Negative Reviews of Honour Man by Amouage

It's been some time - thankfully - since I've come across an honest-to-goodness scrubber but this is, in my view, one of them. And, after having a couple of recent, blissful experiences with Amouage attars, I would also hasten to point out that this fragrance is probably best described as having a lot more in the way of French DNA than it does Middle Eastern ancestry. So to me it's disappointing in that sense too. While sadly acknowledging that this composition comes from the same nose as my beloved Cartier Must Pour Homme, I just can't wear it. If you like Geranium Pour Monsieur, this one could work for you because it's loaded with geranium. There's also pepper and something else that I can't really indentify that reminds me of Bulgari Man. So there you have the comparables and you may proceed as you wish. As for me, I have maybe another two wears in my humble little sample vial and I will try to endure those wears for about an hour each in the hope that I'm able to learn something. There certainly won't be anything pleasurable about it, so I have to try to tell myself that there might be some salvage value in this adventure in the form of expanding my knowledge base.
02nd March, 2014
Did you smell VIP for men by Carolina Herrera?

That's the same idea, peppery note holds the center of the stage, as if someone gives you pepper for lunch, i cant feel satisfaction in it!
The only nice thing about it is some geranium, that makes it fresh and light but the dry down is all about peppers and you can get the very same with VIP! Disappointment
08th January, 2013
Every Amouage I've smelled has managed to have that damn frankincense note shoehorned into it. It's become detrimental to brand. At this point I can't even blame the perfumer because it's obvious that there is a corporate mandate to use the stuff. This is generic, fresh peppery nonsense PLUS FRANKINCENSE.

When I smell this I have no desire to continue smelling it.
04th April, 2012
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