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It's not bad and the hot chili pepper is nothing to be scared of if you like the original Amen or even Pure Havane. After the opening, which you can smell the chili pepper, it's the sweet tonka and coffee scent that is familiar to anyone that knows Amen. Having said that, it's all turned way down and is more subtle and wearable than the original. The skin scent towards the end is a nice vanilla/coffee.

I get good projection and longevity.

24th March, 2018
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United States
A Taste of Fragrance is a unique gourmand that reminds me of a hot spicy aroma that sticks to the clothes after dining in a South Asian cuisine. Theres a very brief cherry opening that lasts for about a couple of minutes then the coffee and strong spices rise. ToF is a long-lasting fragrance, veiled by spices, and it dries down to a scent that reminds me of Pure Malt.

While I understand that A Taste of Fragrance has an appeal to people who want to stand out, it is just not my style. Its something I wouldnt wear for myself or around others. A solid release from Mugler, nonetheless.
21st April, 2013
On my first wearing, the opening initial blast was really powerful. The chili pepper is very cloying to me. However, at the outset, I should admit that I have not dealt much in the realm of spicy fragrances. So, what may be a lot to me, may not be a lot to someone else who has tested a lot of spicy fragrances. When I say it was cloying, I mean it was really cloying.

20 minutes in and it died down a little bit, but the chili pepper was still strong. I could notice a sweet scent mixing w/the chili pepper. I assumed chocolate, but it's something along that line. 45 minutes in and the chili pepper died down to a nicer intensity and the more familiar a*men-like notes take over.

I was trying to discern the notes on my initial first wearing and think I smelled it so much that it gave me a short round of heartburn. No kidding - it was pretty intense - and it stopped after I stopped purposely sniffing my wrists. The other notes for the first 45 minutes were just coagulated around the chili pepper.

On my second wear, I knew what to expect and the chili pepper was not as bad, but I still find it pretty strong. Maybe it's just my personal taste with spicy fragrances - who knows?. It is definitely interesting, there's no doubt about that.

I think there was some tonka bean and vanilla in the middle notes. And these smelled fine. And they smelled great with the faded chili pepper mix. I don't really get anything in the base notes. From the middle notes on I get the same thing, only the chili pepper recedes eventually.

On my first wear, the longevity didn't seem to last as long as I would have expected with the A* Men line. It wasn't incredibly short, but there was a certain expectation of how long it'd last and it didn't live up to that. Second wearing, I could see that the longevity was a bit better (I think I used a bit more on myself). But the middle notes are so light - I was surprised to see how light they were. They do smell nice, but they're not too noticeable. Bit of a surprise from how noticeable the top notes are. It's a bit odd to go from a very strong and potentially offensive top notes to a very quiet and inoffensive middle notes.

All in all, I don't think I'd spend 80$ on this. I think it's a definitely interesting take on the A* Men line and I do like it somewhat, but I'm not for sure I like it for that much. Also, I am just not crazy about the first 45 minutes of LGP. If I wore this enough, I might get used to it and love it, but I don't feel like spending 80$ on that chance.
08th March, 2012
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Basically its Pure Coffee with chili pepper. It smells good but I dont like so much the pepper note which is very potent in the first hour. The drydown is similar to Pure Coffe but less strong. I got Pure Coffee and I prefer it.
04th March, 2012