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It's all here. Frankincense, patchouli, pepper....Yes lots and lots of spicy pepper. I can smell oud although it is not listed. In fairness I think this is easily one of Amouage most underrated releases. Very nice!! I often layer this one with some pure frankincense and it works wonders. Actually received several compliments which is highly unusual for this type of scent.
09th June, 2017 (last edited: 07th September, 2017)
I smelled through the Amouage line the other day and bought samples of this and Opus VII. I liked the straight up rich incense vibe this threw off. I didn't initially get the peppery opening but do after a wearing of it. It's not over the top though I love a good pink pepper fragrance. The dry down is musky. I wish this were a touch stronger and lasted a bit longer, but overall nice.

I gave it a thumbs up because it's pleasant and unoffensive. It's versatile and a good work scent for pretty much any season. Not sure this is bottle worthy (for me at least). I might consider getting a decant of it.
04th June, 2017
Good grief this is highly disappointing. This is punishment in a bottle. Uber geranium and pepper to start... overwhelming for a few minutes... as it drys it doesn't get any better... very bitter to my nose and something slightly familiar to my nose that I can't place. For the price I am very happy I got a sample... This is just awful. A scrubber for sure. AVOID!
30th May, 2017
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Slightly spicey and woody, Honour Man reminded me of Journey Man. Has a retro vibe going on. The pepper in this is very good. Projection and longevity are great. Typical Amouage, but one I really like. 8/10
05th July, 2016
So I am reviewing the non-magnetic cap fragrance of Honour Man: Great fragrance, I think Honour Man sit somewhere between Epic and Interlude. Honour is not as potent as Interlude, however it is not as smoky as Epic. With Honour Man you get a nice geranium mixed with the black and pink pepper and and it comes off very inviting. there is this creamy feel that Honour Man leaves in its trail along with this sweet smoky aroma that lifts off the skin in a very beautiful way. Some have concluded this to be too peppery...I'm not getting this, yet to each is his/her own; I don't think this is to harsh or stringent to the nose, however be careful on the sprayer; not sure if ones needs loads of this.
Honour Man is masculine in my opinion, however, a woman could pull this off.

Overall: great fragrance from this line.
Projection: 6.5-7
Sillage: 6.5
Longevity: 6.5-7
30th March, 2016
This is between a Neutral and a Thumbs Up. I got a sample of this and loved it. I had been looking for a good pepper scent.

I got in on a split, and though I still liked it, began to think it smelled a little like bug spray. I'm not sure if it's the pepper, or something else. It's not bad enough for me to stop wearing it, but that feeling is always there.

On the plus side, I don't think any mosquitoes have bitten me while wearing it...
04th March, 2016
Amouage Honour Man falls into the category of the less-hyped men's fragrances, and it's not difficult to understand why, given that this is most a fresh spicy fragrance derived from a heavy use of pepper. While the opening is a bit harsh for my taste, it quickly descends into a fresh peppery blend that is quite pleasant to my nose. While the pepper is noteworthy, no other notes jump out at me, so the notes in the dry down being shown as a muted blend of cedar, patchouli, musk, and tonka more or less makes sense.

I definitely wouldn't call this overrated but longevity-wise, it's a bit disappointing for the standard (even discounted) Amouage price. Projection is decent for the first hour or two then calms down dramatically--it's no Interlude Man.

I enjoy pepper but have an alternate in the form of a Duross & Langel Black Pepper EDC that might be considered a viable (albeit less refined) replacement. Still, I'd certainly consider purchasing this in the future. A good pepper option if you like pepper-dominant fragrances.

7 out of 10
11th January, 2016
After long and intensive testing of the whole 'Man' (14 pieces) line from this brand Honour is the one that I prefer the most. Most of the offerings are from the dark incensy and woody kind...nothing groundbreaking, nothing new and certainly not worth the price. To me there are four that are different: Dia man, Ciel Man, Reflection Man and my final choice Honour Man, a perfect and unique smelling symbiosis (and surely not a copy) of the scents mentioned by Alfarom: Encre Noire, CDG2Man, Sel De Vetiver, Sycomore and especially Ormonde Man. To me Amouage Honour Man is what Ormonde Man should have been...that's the point!!

30th July, 2015 (last edited: 13th August, 2015)
Honour Man is for me among the “least Amouage” offerings by Amouage – both in a (slightly) positive and (mostly) negative meaning. The good news is that it smells different from most of their other masculine scents, so at least it’s something new: the bad news is that this “new” smells like a cheap parody of any Comme des Garçons-like balsamic peppery incense stuffed with musk, nutmeg, geranium and discount vetiver. That’s pretty much it in fact, a really artificial and kind of harsh musky incense with a mildly vibrant geranium-green-balsamic vein, which would be even quite nice (leafy, bitter, realistic) if it wasn’t blended with a cheap peppery-musky-incense and ambroxan galore, supported by a really generic, Jil Sander-esque woody base. You can easily guess how this smells on skin: “grey”, kind of cold, annoyingly synthetic, with a lot of plastic-rubbery nuances I wouldn’t really want from this price range. Vibrant and creative as an office cubicle on Sunday. Shortly probably it gives you the same result you’d get by layering Jil Sander Men (from 2000) with any geranium-musky supermarket scent. Now you know why I don’t like most of niche offerings? Because contrary to mainstream/designer brands managing (more or less successfully) to produce anything from socks to fragrances via dog leashes, so having at least the “we’re really busy” excuse, niche houses have one job – making perfumes. They’ve all the time and the resources to do it. And half of the time they make clumsy stuff mainstream brands could make blind folded between a new pair of shoes and a stoneware set. And at a fraction of the price, obviously. Honour Man may be decent, but... what’s the point?

25th July, 2015
Absolutely love this scent! It's a little bit of a strange take on pepper. It has an odd spice to it and I'm pretty sure it's due to the geranium, yet that is exactly what makes it so appealing. The geranium gives it almost a bitter edge when mixed with the nutmeg and frankincense and the contrast is that it also freshens it in a peculiar way. Make no doubt about it, this is a musky-cedar and peppery scent through and through, and even though it is quite linear, there are a lot of subtle adjustments up close and afar. Amazing longevity and projection.....lasts all day and into the night. Maybe not for everyone, but the brilliance is not lost on me. 4.5 out of 5
25th December, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A bright pepper opens the show, soon joined by a fresh vetiver-based accord that counterbalances the spice well. The spicy pathway is further elaborated by a frankincense-led drydown, in which a floral note
- geranium provides softness that sees a light patchouli form a crisper counterpoint. White musk and wood impressions are coming out in the base, but the latter are quite uninspired in spite of the very good quality of the blending and of the ingredients.

Overall the opening phase is nice, but the base not really that noteworthy. The performance delivers moderate sillage, very good projection and five hours of longevity on my skin. Not bad, but not one of Amouage's great scents in my books. 2.5/5
12th December, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

Black pepper would appear to be the note du jour. In the past, pepper would appear to great effect as an accent in woody oriental scents; consider Parfum Sacré, Pomegranate Noir, or Noir Epices. But lately it’s taken center stage in a series of (sadly undistinguished) masculine designer and niche fragrances. 10 Corso Como Uomo, Marc Jacobs’s Bang, and 7 de Loewe have each tried – and failed, in my book – to build something interesting around a core of black peppercorn. Now comes über-luxe brand Amouage with its attempt at “Peppercorn pour Homme.”

Amouage used a big pink peppercorn top note in Reflection Man a few years back, but Honour Man is all about black pepper. While the black pepper-centric scent I’ve enjoyed most in the past, Villoresi’s Piper Nigrum, uses its title ingredient as the basis for a sweet, complex amber oriental composition, Amouage opts for the dry, woody route that confounded the makers of Bang and 10 Corso Como Uomo. What Honour Man has in its favor are depth of composition and quality of ingredients, most notably the frankincense note that shares equal billing with the pepper. Indeed a stark, potent black pepper and frankincense accord leaps out the moment Honour Man exits the bottle and dominates the olfactory stage for quite some time.

The supporting players, which include cedar, nutmeg, and a clean musk, stay out of the limelight until well into the drydown. The drydown pleases me less than the earlier stages, as the musk and cedar smell comparatively crude and commonplace once left standing on their own. Ideally, a scent offered at Honour Man’s price point would make its exit on notes that smelled a little less like shampoo or dish washing detergent. Still, I have to rank Honour Man as one of the more successful recent stabs at the newly popular peppercorn genre, and if your more tolerant than I am of its comparatively slender cedar and white musk base notes, you may find much to enjoy here.
16th June, 2014
It's been some time - thankfully - since I've come across an honest-to-goodness scrubber but this is, in my view, one of them. And, after having a couple of recent, blissful experiences with Amouage attars, I would also hasten to point out that this fragrance is probably best described as having a lot more in the way of French DNA than it does Middle Eastern ancestry. So to me it's disappointing in that sense too. While sadly acknowledging that this composition comes from the same nose as my beloved Cartier Must Pour Homme, I just can't wear it. If you like Geranium Pour Monsieur, this one could work for you because it's loaded with geranium. There's also pepper and something else that I can't really indentify that reminds me of Bulgari Man. So there you have the comparables and you may proceed as you wish. As for me, I have maybe another two wears in my humble little sample vial and I will try to endure those wears for about an hour each in the hope that I'm able to learn something. There certainly won't be anything pleasurable about it, so I have to try to tell myself that there might be some salvage value in this adventure in the form of expanding my knowledge base.
02nd March, 2014
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This is a nice fragrance.
At the opening you can smell the signature of many Amouage fragrances Incense note, mixed with huge blast of pepper.
The incense note smell herbal with powdery feeling.
There is a fresh citrusy note at the opening as well.
I know there is no citruses in the notes but I can feel some kind of tart and fresh citrusy scent. something like grapefruit that fades away after just a few minutes.
There is a floral note from geranium and a little bit of sweetness, but they are mostly in the background.
Very complex scent.
There is no too much changes in the mid.
In the mid, the pepper note settles down and you will get a little more sweetness and a little stronger geranium note.
The incense note with powdery feeling still standing strong and you can easily feel it.
In the base you will get a smooth, warm and sweet (not very sweet) ambery scent with some incense, pepper and geranium in the background.
The scent has a light soapy feeling as well.
It's not a very daring and different scent but something that I really like about this fragrance is the complexity of the scent.
Projection is really good and longevity is around 8-10 hours.
23rd December, 2013
The best. The very best. Deep, large, solid, but transparent. House burning down, save the bottle of Honour Man! Forget the pepper, it doesn't matter what the smell is made of, it is buffered, wrapped up, or sitting on a cloud, and it is divine. In my top one! Makes many popular scents smell like a mistake.
16th November, 2013
Pepper, woods, musk

Surprisingly this has great longevity and sillage.  Rich but in a different way than most Amouages.  In my opinion, this reminded me of a less dirty Terre d'Hermes.  Strong pepper and woods that is mostly linear to my nose.  Worthy of a decant but probably not bottle worthy at the price

Pros: longevity, projection
Cons: price, not as unique as other Amouages

17th May, 2013
Did you smell VIP for men by Carolina Herrera?

That's the same idea, peppery note holds the center of the stage, as if someone gives you pepper for lunch, i cant feel satisfaction in it!
The only nice thing about it is some geranium, that makes it fresh and light but the dry down is all about peppers and you can get the very same with VIP! Disappointment
08th January, 2013
Honour is a fantastic spicy/woody fragrance and very unique. Sillage, lasting power and projection are great. Thumbs up for the fragrance and thumbs down for the price.
01st December, 2012
At first I was not impressed. I thought, "Really? After Epic, Memoir, Ciel and even Dia?" I love Amouage and was not fond of Honour Man at first sniff. I was not convinced.

The day went on as I tested it and by the end of the day I knew it was something special. I wanted a strong, peppery scent that wouldn't fall short or overdo itself. The scent stood by me all day and lingered into the next. The stuff is strong.

The scent is a clean pepper provided by geranium. It is pepper sculpted by incense. It is a pepper fragrance with wearability and personality. An enhancing quality to one's own characteristics that blends with and becomes a part of you.

I thought Memoir or Epic was going to be my first Amouage but after spending the day/night/morning/evening with Honour, it was clear that this would be my entry into the wonderful world of Amouage.
07th November, 2012 (last edited: 12th January, 2013)
nothing particualry enthralling but nice in the Amouage tradition
18th October, 2012
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Heavy, intoxicating mix of peppers, musks and a very prominent tonka note. This is all topped off by Amouage's terrific frankincense note, which I am a real sucker for. Very lush and lasts for ever on me. Best in show since Jubilation XXV imo. I feel an Interlude coming.
20th September, 2012
The main lesson of Honour Man is that there’s pepper and there’s pepper. There’s the stuff that gets up your nose and makes you sneeze and then there’s this which makes the nostrils flare with bliss, a complex dancing thing that introduces a lovely, light and pretty classy geranium and vetiver accord. A sharp frankincense-cedar accord keeps the wearer on their toes. I’ll agree with those who complain that perfumes like Honour Man represent the mainstreaming of a line known for OTT riches; this does not proclaim difference, but then it doesn’t need to. This is mainstream in the most suave and distinguished way, a perfume of restraint and elegance. The whole experience of wearing it is clean, cool like a fresh shirt and pretty enticing. I felt I could happily wear it day after day, until I did just that and found my interest flagging. The drydown is curiously fougere-like with a wisp of laundry musks trailing around it. My main grouch is that it wears pretty close to the skin and has a half-day life; can’t justify the expense for that.
20th August, 2012
Typical Amouage scent for people who like it harsh.

If you know Epic Man, Honour makes kind of the impression to be the basic for the former.

The strongest notes to my nose are Cedar and Frankincense.

Very powerful and excellent longevity tough might not be for everybody.
12th July, 2012 (last edited: 04th November, 2012)
A spicy-woody geranium. We could talk for hours about Honour Man but, to me, this is just a decent spicy woody geranium.

It opens with a well orchestrated blend of pepper (pink and black) that results quite interesting expecially if compared to other more popular deliveries in the same vein. It speaks clealry and says: "this is how we do it". Nutmeg makes it appearance right away providing even more complexity to the countless nouances of the opening. So far, so good...

Suddendly, a bold geranium note joined by a massive woody vetiver base break in and, together with the usual smoky cedarwood-frankincense signature, lead the fragrance towards a more conventional territory. In this phase (which is the main part of the fragrance), Honour Man is still incredibly pleasant but it fails in originality and overall quality. Think about Kenzoair (pepper-vetiver), Encre Noir (Iso E Super and vetiver), CDG2Man (smoky and fresh incense), Sel De Vetiver (vetiver and geranium) and Sycomore (incense and vetiver) and you'll get an idea.

Downline: Honour Man smells pretty darn good but for the same price of 50ml you can get 200ml of Sycomore. How it sounds?

Recent reformulations and some of the newest releases made me think they're trying to "standardize" their fragrances at Amouage.

22nd April, 2012
Every Amouage I've smelled has managed to have that damn frankincense note shoehorned into it. It's become detrimental to brand. At this point I can't even blame the perfumer because it's obvious that there is a corporate mandate to use the stuff. This is generic, fresh peppery nonsense PLUS FRANKINCENSE.

When I smell this I have no desire to continue smelling it.
04th April, 2012
surge Show all reviews
United States
I don't get this just smells like nothing I've ever smelled before, but not in a good way. It's very heavy (notewise) and you think it would project and stand out, but it doesn't.

It just feels like there's something a note that stands out above all else I guess and brings this fragrance to life. I just don't get a "finished" scent with this.

Luckyscent lists the note breakdown as:

Pink pepper, black pepper, geranium, elemi, nutmeg, patchouli, frankincense, cedarwood, vetiver, tonka bean, musk

I get pepper and nutmeg, and very little incense, and extremely light musk in the base. No cedar, tonka bean, or anything even close to patchouli.

No thumbs down because it's easy to wear, however no thumbs up because it's expensive as heck and I really don't enjoy it all that much.
24th March, 2012
A lot of pink and black pepper, incense, musk, nutmeg and cedar. That's about all I can smell, but the result is something that smells unique to me. Everything is soft and smooth. It feels as if a very subtle hand crafted it. The incense especially; it's unlike most of the darker and harsher incense of other niche houses, it has a very smooth and light texture. In a strange way, sometimes Honour man vaguely smells like skin after getting out of a pool with chlorine. But it smells good anyway, like a lighter, peppery, smoky version of that, if you can believe it. I like the drydown too: I like how Honour manages to stay soft and subtle yet pervasive with what I can only describe as a glowing and luminous sillage/projection, like moonlight, dim but then again more than sufficient to light up everything for vision. Anyway, I just bought a bottle. It occurred to me that this would be a terrific October-November fragrance yet at the same time also eminently wearable for wet spring and summer days (smelling this with the smell of rain on warm pavement? Win!). Honour Man is another Amouage success if you ask me.
14th March, 2012