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Positive Reviews of Voyage d'Hermes Parfum by Hermès

I like this one. The citrus is strong up front with some sweetness, but underneath I find an umami amber backing. In my opinion this is suitable for a male or female wearer. It is long lasting enough to give me all day wear into the evening although it will not be as strong by that time. To me this is an ideal summer scent.
The Good: Great smell, great longevity.
The Bad: Can occasionally smell too bright and be nauseating.
Overall: A strong choice for a summer scent, but don't over-apply.
10th April, 2014
A divertimento of sun cream, hot sand, and citrus cocktails at the beach bar.
Like many of Elléna's impressionist compositions it doesn't have great longevity,
but it's fun while it lasts.
Not bad at all.
14th February, 2014 (last edited: 20th March, 2015)
Better in my book than many similar mentioned fragrances, especialy EDT edition and Cartier Essence.
Strong bitter-fresh-spicy combo at top (coriander-plenty, make me think of Eau de Cartier Concentree, pepper and some bitter fresh notes from juniper), stayed on my skin more than 1 hr., until the green flowery middle notes take the stage (beautiful rose-remember in some aspects Burberry Brit, aromatic tea-like the one in Gucci II) putting some of the spices in background, but still going strong.
After 3-4 hrs, the base kicks in and the ambery-woody notes melt the whole in an elegant aura that remains on skin a long time, asking to be sniffed more and more. Unisex?!...who cares? My rank 9/10.
I love it by now and thinking at the moment when I will own and enjoy it, I only can say: "The best is yet to come" :)
08th November, 2012
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I did a side-by-side comparison between the EdT and Parum versions.
The EdT is very bright, crisp, lemony. It is dry and translucent.
The Parfum, as expected, is more substantial and has greater longevity. It is not as lemony, is a bit sweeter and spicier. The juniper is a different note, and it adds a welcome brightness and an aromatic note. At times there is a note which reminds me of geranium rose, and which is very pleasant. There is a bit of buttery amber, but this is restrained.
Both scents finish with a birch note. The Parfum version is warmer, richer, and smoother.
My preference is for the EdT because of its dry crispness. But the Parfum version is quite good.
11th June, 2012
fantastic fragrance, warm spicy and uplifting. This one is also long lasting.
18th May, 2012
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United Kingdom
One to try for fans of the original Voyage EdT, and perhaps waverers. The added rose note is the most obvious difference, which has the effect of giving Voyage a warm heart. Longevity is about 6 hrs, and like the EdT, it needs a heavy hand in application. Still unisex.
14th March, 2012