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Positive Reviews of Omnia Coral by Bulgari

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A very fresh awakening floral. I don't care for overpowering scents and this one is so pretty and feminine. I love the Hibiscus as it is one of my favorite flowers, reminds me of the tropics and the pomegranate give it a pop of tart, that gives you a little wink.
The whole Omnia line is refreshing and this one, is one of my very favorites. Worth a try!
26th January, 2014
I have a flacon of 40ml Omnia Coral. It was a purchase based on an experiment. It was summertime in Vancouver and I tried it because I wanted to smell for myself the superiority of EdP. It was on offer at Winners and although it is suppsoedly a feminine perfume it was (mis?) placed at the men's unit. After trying it I spend 3-4 hours going around in the city and now and then I sniffed my wrist. I got a beautiful chocolate (vanilla), musky accord that was divine. After maybe 4+ hours the perfume was very much alive on my skin and so i returned and got the 40 ml thinking that I would use it as an evening perfume. I do and I enjoy it very much. Yesterday I tried Flower by Kenzo and while I wan't fond of the opening as much I kind of recognized the mid and dry dwon. I thought there was a resemblance to Omnia Coral. Now I see why; they were both created by Morillas. I find Coral perfectly wearable by men but certainly not for office use. Its silage is ok but it's longevity is great. I am glad I purchase it but I wouldn't re-purchase. However, it was because of Omnia Coral that now I am more interested in EdP and less in EdT concentration.
09th November, 2013
I liked Omnia Coral not because different from the rest (it follows the trend of fruity-florals) but for its transparent personality.

In the dry down it gets a bit sweet, and maybe even a bit dark, but overall it remains a bright and smiling fragrance, which would suit a similar personality.
23rd June, 2012
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I love perfumes and and smelling good all the time. I have a large collection of perfumes that I love, but I am very picky about the fragrances I wear. I want only the ones that smell amazing. Omnia Coral is amazing. I even spray it on my night clothes so I can fall asleep smelling it. Thank you Bvlgari!
18th February, 2012