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Positive Reviews of Muguet Blanc by Van Cleef & Arpels

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For those of you who appreciate the lilly of the valley this is a must. Muguet Blanc is not transparent or fresh. This is a deep, rich, mellow, creamy, a bit woody (and spicy) at times, perfume. It's longevity is not astonishing for an edp but quite good nevertheless. This is a very elegant well composed creation. If there was a bit os sparkle (freshness) I would just love this but it anyway delivers what it promises: muguet blanc! and quite delightfully too!
25th April, 2013
As an aside, why does the VC&A exclusive collection have not only two lily perfumes, but also two peppery incense scents? You'd think someone somewhere would have questioned that...

Anyway, Muguet Blanc is the second lily perfume from the "Collection Extraordinaire", standing beside Lys Carmin, which is a bright green leafy lily. Muguet Blanc, while similar, explores lily as a heady floral, pairing it with what smells to me like tuberose on top and orange blossom later. It doesn't have much of a base, simply fading away where I was expecting some sort of mossy galbanum or something.

Much like the rest of this collection so far, it's nice enough but not particularly remarkable. Thumbs up for the fun mix of flowers, but I suspect that Basenotes' more lily-obsessed members could point you in the direction of a better lily somewhere out there.
09th April, 2013
Notes: lily-of-the-valley, white peony, neroli and white cedar

This is a unique muguet. I am giving it a thumbs up, although when I first bought it I found it to be a thumbs neutral at best. But the more I wear it, the better I have been liking it.
This has a very cool "round" smell, perhaps due to the peony note, and it is not sharp or shrill, the way many muguet scents are. There is no citrus among the top notes, and it definitely feels cool and "white"...What you may or may not like here is the white cedar note, which in combination with the peony note, makes this muguet an austere, mature and almost masculine scent...It gives it a depth and complexity that distinguishes it from other classic feminine muguet scents.

If Diorrissimo is an evening gown, then Muguet Blanc is a white crepe pants suit, cool and clean. Try it.
22nd July, 2012
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I tried lots of lily of the valleys before this one, including: penhaligon's lily of the valley which comes down too lemony and dry, gouttal which smells like dying lily of the valley, floris which is a nice and faithful but slightly old lady lily of the valley, crabtree and evelyn which doesn't last the lily it seems in the beginning and bronnley which doesn't smell like lily at all.
so, now after this running after a nice lily of the valley which doesn't smell neither like dead flowers, nor like housecleaning products, this muguet blanc was a surprise. I hardly search for good fragrances in fashion or jewelry houses. But all fragrances of this collection are nicely done. This lily of the valley is fresh, yet slightly powdery, educated, clean and elegant. In certain moments it reminds me of en passant by frederic malle.But with the difference that muguet blanc is a tad more grown up.

It transforms the innocent youth of en passant into a grown up, self-confident elegance of a real lady who never forgets where she comes from. Clean, soft and un-alluring it breathes class all over. Nicely done with a good lasting power of several hours and a nice echo it leaves on my clothes. its beauty is unassuming and makes me think of audrey hepburn's understated charm. worth a bottle
06th April, 2012 (last edited: 07th April, 2012)