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Positive Reviews of A*Men: Le G˘ut du Parfum / The Taste of Fragrance [hot chili pepper paste] by

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Perhaps the least resemblance to the forefather, A*Men. This fragrance has a touch of strange gourmand within the famous amber-fabricated coffee/vanilla pattern of A*Men. This gourmand smell is so professional and you hardly can find it in only some few creations as: Serge Lutens Jeux de Peau, Ego Facto Poopoo Pidoo, and Perfumes by Terri Vertigo Cuir.

The opening is so crisp with vegetal fleshy sweet notes. Then it settles in patchouli and chilli pepper and vanilla, all rendered by vibrant cedar and rounded coumarin. Yet the coffee is unavoidably beautiful. I rather fall in love with the bean in this creation more than every single A*Man flanker. It's peppery coffee.

06th November, 2015
Tmoran Show all reviews
United States
I think all thierry mugler A*men flankers and the original can be somewhat challenging when you first smell them. I wouldnt say any of them have an actual "Bad" smell but I think we as humans have it ingrained in our brains what we should and should not smell like. Thierry mugler usually doesnt play it safe and dares you to think for yourself and step out of what people expect. This I feel is why they are such a love and hate brand.

My experience with TOF (taste of fragrance) is rather odd. Usually I either like something or dislike it. Rarely does something grow on me. This however is that very fragrance. When I first sprayed this every instinct told me, "dude, you should not smell like this" But like many mugler fragrances and certain foods its an acquired taste that develops in time. I went from hating TOF to loving it in a single night. I was wearing and almost was compelled to scrub it off. But I left it on to give it a chance. The next day I was like, "man I dont think I will be wearing that again." I then grabbed my bottle of pure leather. Funny thing is a half hour later I found myself craving TOF. I am actually wearing it as I am writing this and I honestly am over the moon for the stuff. I have a new appreciation for it.

I would recommend anyone who bought a bottle to give it another try. And force yourself to leave it on for the day. Once it dries down that chilli note goes to the backround and a sweeter berry like accord comes to the front almost in the same spirit and pure havane or pure malt. Not the same smell but rather the same feel if you get my meaning. The drydown of TOF is really something to behold. And if you can hold on long enough to get there the reward for you patience is really satisfying. I think TOF is probably the single most underrated frag in the Thierry Mugler lineup. It deserves to be right along side pure malt and pure havane.
24th June, 2014
In the spirit of Pure Havane...

Minus the honey and tobacco, plus coffee and supposed chili pepper paste. Chili Peper Paste is an idea here, the package, the name, the overall feel, not really that you'll specifically feel the smell of pepper paste here, well not me at least, subjectively. It is a subconscious, subliminal message that the marketing sends you, thus lo' and behold, you really "feel" the chili pepper paste smell in it.

The supposed pepper don't have a strong effect, a bit placid, however overall fragrance is not bad, on the contrary. Underrated flanker, not nearly spoken of unlike Pure Malt and Pure Havane with which Taste Of Fragrance shares the vibe.
Pure Havane really kicks in here, but coffee note is present unlike in Havane where honey note dominates. Regardless, Pure Havane feel is here. You just can't escape that cherry liqueur vibe that is present.

I believe that The Taste Of Fragrance isn't much of the hype simply because it followed soon after Pure Havane that just got all attention, quite quickly after Pure Leather ensued both with Pure Shot and somehow Taste Of Fragrance became a victim of a sort.

This fragrance, albeit not too heavy, seems to give its best in winter despite the obvious fact that due to it's lack of invasive potency could easily play the role of the whole year fragrance.

I don't think it's unfair that this fragrance isn't the hype, however it is unfair that it got under the radar, seldom mentioned or spoken of. It's a really good fragrance that didn't get to the audience like the previous flankers.

Thumbs up because I really like the idea of the entire line, otherwise neutral about it by a small margin.

Originality: 3/10
Fragrance: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10
Projection: 6/10
09th April, 2014
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Was going to purchase this one a while back, but because of that chili pepper paste note it detered me away from purchasing it. I tried a sample today, and must say this fragrance is pretty good. I get the light chili note in the initial spray. It has the A*Men DNA in there (that's a good thing) which turns into a coffee scented fragrance. I will be purchasing a bottle of this in the near future. 7/10.
02nd January, 2014 (last edited: 08th January, 2014)
Pepper Done Right

Looking for a cheaper Mugler that makes venus purr? Here's your answer.

I was skeptic about red pepper paste as a note until I tried this on my skin. Smooth, slightly playful scent that gives another perspective to Thierry Mugler colognes. It doesn't oppress anyone, and provides a nice scent bubble.

It combines a lot of good things that characterize some mugler colognes. Classy like Pure Malt and casual like Pure Havane. I already have those two, but this might just be a better fragrance. It is at least on their level IMO.

I could not list cons, other than it is limited edition. I don't think people who are sensitive to pepper should worry as the pepper note is more pepper paste than actual pepper bombs. The heart is a not-overhwleming-but-sweet coffee, chocolate, and pepper mix.

Most appropriate on the dating scene or a night out, but can be worn anytime, anywhere. I notice people smelling the air a little bit more while around me, but not gagging or being repulsed. No cologne is ever a panty dropper, but this is a classy, sensual smell.

Pros: Underrated, Unique, Pleasant, Versatile
Cons: Limited Edition"

26th October, 2013
An Overlooked and Underrated Flanker

This is actually a great A*Men flanker and due to the popularity of Pure Malt and Pure Havane, I believe it is somewhat overlooked. The Taste of Fragrance is not as aggressive as A*Men (it lacks the tar note and the patchouli is turned way down) and it's not as sweet as Pure Malt. Nevertheless, it does its job very well.

What you get is a strong coffee and chili pepper combination in the opening that sweetens over time as the vanilla and tonka start to kick in. There have been some complaints that the chili pepper is overwhelming, but in my experience, that's really not the case. I find it on par wit the coffee note and balanced in the overall scheme of things. The patchouli plays the background in Taste of Fragrance, never making much of a scene, though its presence is felt as an abstract woodiness underlying the entire composition. Personally, I find the patchouli note in the original A*Men too strong, and I like how it's been toned down here. Finally, as the chili pepper gradually fades you're left with something of a cafe-mocha/vanilla-latte vibe.

Longevity is anywhere from 8 to 12 hours and the projection is good--solid but not overpowering or cloying.

I would consider this my third favorite in the A*Men line just after Pure Malt and Pure Havane. It's definitely worth looking into if you are considering an A*Men option or looking for a unique, quality coffee-based scent. It can also be found for about $40 less than the other flankers.

Overall, it's definitely
worth sampling. If you're not bothered by the chili pepper note, chances are you will really like this.

Pros: Smells great, Can be had for cheap, Unique chili pepper note
Cons: You may not like the chili pepper, Could be redundant if you own others in the A*Men line"

17th July, 2013

OMG... another amazing frag by this house. I get the red pepper upfront yet soft and the drydown is just plain unique..Not for everyone for sure....very outside the box and playfull...just as his other fragrances are. By far my favorite line- malt- leather- ice man. and   Very creative and eye opening.

Pros: the whole fragrance
Cons: zero

20th May, 2013
Just received my bottle today from the Mugler Boutique. Love the stuff. I love intense colognes and this is definitely intense. I now have AMen, BMen, Pure Havane, Pure Malt, and now, TOF! I think Pure Malt is my favorite Mugler.
23rd January, 2013 (last edited: 13th February, 2013)
This is THE MOST underrated of the line. When this was first released I automatically said pass. I mean chili pepper as a note? You're crazy. Well a year or so later as I have grown in my fragrance experiences I said eh why not and blind bought a bottle. Wow was I surprised. Yes I was a little worried because at first spray you do get straight up chili powder (very authentic) but as time passes the chili powder calms down and all the greatness that I liked about A*Men and hints of Pure Malt starts to come through and you get a very smooth and well balanced scent. If I didn't have a love affair with Pure Havane this would easily be my favorite from the Mugler house.
21st January, 2013
TOF is like being at a festival where on one side they're having a chili cookoff and on the other side they're making exotic chocolate candies. The intermingling of these two creates a fantastic blend of spice and sweetness. Yes there's chili paste which is not to be confused with chili powder. The whole point of this fragrance is for the chili paste note to bring out and enhance the other notes in the fragrance which it most definately does. Such a unique smell and presents itself like no other gourmand on the market. This is a true A*men flanker and ranks right up there with Pure Malt and Pure Havane. If your willing to try something different and realize what this scent is supposed to do on your skin, it's really a treat to the senses.
17th December, 2012 (last edited: 03rd January, 2013)
kida2007 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
First time i tried this was in the summer and i sprayed it on my jacket and all i could really smell was red pepper!
Gave it about 2 months then went back properly and sprayed it on my skin, at first i though hmm thats not too bad actually and went to work. Couldnt stop smelling what it had turned into, a beautiful sweet cherry, spice, coffee blast that everyone seemed to be complimenting on!
The next day went back and bought a bottle and have been loving it ever since. After seriously trying out all the Mugler scents now and finally getting my hands on pure malt i still think its the most wearable and well balanced Mugler scent.
Its brilliantly well blended, not sickly sweet, a bit unusual but not weird.
It could easily become the next Pure malt in a year or too i think its worth every penny!
(long as your not paying crazy prices)
27th October, 2012
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
very distinct and addictive. since i first sampled it i have bought four bottles. i love al the different angel's except for pure shot but this is hands down the with all angel's this last all day and is better in cooler weather. maybe a bit much for the summer.very original, kinda like honey and chili peppers done outstanding!!!!
22nd October, 2012
mgrz Show all reviews
United States
My favorite fragrances are ones I can smell on myself throughout the day with minimal sprays. This one more than meets the requirements! I didn't notice it at first, but after 20-30 minutes it seems this was a cloud that came closer and farther away as time passed. Sometimes I smelled it strongly, sometimes less so. The chili pepper paste truly enhances A*Men! I gather it's the coffee being bolstered, and this is a real work of art! I love the subtle/strong/spice/sweet changes! Unlike anything I've owned...It must be an hour in now, and I love the way it sneaks up on me, like a reminder! This is an awesome blind-buy, and I couldn't be happier. Bravo!
14th July, 2012
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Stunning! An orientalish gourmand, based on the chili note. Simply stunning. Taste of Fragrance opens up with a beautiful wild cherry accord very reminiscent to that in Pure Havane. Quickly, it fades, and the spices come out. I get chili paste, or chili powder, and pink pepper all the way. The cherry like smell is still there, and begins to sweeten up. Whiffs of patchouli and coffee linger in the background. The coffee note, eventually takes over, and dominates for the remainder. A sweetness from tonka bean in the base, along with some soft woods, musk, and a hint of florals.

A beautiful composition, with exceptional longevity and sillage. I believe this one is the best of the flankers, although I have yet to try Pure Shot. It's amazing to see this chili note, mix with the coffee note so well.. it's a beaut!
04th June, 2012
A*Men Le Gout du Parfum/Taste of Fragrance (Pure Chili) - Here is a flanker to the original A*Men, wherein an enhancer, in this case chili or red pepper concentrate, is added to the mix to exalt the original's notes, to wit, the versatility of the patchouli and the richness of the coffee. I might add that it is done superbly.
Initially, one is treated to a somewhat mellow, yet familiar, cherry-vanillic, medicinal scent from the interplay of bittersweet bergamot, refreshing spearmint, fresh lavender, the nutty woodiness of coriander and magical, creamy tonka bean. A warm and smooth spiciness from the chili/red pepper showers the melange with its facets. Transitioning to the heart, aromatic patchouli releases its sweetish cocoa character, commingling with the tart fruitiness of pink pepper, as well as the creamy and sweet woodiness of Virginia cedar. Resultantly, a lovely, bittersweet chocolate plays with the spiciness of the chili/red pepper. A faint undercurrent of coffee brews and carries the melange to the base. Here, the rich, roasted coffee comes into its own and combines with the mystical, sweetly woody vanilla, capturing an extraordinary, cafe mocha aura, while a faint soapiness of musk flitters about. An alluring drydown ensues. This unique and masculine scent have average projection, 2-hour scent cloud, then becoming a skin scent, and average, 7-8 hours, longevity. A truly distinctive composition that can be enjoyed all year round.
13th May, 2012
Another great flanker for legendary A'Men!!
There is a unique spice note in this fragrance that make it unique and I'll talk about that later!
In the opening you can smell strong and sweet coffee and vanilla notes mixed with chilli pepper.
Very warm and spicy and at the same time sweet.
After about 10 minutes or more the sweet coffee notes is still there and the chilli paper note change to something really strange! I don't know what is the translation of this spice name in English but we call it in Persian as "Golpar"
First time when I wore it,few of my friends said : why you smell like "Golpar"?! lol
Golpar is a special spice that our people burn it in holy shrines and some special occasions and also we make it like powder and rarely use it in some foods!
You will have this scent to the end.
Very strange and unique smell that I really enjoy it.
Great projection and longevity just like the original A'Men.
07th May, 2012
I have to tell you that I almost always contemplate buying a perfume and test it several times before I make a buy. This one is the exception to the rule for me. I visited Nordstrom's a few days ago and saw this limited edition on the shelf and quickly sprayed a sample on a card. I was impressed at the first sniff. The SA approached me and throughout the conversation (where she tried to sell me other things) she told me it was a limited edition and they only got 6 bottles, all still on the shelf. I asked for a sample so I could wear it that night, got my sample and left. For the next half hour I was smelling the card and kept getting more impressed with this unique fragrance. After a few minutes the pepper really came to the front! I quickly went back and bought a full bottle. In the half hour or so while I was walking around one of the six bottles was sold, I bought the second.

On the skin this one performs just a little bit differently for me. The initial blast presents mostly a nice lavender with mint with a touch of bergamot and coriander. It does not take too long for the pepper to come to the front, very noticeable and well blended, yet not as strong for me as when I smelled this fragrance on paper. The slight citrus/bergamot smell is soon overwhelmed by the pepper (which to me smells more like freshly ground black pepper than chili pepper) and a vanilla and/or tonka bean smell is added to the chorus. Soon thereafter I get the smell of cacao which must be a combination of coffee and vanilla, maybe with some musk based on the notes listed.

Throughout this fragrance's life I get pepper at every stage except for maybe the first minute or two. Pepper with vanilla and coffee. And I can't help but think of cacao or dark chocolate with hot pepper, something that the Mayans used together. Chocolate and hot pepper is a favorite food combination of mine...the Mayans knew how to use cacao and pepper so this combination seems like a natural for a perfume. Needless to say, I love this combination. (A good friend makes habanero fudge every Christmas and it is my favorite holiday treat.)

I always have a problem determining how long a fragrance lasts and how it projects to other people. I tend to get fragrance fatigue and don't smell what I am wearing after a couple of hours and have to rely on others to tell me. But it seems to last several hours for my nose and I would guess this lasts at least 5-6 hours for me, maybe more. I will have to ask others and report back.

This one is an unique gourmand with so much pepper, coffee and vanilla. Definitely in my rotation for the cooler months. I love it! A limited edition so if you like it and want it, get it while it is available.

UPDATE: On drydown the pepper goes way to the back (but is still there if you search for it) and it ends with a nice, close to the skin cedar accord.
31st March, 2012
The most interesting and underrated A*Men flanker of them all.

This one has balls. A lot of the A*Men Pure Malt/Havane lovers can't handle the heat! Beautiful chili pepper / coffee / chocolate. One of the most unique fragrances I've ever laid nostrils on. Warm, gourmand and spicy - but not that typical fragrance spicy that dominates a lot of male fragrances. This is a dirtier chili pepper, and when paired with that coffee/chocolate, we get something truly original. NOTHING smells like it, just the same as the original A*Men when it came out.

I had every single Pure/Angel Men flanker, and recently decided that I didn't need them all anymore. I sold Pure Coffee, Malt, and Havane - but I kept this one along with the original. Don't get me wrong, Coffee, Malt and Havane are great designer fragrances, but when put up against niche gourmand offerings like Tonka Imperiale, Spiritueuse Double Vanille etc, they just don't measure up in my eyes.

A*Men Taste of Fragrance feels like a niche fragrance, and although met with mixed reviews and little fanfare, its popularity seems to be steadily growing as folks wrap their noses around what's truly going on here. Not something you'd wear everyday, but worth owning.

05th March, 2012
Such a FANTASTIC fragrance. The opening has a real coffe, stronger than Pure Coffee, mixed with that bombastic opening of the (discontinued?) flanker (it's a flanker?) B*Men. Very harsh and powerful, in-your-face.
Then the dry down is very confortable, and, to me, close to the original Angel Men, but with a STRONG chilli screaming during the long life of this fragrance (8 hours easy).
For me its the best flanker, actually I like it even more than the regular Angel Men.
Also, it has the most gigantic name of the universe:
Thierry Mugler Angel A*Men Le Gout du Parfum A Taste of Fragrance Hot Chilli Pepper Paste.
02nd March, 2012
Alityke Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Oh how I enjoyed this and how I regret not buying when I had a chance. What an error.

Coffee heavy in the front notes then a warm nasal tingle emerges from the chilli pepper, fruity in the way a scotch bonnet chilli with a sort of apricot fruit underneath. Finally dries down to it's big brother with more coffee and depth.

A mole sauce in frangrance form


Quick edit. Bought it after a nudge from a kind male BNer about sourcing online.
Will never regret getting it. Mr Ali and I fight for it, we both want it
07th February, 2012 (last edited: 29th April, 2012)
At first, I was skeptical. I didn't like the name, the notes didn't seem interesting, and the price tag put me off; but after sampling it, I was sold. It starts off with a strong note of chili pepper/paste and dries down to coffee..yes, coffee. The dry down actually reminds me of Pure Coffee. I get decent longevity and projection.

Definitely worth sampling for you gourmand lovers.
02nd February, 2012 (last edited: 26th July, 2012)