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Neutral Reviews of Voyage d'Hermes Parfum by Hermès

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My bottle of Voyage EDT is almost done so I acquired a sample of the EDP to see if I'd prefer something about it more. Frankly, I much prefer the original EDT version. In the EDP, the cardamom spice that sets the EDT apart for me is toned down with some fairly boring, if not common vanilla. Sillage and longevity seem to be indistinguishable. I like the price of the EDT better and there's nothing in the EDP that is very compelling. It faintly reminds me of the Chanel Sport Extreme flanker, but not as distinguished. It's not bad, but nothing to own. Buying my second bottle of EDT soon.
29th April, 2015 (last edited: 22nd May, 2015)
I've to admit that I miss the point of releasing a parfum version of such a simple fragrance such as Voyage and, more generally, I miss the point of this new tendency of releasing parfum versions of basically every masculine blockbuster. To me, I'm afraid this sounds like mere gimmick after all…*Intense* is probably being burned-off and it's assuming a *cheap* nuance so why not substitute it with the more chic *Parfum*?.

With that said, I've a weak spot for Voyage and for cardamom-driven fragrances and while I find Voyage Parfum still pretty likable, I also think the original EDT is more minimalistic, sharper and drier. All aspects that in this specific case played in the fragrance's favor in my opinion. I'll stick to the EDT.

11th November, 2014
Lives up to the EdP aspect, not a bad frag but still bugs me that Hermes originality since TdH hasn't found a new boulevard to trod.

UPDATE: I would recommend this for a woman who likes TdH but find it too harsh or jagged or not femme soft enough. There is a baby powder note (pretty sure it was not intended) that works well to subdue to wild manner of TdH this is based on.
11th October, 2012 (last edited: 14th April, 2016)
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I got these pure perfume samples as a gift from a cosmetic shop. Opening is wonderful, spicy citrus, grapefruit mostly, fades away pretty quickly. Then, it goes floral, I detect rose and tea notes (which I love) there. And... Very disappointing drydown happens!. I get musk along with heart notes at the end but dry down smells like it gets watered down (eh, may be that was the goal?). In general, this smells like cold, fresh, floral version of Terre'd Hermes.

Since it's pure perfume, just at the beggining, it projects damn good. I applied one sprey at the back of each ear. I was hardly getting the smell after mid day, so longevity wasn't that good for a pure perfume or my expectations were too high. I wouldn't bother to buy EDT version. Actually, I think like others, it's overpriced.

I give neutral, because for a pure perfume it didn't performed as I expected, also I don't find anything special about it and the price is just bleh! Still, this is a good fragrance for who wishes to smell just expensive, there you go.
31st March, 2012
soapy is the first thought that comes to my mind. the spice (courtesy of the cardamon) is very evident, followed by juniper and a very slight amber note. i did not smell the original edt so i cannot really compare them. the only thing i can tell you is that it is very linear and in the drydown it smells like an expensive barber shop. to that end, it reminds me a lot of helmut lang eau de cologne, but it is the 'poor man's helmut land edc' so if you cannot find or afford helmut lang edc then i definitely recommend buying this one. another overpriced product from hermes? yes. i give it a neutral because i cannot say that i don't like it but i definitely wouldn't buy it, especially considering the price.
16th February, 2012