good for the first hour or so before the drydown comes. If I didn't have several things like it already, I might be tempted to splurge on a bottle. The drydown, nonetheless, follows the same path as so many others these days to the Land of Amber, and a dull one at that.
11th April, 2012 (last edited: 23rd September, 2012)
Well, my favorite SA approached me at Nordstrom's last week and quickly sprayed a sample of this from what she called a "lab sample" bottle, not the pictured bottle in ads, just a small plain bottle. My first impression from smelling it on a card was, "I'll be darned, this smells great...a designer fragrance I may have to buy!"

I took my sample with me and decided to wear it yesterday.

On the card I could smell some spice and cinnamon and yes, some flowery notes and it was lovely. Very fresh and clean more than spicy. When I wore this I got very little spice at all, mostly just a sweet scent that reminded me of soap or maybe powder. I am not a powder fan but it was a clean smell that I enjoyed even if it did seem sort of powdery. Opens for me with citrus and a touch of spice...not a bomb of spice. Drydown was pleasant enough with just a hint of leather and more soapy clean smell. I go against what I have read about this lasting, for me it became a skin scent after a very few hours, about 3 I would say and I reapplied several times that day. It may last for some, but I use some powerfull scents that are quite concentrated and compared to what I am used to, this is weak. And yes, it reminded me of something and the best I can come up with is Kenzo Power, but I prefer Kenzo Power to this.

My short review would be, "Soapy, clean, a bit feminine and a nice scent for a young man that does not want to offend anyone and maybe attract the young ladies...who may want to steal his scent to wear themselves." I like this scent, it is simply not for me though, so yes, this is a bomb of sorts...and I was liking it at first and thought I would buy this. In the end, I will not.

I honestly do like this scent so please read my review as my opinion for me. This is better than most designer scents and one to check out, just don't expect all the spices that the name suggests!

I almost gave this a thumbs up because I think this is a good one, but since it is not for me I will place this as a neutral review.
31st March, 2012
OK,similar to Eav des Bavx L'Occitane.Probably an impulse buy in Duty Free.
22nd February, 2012
Viktor & Rolf present their new fragrance for 2012... BubblegumBomb!

I passed through a department store today and sprayed some on my hand... It instantly smelled like Hubba Hubba Bubblegum! A fruity citrus (but NOT sharp or refreshing) mixed with cinnamon (flavouring) and sugar. Perhaps there is the slightest hint of tobacco in the base, but that might be my imagination.

All up... on my skin and to my nose... it just smells like bubblegum and would be more appropriately launched by Comme De Garcons and called Candy Series 9: Cinnamon bubblegum. Not for me... but maybe others will enjoy it, and I think it could be quite wearable by a woman (who's 14 and listens to Britney Spears... but then she'd just be chewing bubblegum and smell like it anyway).

NB: I have a very average nose, so please take my brief impression of Spicebomb with a "pinch of salt".

01st February, 2012
I went to the launch of Spicebomb in the Bijenkorf departmentstore in Amsterdam. What can I say: breathtaking? I am a big fan of it's predessesor Antidote because of it's green sophistacated smell, it's elegance and it's uniqueness. Spicebomb is different: it's heavy, it's big and it remainded me of Mugler's Pure Malt. It's pretty persistent: I was given 1 spray on my hand and it was still there after the gym and sauna. It's starts fresh with citrus, and then after 10/15 minutes I smell cinnamon? And basenotes are some sweet leather scent. Then I thought: 'hey, Pure Malt'. Not bad this, and I like the bottle, but I think I'll pass on this one. And I sure hope this doesn't mean they will discontinue Antidote. Or worse: reformulate...
23rd January, 2012